Cubits 'n Bytes Newsletter

By Lee Anne Stark (threegardeners) on August 8, 2010

News and happenings around the Cubit Universe.

Quite a bit going on this week. Let's begin, shall we?


2010-08-08/threegardeners/d286b2 The super talented writers group have finished their second complete story. Chase. A gripping story about a series of murders that happened around Louisville. Read it by clicking here. They'll be starting a new story very soon, so watch for it!

Blast From The Past Article

This weeks featured past article comes to us with thanks to Ella.

Have You Tried Wearing Your Vegetables Lately?

2010-08-08/threegardeners/187b09 KatG has done a marvelous thing. She's created a Cubit Crossword. Check out this fun way to test your knowledge of Cubits. Take a moment to add a comment after the article, we're trying to talk her into making it a regular feature :))
 Living mulches discussion going on over on the Mid Atlantic Musings Cubit. It's a long but highly informative thread on a very useful topic for any gardener. Read about it by clicking right here.
2010-08-08/threegardeners/30adb7  Need directions? Cubits is a huge place, filled with many different Cubits on almost every topic you can think of.You can scroll to the end of your home page, below the articles, and click on Find New Cubits to Join. On that page if you scroll down, there is a very useful tag cloud. Give it a try!!
 The Database Shop Cubit has graciously created a Database of databases. What a wonderful idea! A Database fill with all of the different Databases to be found on Cubits. Cubit owners, head on over and add your Database. Members, check it out to find the information you're after. There are currently 190 different databases.

 It's getting close to baby time! Maybe if we all got together and asked nicely, Trish would set up a thread for us all to try and guess the due date. By Popular demand!! Thanks Trish!!

Baby Guessing

I surely hope you've enjoyed this weeks newsletter. Keep sending me your news and events and I'll keep adding them. Have a safe and happy week!

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Comments and discussion:
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Cubits Databases is finished Mindy03 Aug 10, 2010 6:36 AM 0
Getting better every week! weeds Aug 9, 2010 7:14 PM 8
The new thread is up called baby guessing. gardengus Aug 9, 2010 1:41 PM 1

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