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By Lee Anne Stark (threegardeners) on August 16, 2010

News and Happenings in the Cubits Universe.

Brenda? go grab yourself a coffee before you begin reading :))

The Winners Of The Photo Contest!

On the Sedum, Sempervivum and Jovibarba cubit.


Says Lynn: "We had such a wonderful collection of container photos entered in the contest. I know I had a very difficult time voting, as each was so unique and wonderful. Everyone presented such wonderful photos. Congratulations to each of you on your wonderful entries."
2010-08-16/threegardeners/5c0f90 Most Creative: floraSeeker (Kin) with his very creative shale rock ‘Succulent Waterfall’.
2010-08-16/threegardeners/86fb3c Mixed container: MSBarbara with her beautiful mix of tender and hardy succulents
2010-08-16/threegardeners/94b547 All Hardy Semps and/or hardy Sedum: goldfinch4 (Chris) with the beautiful terra cotta landscape bowl.

On The Daylily Cubit

Cubit member Spunky1 is having a Name The New Daylily Contest!! He is offering a double fan of a new daylily to the person coming up with the winning name. The contest runs August 18 to August 21, 2010. Click here for the rules and good luck to all!!

Cubit Owners

There is a discussion thread involving a new Commerce Module Dave will be working on in the coming weeks. Feedback is appreciated. Don't panic though if you aren't interested, to quote Trish "Of course, as always, you are free to sell on Cubits with no fees not using Dave's system- that's not going to change." 

Find the discussion by clicking here.

 Blast From The Past Article

Stories From the Writers Cubit: The House by Seray



Our very talented writers in the Writers and Words Cubit have begun a new story. You all remember the characters Lance and Chase from the last one? They're back! The new story, Movin' On, promises to be just as entertaining as we follow these likeable men on their newest adventure. Check it out by clicking right here. Don't forget to read the first in the series, Chase.

Cubits Crossword is back!!

Due to popular demand, Kathleen has made us a second one. She's gone one step further and made it interactive! so those of us without printers can play too. Big hugs and thanks Kathleen for a job well done.

Play the crossword by clicking here

Scroll down below the puzzle to get the link to the online, interactive version..

Thank you all for the positive vibes sent my way during my major exam, I passed with flying colours!!

Thank you also for allowing me the privilege  of tending to the newsletter, I truly enjoy it.

Have a wonderful, safe week!!

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