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By Lee Anne Stark (threegardeners) on August 22, 2010

News and happenings around the Cubits Universe.

ok folks, go grab a coffee, tea, drink of your choice and settle in for this weeks news.

Treasure Hunt!!

Ella is having a Cubit wide treasure hunt. The first hunt will span 8 different Cubits! Join in the fun by clicking here.

Hosta Co-Op

Mamajack is hosting a Bentley Gardens Hosta co-op. Great prices and tons of selection! Hosta-holics click here to join.

What's Happening?

Don't forget, there's a forum in the Cubit brokers Cubit to post all of your events and news. It's a great place to get the message out about your contests, polls and other news. Don't forget to utilize this wonderful tool. Find the bulletin board by clicking here.


 Clematis Cubit

The Clematis Cubit, as some of you know, has been having technical difficulties lately. They'd like you all to know that the problem has been fixed. Evey has added Zuzu and Calif_Sue as co-owners and they all invite you to head on over to resume chatting and sharing lots of photos. Click here to join the fun!!


Cubits Crossword 3Cubits Crossword

This crossword explores some of our Cooking and Food Cubits and provides a challenge when it comes to food and other cooking related words and terms. The interactive puzzle has been improved and the timer is GONE! Have fun!


Article Blast From The Past

This weeks blast is How To Be A Foster Parent by Lynda Adame


Did you know that this week marks the Six Month Anniversary of when became public? Happy anniversary Cubits!!

I hope you've enjoyed this weeks newsletter. Have a safe week and see you around the universe.

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Thanks, Lee Anne Sharon Aug 28, 2010 10:25 AM 8
Happy Anniversary, Cubits!! Candyce Aug 23, 2010 12:31 PM 2

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