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By Lee Anne Stark (threegardeners) on August 29, 2010

News and happenings around the Cubits Universe.

This week has flown by, it's hard to believe that Sunday is here already. Grab your favourite drink of choice and settle in for the weekly news. 

Landscape Design is moving to Tennessee!

All of the Landscape Design content is being consolidated  into the Gardening in Tennessee cubit. New content for both cubits has been on hold while I was contemplating this move. Once everything is transferred over, I'll start adding new information and articles again. Expect this transfer to happen some time Monday.

Even though it will now be under the Gardening in Tennessee umbrella, the landscape design content will still feature general design principles, with an emphasis on eco-friendly design and maintenance practices.

Cubits Crossword

"Here's a challenging puzzle that test's your knowledge when it comes to some of our Gardening Cubit names as well as some gardening terms related to them. Print it out or solve it online. I think this one may be a little tough! Enjoy!" Click HERE to play.


Cubit Members

Show support for your favorite Cubits by clicking the "Join This Cubit" button. By doing so you will help the Cubit owner plan future events as well as letting them know that they aren't alone in this huge universe.            

Database of The Week

Starting this week I'm going to feature a Database of The Week. This weeks featured database is the Cubits Database. Hosted over at the Database Shop Cubit, this featured database is a database of all of the public databases that can be found here at                                                   

 Article Blast From The Past
 This weeks blast is "Heirloom or Hybrid Tomatoes" by Patti King.

 Did You Know?

That you can check all of the posts you've made? Have you ever posted to a thread and then forgotten which Cubit you were in? Happens to me a lot. If you look at the top of every page there is a tab, right beside your mail tab, called "Your Posts". You can click on this tab and it will take you to a page that lists the forum and Cubit of every post you've made. So handy on those days when memory fails you.

 Cubit Owners

A great way to get noticed is to exchange links with other relevant Cubits. A perfect use for that right side info box area. Check out how it's being utilized by Cubit Broker News and Classified and by La Cucina di Kat. See those banners on the right side of their Cubits linking to other Cubits with related content? Cool eh?

Weekly Tip

Brazenly stolen from Zany :) because she explains technical stuff better than anybody I know.

How to make those cool right-side info box photo links.

Click HERE for the step-by-step instructions.

Also notice how Zany has utilized those banners in her Cubit.


I'd like to thank all of those people who sent me news and tips to help make the newletter better.

I'd also like to take a moment and announce a new feature I plan on adding to the Pets Cubit. Starting soon, I will be doing pet interviews. Look for an interview of a very special kitty, Tigger, who went through many hardships before he found his current servant Mike. Second, but in no way least, is an interview of King Wallingford himself and his servant Memory. If you of any pets that you think would like to be interviewed shoot me a c-mail.

I hope you've all enjoyed this weeks newsletter. See you around the Universe!

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