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By Lee Anne Stark (threegardeners) on September 5, 2010

News and happenings around the Cubits Universe.

It's time to grab your coffee, tea or favourite refreshing drink and settle in to read this weeks Newsletter.2010-09-05/threegardeners/699f49

Can you believe it's September already? Lab our Day festivities are in full swing here in the village. Live bands nightly, beer tents, scavenger hunts, baseball tournaments, fireworks, bar-b-que chicken dinners, bingo at the firehall. The highway will be blocked off tomorrow for the big parade. It goes around the block twice :))

And it's cold. We'll get our first frost soon. I have to start bringing in all of my houseplants that are vacationing on the front porch. I've no idea where they're going to go, they've all grown so much there isn't a hope that they'll fit back into where they lived last winter.

Summer Orchid Photo Contest Winner

First Pla2010-09-05/threegardeners/5a3dc3ce went to Stilldew (Susan) for her gorgeous photo pictured to the left. The Orchid in the photo is Blc. Waianae Leopard 'Ching Hua'.

The Orchid Obsession Cubit now proudly flies Susans photo as their banner. Congrats Susan on a well deserved win!!

Pos'in Mule Contest

That2010-09-05/threegardeners/410525's right folks, Charlies Girls now have some male members and they need a new name ASAP!

Click right HERE to read the rules of the game and join in the fun. Get your ballad writing hats on folks. The winner will receive a book titled "Chickens, Mules, and Two Old Fools" by Victoria Twead.

Playpen Of Graphics Cubit

Zany sent me this: "The2010-09-05/threegardeners/fe6cd2 Playpen of Graphics is now hosting Jigsaw puzzles. Come join the fun!
I have started it out with 6 puzzzles and will be adding a few new ones each week.
The li nk to the Jigsaw forum can be found by clicking right here."

What a fabulous idea!!


Article Blast From The Past

This weeks blast is "Comfort food from days gone by - Cabbage Rolls" by Kathleen Guagliano (Katg)

Cubits Crossword #5

"How 2010-09-05/threegardeners/86514dmuch do you know about the various Cubits that focus on Art's and Crafts? Test your knowledge and maybe you 'll be as surprised as I was to find there are so many talented Cubit owners as well as such a wide array of subjects. Enjoy!"

I am so enjoying these! Click HERE to play.


                    Database of The Week

This weeks featured Database is Zanys Playpen of Graphics Cubit's Database of Free Images

"Free - really Free
The images in this database are freely contributed and are public domain, not copyrighted, no rights reserved, free for any use. You can use these pictures for any use including commercial purposes without prior written permission and without fee or obligation. The one and only restriction is that these images may not be used in any other online database.".     
Did You Know?

That you can rearrange the order of the Cubits you belong to that show on your home page?

Just click on "your account", then click on "joined cubits".

All of the Cubits you've joined are listed there and you can click on them and drag them into any order you want! Make them list alphabetically, put your own Cubits at the top for easier viewing, put the ones you visit most often at the top...the choice is yours! When you get them set the way you want them they'll show in that order the next time you go to your home page.
                        Cubit Request

It's been mentioned more than a few times that with the upcoming new eCommerce feature a lot of people are going to need advice on running an online store. The eCommerce Cubit could have tips and advice on how to create a storefront using the new feature, setting up a paypal account, advertising, shipping tips, etc.

There is a definite audience for this, new storefronts are popping up daily and for a lot of vendors this is their first foray into online sales.

How about it? Any experienced online vendors willing to take up the challenge?                                                         

                          Weekly Tip

Put a video in your posts!!

It's pretty easy. Just make sure the video in question is linkable.

When you look at the url for a youtube video it looks like this:

To imbed the video into a post, just use the youtube tags and the part of the url that appears after the equal (=) sign.
              [youtube ] d8py210sriq [/ youtube]

(without the spaces of course)

**the above video link is one of mine :)                                           

I hope you've all enjoyed this weeks Newsletter. Have a safe and happy week. See you around the Universe!!

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