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By Lee Anne Stark (threegardeners) on September 26, 2010

News and events from around the Cubits Universe.

Back to our regularly scheduled program :))

Joke of The Week 

...because I'm feeling my age this week!

Recently I went to the doctor for my annual physical.

The nurse asked me how much I weighed. I told her 135 pounds. Then she weighed me and the scale said 160.

She asked me how tall I was. I said, "5 feet, 5 inches." She measured me and I was only 5 feet, 3 inches.

So she took my blood pressure and told me it was high.

"Of course it's high," I said. "When I came in here I was tall and slender. Now I'm short and fat!"


Weekly Crossword Puzzle

2010-09-26/threegardeners/e1216bTo quote KatG: "If you think this is a tough Crossword puzzle to solve, you should try putting together Christians, Pagans, Atheists, Evolutionists, etc. into one Puzzle! LOL! The Spirituality Cubits are a large part of and I've tried to be totally unbiased here. I sincerely hope nobody is offended by any content or mixture, as I've tried to balance it out and provide a little something for everybody! Enjoy!

Jigsaw Puzzles

 Don'2010-09-26/threegardeners/6ab42bt forget the jigsaw puzzles that Zany (Brenda) is c reating for our playing pleasure over on the Playpen of Graphics Cubit! Click HERE to go play.


Photo on the left is this weeks feaured puzzle. Click here to give it a try!

Article Blast From The Past

This weeks blast is My First Duck Hunt In Southeast Texas by Janet Colvin.

Database of The Week

This weeks featured database is The Rose Database. I love Roses, they refuse to grow for me though.

Photo of The Week

 2010-09-26/threegardeners/6cb485This weeks photo is taken from the garedening in Iceland Cubit. Thanks Rannveig for a wonderful shot of your Country.

I've always admired treeless beauty.

Did You Know?

Some numbers...Cubits now has:
  • 2,857 members.
  • 715 cubits.
  • 432 articles.
  • 3,396 forums.
  • 35,162 threads.
  • 417,077 posts.
  • 16,120 database entries.
  • 11,388 database images.
  • 718 database comments.

Although it's late September we still haven't had a hard frost. My gardens are still in their Fall glory. I am amazed! The cold nights and cool days clean the can not mistake the sweet scent of fall. Sitting outside, bundled in a warm sweater, hot mug of apple cider in hand...this IS the life!

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