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By Lee Anne Stark (threegardeners) on October 31, 2010

News and events around the Cubits Universe

Sorry for the missing week, I've had to do some scrambling up here. Everything is back to a reasonable state of normalcy...I hope you all enjoy this weeks Newsletter.

Two Great Cubits Combine Into One Awesome Cubit!!

2010-10-31/threegardeners/0bc0c0The Wood Crafts and All Things Miniature Cubits have combined to form All Things Hobby. The new All Things Hobby Cubit will be about any and all hobbies so if you have a hobby that you are passionate about head on over and start a new thread to share it with the Universe.

Joke of The Week 

Thanks KatG!!

 For this weeks joke I'm going to send you all over to KatG's Cubit. She has it posted there and it is well worth clicking the link!! Click HERE to start laughing! 

 Weekly Crossword

2010-10-31/threegardeners/f55702Kat writes:

" Anything for Halloween?...Open the door and don't be mean!" It's that time of the year when little Ghosts and Goblins come visiting. Test your Halloween knowledge with this fun and spooky puzzle all centering around that unique day. "

Jigsaw Puzzles

 2010-10-31/threegardeners/1fec0bDon' t forget the jigsaw puzzles that Zany (Brenda) is creating for our playing pleasure over on the Playpen of Graphics Cubit! Click HERE to go play.


Photo on the left is this weeks featured puzzle. Photo contributed by 1Anjl. Click here to give it a try!

Article Blast From The Past

This weeks blast is Hot Popping Color by Sharon Brown (Sharran).

Database of The Week

This weeks featured database is the Daylily Database. I love Daylilies! You can bet I'll be adding some of mine to this database.

Photo of The Week

 2010-10-31/threegardeners/864484This weeks photo was posted by Alma (tomatofreak).

Foxy in the tree.

New Feature

To quote our very own Dave, because he can say it better than anybody:)

"If you have a Facebook account, we have a new tool that will let you conveniently share links to your favorite articles with anybody who visits your facebook profile.

Next time you are looking at an article, scroll to the bottom of the article and you'll see a little Facebook icon that says, "Like" with a thumbs-up. Click on that and it'll automatically post to your Facebook wall a link to the article. It's a great way to bring more visitors into your own articles and those other articles that you like."

Remember, it doesn't matter who you were, all that matters is who you are now.

We've all made mistakes in the past. The secret to overcoming those mistakes is to not let them dictate who you are in the future. We can all improve our lives, at any age and at any time.

Don't live in the past, it doesn't accomplish anything good.

See you around the Universe!

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