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By Lee Anne Stark (threegardeners) on November 14, 2010

News and events around the Cubits Universe

Actually had/have to work 5 days in a row this week. Two more to go and I might just survive :))

Sedum, Sempervivum and Jovibarba

2010-11-14/threegardeners/f85c0fLynn's been busy updating all of the photos in her databases. What amazing changes these plants go through during the course of a season!

Go check them out by clicking HERE and HERE.

Joke of The Week 

A man has a heart attack and his wife is visiting him in the hospital.  She goes out in the hall to talk to the doctor and asks about her husband's prognosis.  He says, "Oh he's going to recover just fine, but there will have to be some changes.  You'll have to cook without salt, keep the alcohol and all sweets out of the house and take him for vigorous half hour walks everyday.  Keep him calm and don't argue with him.  If you keep up this routine, he can live a long life."  The woman goes back to her husband and he wants to know what the doctor said.  She answered, "He says you're going to die.

 Weekly Crossword

Totally unique and tons of fun!!

 2010-11-07/threegardeners/9695f4Kat writes:

" Here's something new and totally unique. Even if you don't like Crosswords that much, check out the photo's and see how many of the various flowers and plants you can identify. Place your curser over the photo to get a clue and click on it to enlarge. Hope you have as much fun solving it as I had putting it together! Enjoy!  " Find it HERE.

Jigsaw Puzzles

   2010-11-14/threegardeners/7958f6Don' t forget the jigsaw puzzles that Zany (Brenda) is creating for our playing pleasure over on the Playpen of Graphics Cubit! Click HERE to go play.


Photo on the left is this weeks featured puzzle. Click here to give it a try!

Article Blast From The Past

This weeks blast is "Rhododendrons for Foliage" by Todd Boland.

Database of The Week

This weeks featured databases are the Herb, Onion, Tomato, and Pepper databases over at the Salsa Garden Cubit. It's that time of year!

Photo of The Week

   2010-11-14/threegardeners/1826b4This weeks photo was posted by floraseeker_OR (Kin) I scooped it from the Wildflowers of Oregon and the PNW Cubit.

A beautiful shot to remind us all that Spring will come back again!

Cubit Stores Have Arrived!!

After what seemed like an eternity of Beta testing and discussing features, the Stores at Cubits are now live and open for your shopping pleasure. Find a list of stores by going to Shopping at Cubits.

2010-11-14/threegardeners/6ea253This weeks featured store is Timber Treasures. Home of beautiful Intarsia and fretwork art. The photo to the left is a sample of the store's offerings.

Funny how life throws things at us isn't it? The car needs new brakes and new tires. The furnace demands it's oil. Lots of it. Winter's coming fast. Money's coming slowly.

The key to not getting all freaked out, I truly believe, is to prioritize. Relax. Take a deep breath. Think it through. Panic will get you nowhere fast.

Stopping a vehicle is most important. Brakes first.

Turn the furnace down. Don't have to get a whole tank of oil...a gas can filled with diesel will stretch it a couple of weeks until the next pay period.

Now for the tire dilemma. Winter is coming. Instead of getting cheapo all season tires grab 2 good winter tires and put them on the end of the car that needs them the most. 

Problems solved and with no new grey hairs.

What I'm trying to say, in my own weird, round-a-bout way, is don't stress the small stuff. Just because 10 things happen all at once doesn't mean they all have to be dealt with at once.  I hope this made sense :))

See you around the Universe!


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