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By Lee Anne Stark (threegardeners) on December 5, 2010

News and events around the Cubits Universe.

It's been a rough weekend, work wise.

Crafty Christmas Quilt Contest Winner!

2010-12-05/threegardeners/b314faCheryl(denimangle) has won the Tower of Chocolate, with her entered block pictured to the left, and donated the finished quilt to her choice of charity. She's chosen a Vet to receive the quilt.

Click HERE to check out the gallery of quilt blocks...such talented members!


Joke of The Week 

Flying Directions

A helicopter pilot is flying to Seattle, and hits a pea-soup-thick fog bank. He’s completely disoriented, and flies blindly around until he spies the top few floors of an office building. He pulls up real close to it, and gets the attention of a woman sitting at her desk.

“Excuse me!” he yells to the woman. “Where am I?”

“You’re in a helicopter,” she replies.

The pilot pulls off sharply to the left, takes one or two crisp turns through the dense fog, and then does a perfect blind landing at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport.

“That was amazing!” says a passenger. “How did you know from that woman’s answer where you were?”

“Easy,” says the pilot. “Her answer, while correct, was absolutely useless.

So I immediately knew the building had to be Microsoft Tech Support.”.

Universal Photo Contests

The first photo contest begins December 1st. The theme for the contest is Artistic Approach. Do you have a photo that has an artistic air or result whether it was planned or not? (Thanks Janet for the description and idea).

Contest is now open for entries!! Click HERE to join in the fun. Please make sure your watermarks are turned off (click on your account, then click on preferences and scroll down to the watermark function) as entries should be anonymous. Any entry with an identifying name will be removed for fairness.

 Weekly Crossword

 2010-12-05/threegardeners/c10044 A return to the very first crossword that Kat created for us. Enjoy it by clicking HERE.

Jigsaw Puzzles

 2010-12-05/threegardeners/7ffa31   Remember to add your photos to the Database of Free Images. You never know, you might just discover your image is suddenly a jigsaw puzzle!!

 Photo on the left is this weeks featured puzzle, a real challenger, compliments of nap. Click here to give it a try!

Article Blast From The Past

This weeks blast is "The Chelsea Flower Show" by Neil Muir, because we need some cheer up here in the North.

Database of The Week

This weeks featured database is the Hoya Database. I'd also like to take a moment here to thank the members of my Hoya Cubit for their generosity in sharing photos of their Hoya in the database.

Photo of The Week

      2010-12-05/threegardeners/2ce0f0This weeks photo was posted by Susie (Aguane). I just love this Morning Glory Bush!!

Cubit Stores Have Arrived!!

After what seemed like an eternity of Beta testing and discussing features, the Stores at Cubits are now live and open for your shopping pleasure. Find a list of stores by going to Shopping at Cubits.


**Please remember to add your store to the Shopping at Cubits category so I can find it!!

 2010-12-05/threegardeners/2e2541This weeks featured store is Emily's Creations

Check it out for bracelets and necklaces.

This week I'd like to talk about respect. I'm firmly convinced that there is an entire generation that is totally unaware of the meaning of the word.

Where I work we have a public washroom, for the convenience of our customers. It is kept unlocked and is around the side of the building where I can't see it.

I'll spare you all the disgusting details, let's just say that I am constantly amazed at how creative people can be when fingerpainting with their own feces. This tends to happen after a carload of college/university boys (I refuse to call them men, no matter their age) has stopped for a break. Interesting observation, eh?

Is the act supposed to be funny? Do they not care that someone (me) has to clean their mess? Is it a male bonding thing? They obviously have no respect for whoever happens to need that washroom after them.

We are supposed to be a "civilized society" but a generation of boys has slipped through without being taught this fact. These are supposed to be the leaders of tomorrow...I fear we, as a society, are in grave danger.

See you around the Universe!

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