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By Lee Anne Stark (threegardeners) on December 12, 2010

News and events around the Cubits Universe.

Freezing rain since early morning, not looking forward to the drive (slide?) to work.

Joke of The Week 

Training the Cat

The couple’s young daughter had adopted a stray cat.

To her mother’s distress, the cat began to use the back of their new sofa as a scratching post. “Don’t worry,” her husband reassured her. “I’ll have him trained in no time.”

They watched for several days as he patiently “trained” their new pet. Whenever the cat scratched, he deposited the cat outdoors to teach him a lesson.

The cat learned quickly. For the next 16 years, whenever he wanted to go outside, he scratched the back of the sofa.

New Birthday Cubit!!

The Happy Birthday Wishes Cubit is looking for your Birthday. Head on over and join the fun...add your Birthday to the list.

Sharon writes:

"Birthdays are important dates. Join us so that we can all celebrate with you on your special day!"

 Weekly Crossword

 2010-12-05/threegardeners/c10044 Garden Cubits and gardening terms crossword.

Click HERE to play.

Jigsaw Puzzles

      Remember to add your photos to the Database of Free Images. You never know, you might just discover your image is suddenly a jigsaw puzzle!!

 2010-12-12/threegardeners/e403b1Photo on the left is this weeks featured puzzle, a real challenger, compliments of KatG. Click here to give it a try!

Article Blast From The Past

This weeks featured article is one written by a dear lady that we've lost. "It Was an Ordinary Shopping Trip, and Then "it" Happened" by Aunt_A. We'll miss you April.

Database of The Week

This weeks featured database is the Dahlia Database.

Photo of The Week

        2010-12-12/threegardeners/efc51eThis weeks photo was posted by Sunshinesw (Jan). Beautiful shot Jan!!

Cubit Stores Have Arrived!!

After what seemed like an eternity of Beta testing and discussing features, the Stores at Cubits are now live and open for your shopping pleasure. Find a list of stores by going to Shopping at Cubits.


**Please remember to add your store to the Shopping at Cubits category so I can find it!!

 2010-12-12/threegardeners/284bf3This weeks featured store is Parkside Gems and Plants.

 "Looking for unusual plants & seeds. Looking for quality fused glass and beaded jewelry? You've come to the right place."

I've written this before, at another time and place, but at the risk of sounding like a broken record I believe it needs repeating here.

Now that the Holidays are upon us in full force we need to be reminded that Christmas is not a happy time for everybody. Some people, for many reasons, be it the loss of a loved one or a personal tradgedy during the Holidays, find this time of year hard.

Let us just take a moment and step away from the festivities and do not judge the couple with no decorations or the lady at the office who vanishes during the office Christmas party. They just might have a very good reason...and they don't want to put a damper on your celebrations.

See you around the Universe!

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