All about Getting started with the articles feature

To get started with the Articles feature, first go to your cubit's Main Control Panel, and click Enable on the Articles feature.

Then go into your Articles Control Panel and set your preferences. Check off the boxes to control who will be the editor, which group can submit articles, and who can start and read discussion threads.

Once that's done, save the changes.  Now, from that same page, click on "Go to your Articles page to post articles." That will take you to your Articles page.

At the top, click on "Click here to access the Articles management area."

The first thing to do is create a bio, so click on "Manage your author's bio." Enter your full name (as you want it to appear in your byline) and, optionally you can add a paragraph about you and a photo that will show up in your "About so-and-so" box.

Save the changes and return to the main management area. Now you can click on "Start a new article." Enter a headline and go to the next step, where you will be given the big article-input screen.

Now, if you want photos to be included in your article, save your changes and then click "Upload images for this article." Add as many as you want, then click on "Edit the article" and your images will now show up under the body of the article. Just drag and drop them into the article's body.

For a complete tutorial on how to use the editor tool, head over to Zany's Playpen where she posted a very complete tutorial.

Save your changes again when you're done, and if you're happy with the article, click on "Publish" and select a date for publication. If you choose today's date (or an earlier date) then the article will immediately appear in your Articles area for your readers to see. Or, if you give it a future date, it will be held back and on that day the article will then appear.

Have fun!

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