All about Getting started with the store feature

Operating a store on is easy, assuming you are interested in using PayPal. To get started, go to your main Control Panel, and enable the Store feature. Then enter the store's control panel, and set your preferences.

In that control panel, the important thing is to enter your email address where you want your paypal orders to be sent.

Save your changes, and from that point you can click to enter your store. From your store's management area, you'll see a link to "Create a new product."

Select that, enter the name of your product, then click "Next step". Enter a brief description and some tags. Enter the price for the product and then you're given a big area where you can enter in all your description. This is where you will talk about how great your product is, and give it the full descriptions. You can upload images on the right-side and drag them over to the left.

Below that, you will see a "Add to cart form" in which a bunch of HTML codes are printed. You can leave that alone and it'll work fine to create a "Add to cart" button all by itself. If, however, you want more advanced features, then you will want to create your own button directly off of paypal's website. You can do that, and enter the resulting HTML codes into that box, over-riding the default.

Save your changes.

Now you're viewing your product. You can now choose a thumbnail from among those pictures that you uploaded, and you can "Make available" the product. Once you choose to make it available, your visitors will be able to view it and purchase it!

You can later return to the management area to make unavailable certain products and so forth.

If you have any questions about this feature, you may post your questions in our forum.

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