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New website allows anybody to easily create and build their own community.  Launched 6 weeks ago, the site already has over 500 communities and more than 100,000 forum posts.

Jacksonville, Texas USA -- March 10, 2010 --

After having spent nearly 10 years at the helm of the Dave's Garden website, Dave Whitinger has left his role on the site and has started a new website aimed at giving aspiring community builders the opportunity to build their own online community similar to Dave's Garden.

The site, launched to a limited group of beta testers 6 weeks ago, already has over 500 communities with more than 100,000 forum posts. The site is now open to the public and available for anybody to join in and create their own community.

This is not Dave's first ambitious project. "In my time building Dave's Garden," says Dave, "I learned a lot about what it takes to build a large and succcesful community. The basic concept behind Cubits is that I can use my skills and experience to enable other people to build their own community website around whatever topic interests them. Obviously, the incredible growth we've enjoyed in such a short time is ample evidence that this is an idea whose time has come."

Each community, called a cubit, covers whatever topic interests the creator of that cubit. Any advertising income produced in each cubit is split evenly with each cubit owner. This means that starting and operating a cubit can be a source of income for individuals.

There are cubits covering a wide diversity of subjects, including gardening, pets, arts and crafts, computers, health, green living, home-making, farming, travel, photography, and writing, with new ones being created every hour.

Dave concluded, "my desire and goal is to make one of the largest community sites on the net, and we are well on our way toward achieving that goal."


About is a Universe of Communities. Each community, called a Cubit, is a self-contained mini-website devoted to the specific interests of that community. was created by Dave Whitinger with the assistance of his wife, Trish.

About Dave Whitinger: In the mid 1990's, Dave worked for IBM and later Red Hat, working on internet and Linux technologies. In the late 90's he founded Linux Today, the world's largest website devoted to Linux technologies.  He later created Dave's Garden and operated it until January, 2010.  Upon leaving Dave's Garden, he founded He lives with his wife and four children in Jacksonville, Texas.


Dave Whitinger
[email protected]

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