Cubit Owners FAQ: How do I create my own cubit?

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Feb 21, 2010 1:53 PM CST
Name: Dave Whitinger
Jacksonville, Texas
Resident cubit-master
Here is a tutorial on how to create your own cubit. For the purposes of this tutorial, let's pretend that we are an expert on dining in Berlin, Germany, and we want to create a special community all about the various restaurants found in that city. This tutorial will have some screenshots to help you see what we're doing, so when you see a screenshot, click on it to see the full size version.

First, make sure you're signed in with a username, then click on "Contact" at the bottom and request a link to the "Create a Cubit" page. Once you receive that link, you can continue these instructions.

Now, you need to enter in a name for your Cubit.

Thumb of 2010-02-21/dave/f02790

We called our cubit "Dining in Berlin". You'll notice that we also entered in an optional nickname field. That nickname will form the URL to our cubit. In this example, our cubit will be accessible by going to That makes it easy and convenient for me to share my cubit with other people in email or over the phone.

The next page will display my list of cubits. If I had more than one, they would all show up here. Click the cubit's name, and you are now taken to your Main Control Panel.

Thumb of 2010-02-21/dave/a48b46

By the way, from this point on, you can always return to your Main Control Panel from anywhere inside your cubit. All you have to do is click the Control Panel icon on the top-right of your page.

Thumb of 2010-02-21/dave/18104d

You'll want to explore all the options in the main control panel, but before you start exploring let's setup the more important parts.

First, click on "Cubit Info Control Panel". This page contains all the details about your cubit that will help other people find it. It's important that you fill this page out completely, or else people will have trouble finding you!! The "brief description" will appear next to your cubit's name when people are browsing around.

Tags are just words or phrases to describe your cubit. In my example, I will enter "food, dining, drinks, Berlin, Germany, Deutschland".

Under categories, select one or two categories that best fit your cubit. If there simply is no perfect category for you, pick the one that is as close as you can get.

Make sure you click "Save your changes" when you're done!

Okay, let's make our cubit look snazzy. Click on "Theme Control Panel" and you'll see a pulldown menu that let's you pick one of our dozens of pre-made themes. You can select a theme and save the changes, and it'll completely change your cubit's look. You can also select "Make your own theme" and completely customize nearly every aspect of how your cubit looks.

(Making a custom theme is a topic for a different tutorial!)

Now, back at your Main Control Panel, click on "InfoBoxes Control Panel." On this screen, you can add extra messages that will appear in various parts of your cubit. Each InfoBox is described on that page.

Okay, with all that done, let's make some forums! Click on "Forums Control Panel". So, we'll call our first forum "Restaurants" and then we'll click on "Create new forum"

Thumb of 2010-02-21/dave/97307a

Now by default, nobody can see the new forum except for me, so we'll want to edit the forum and allow everyone to see it. So, click "Edit" next to the forum's name.

Thumb of 2010-02-21/dave/81d88d

There are a lot of things to see on this page, but I don't need to change any of them except the permissions right now. So, scroll down until you see the list of groups:

Thumb of 2010-02-21/dave/432477

As you can see, I have checked off all the groups for who may read and post in the forums. I'm doing this because I want my forum to be open to anybody who joins. You'll also note that only admins, owners and moderators can moderate the forum. (Moderating a forum means being able to delete posts and so forth).

So I saved my changes and returned to the Forums Control Panel. I now see that "Everybody" can access my forum.

Thumb of 2010-02-21/dave/f20877

My forum won't be available for anybody, though, until I post my first thread, so I'm going to click on the new forum's name, which will take me to a screen where I can post my first thread. I'll give it a "Welcome to my forum" type of post and submit it.

Thumb of 2010-02-21/dave/e59b11

Once that is done, I can now go to my cubit's homepage and I'll see the forum listed. I can also create other forums. For example, maybe I want to create a forum for "Pubs", in which case I will just repeat the process of creating the forum.

Now I'm ready for users! I'll click on my cubit's name on the top-right menu bar, and that'll take me to my cubit's front page.

Thumb of 2010-02-21/dave/58951a

I'll give that web address to my cubit to my friends and tell them to come join me. After a few hours, my cubit will appear in the category that I've chosen, and people searching for cubits will find me.

You're now on your way to running your very own successful community.

The launching of a ship is a gala affair, bon voyage! Good luck to you!
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