Cubit OWNER issues forum: Having PayPal woes... not all buyer's orders are going through.

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Jan 13, 2017 10:40 PM CST
Name: CC
I'm having complaints of some PayPal orders not going through, while others are going through just fine... haven't had this problem in the past.
My store has been open this season for two days, and have received six orders so far. Three different potential buyers said they tried to order but was thwarted by the cart and/or error messages.

I spent 2 hours researching and making sure my PayPal account is configured correctly (seems to be good), and in PayPal FAQs, found out that things might be acting 'funky' because of a "PayPal Endpoint certificate upgrade" went into effect as of as of October 18, 2016. Wondering if this is the problem, but I have to admit, this is over my head.


Any suggestions/help?
Jan 19, 2017 8:44 PM CST
Name: CC
Just had another buyer say that the cart charged more then he ordered, yet I never received the order through PayPal. Very concerned this site isn't current, and I might have very negative backlash because of these errors I have no control over.
Jan 20, 2017 8:57 AM CST
Name: Dave Whitinger
Jacksonville, Texas
Resident cubit-master
This is actually something I don't have control over. The way the store feature works here is I'm just putting the button up for paypal, and they are literally doing 100% of the software on their side. Creating the button is a simple process that can't be messed up, so it's not like there's something I can change to fix this.

I'm at a loss as to what to do or even what can be suggested...
Mar 6, 2017 12:10 AM CST
Name: CC
Thank you for your input, Dave. I appreciate the frustration of not being able to do anything about an issue. Hopefully, I have resolved the problems, and wanted to share them here, in case another Cubit vendor has issues with PayPal.

Issue 1: error message
One of my frustrated customers actually figured out part of the problem and gave me a heads-up-- apparently, the tag code somehow interferes with the PayPal code, resulting in error messages when an 'add to cart' is clicked on. An example of this is the way I grouped 3 different shipping methods under the tag of 'shipping.' Another example is when I used the 'View products by category' option to group 'collections.' It was great to sort items by tag, but unfortunately removed the cart functionality. I have since removed the shortcuts, and hopefully that particular issue is behind me.

Issue 2: misdirected payments
I believe another issue was were I left the 'Add to Cart' buttons on products, but removed my personal account info off of the 'link' page. The store had 'Closed' on it, and a dry run showed an error message when I closed the shop last spring. However, I had a customer order last fall, and contacted me two months later to ask if I received his order. Apparently, the last place he ordered from (via paypal) had received the money for the order from my store... complete with the products/prices. He happened to be reviewing his order, and noticed that a Canadian vendor's name was at the top of the receipt he thought he had from me. Oops. I let him know that I hadn't received anything from him, and recommend he contact that vendor for a refund. They graciously returned his payment, and I was able to take care of his order.

Bottom line:
1. Don't get fancy with tags or 'view products by category' shortcuts, as the PayPal code doesn't work when product is filtered.
2. When not accepting orders, be sure to take off all 'Add to Cart' buttons by 'select all' and hitting the space bar once in the PayPal code section. Removing your PayPal email or account # does not dismantle PayPal, and orders can be misdirected.

I hope others might be helped by this. Thank you to Dave for making Cubit available to hobbiests... this is a wonderful place, and very user-friendly.

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