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» Where do I go first?

Where do I go first?

Look on the right hand side of your screen. There are links that take you to different areas on this forum, and you should really check them out!

The most important four:

1. Articles- this gives you an overview of the care dahlias require, and explains the codes that tell growers what type of variety they are growing. Well worth the time to read!

2. FAQ (frequently asked questions)- the best place for a quick answer on growing dahlias. A great place to learn the basics, and ask for more information. Most questions are answered within the same day.

3. Database- there is a variety archive that has images and descriptions of many popular types of dahlias. You may search for a specific variety, or add one that we haven't documented yet!

4. Forums- careful- you can get lost for DAYS in there! The forums group different discussion threads together according to topic, and go back for years. It's amazing what gems of wisdom or silly chit-chat you can uncover... Feel free to join in on the discussions! If you have a question after reading older threads, you can re activate them by adding a comment at the bottom of the thread. Or, to be part of what's being talked about currently, lurk on the 'recent threads' section on the main page, and jump in when you wish.

Want to join in on the conversations but not sure where to start? Click here to introduce yourself!

Once you get more comfortable with the Cubit layout, this all will be second nature for you! Again, welcome to our 'Growing Dahlias' community, and we hope to talk dahlias with you soon!

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Other FAQ pages that may help you:
» Dahlia Basics
This FAQ provides VERY basic info on what a dahlia is and how to tend to them, directing folks to links for more details.

» Pre-Season Questions

Quick answers on how to pre-start tubers, take cuttings, starting from seed, etc.

» Growing Season Questions

Quick answers on planting, watering, dealing with pests, topping and disbudding.

» Post-Season Questions

Quick answers on digging, dividing and storing dahlia tubers

» Hybridizing Dahlias- Basics

Currently open to Cubit Members & Active Members.

» Hybridizing Dahlias- Advanced

Growing Dahlias:

A place to learn about dahlias, and a vibrant community of dahlia growers to ask, share and enjoy.

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