USA - Pacific States forum: Devil's Punchbowl, California - May, 2008 - Mile-High Wildflowers

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Aug 12, 2010 5:49 PM CST
Name: Kelli
Where summer is winter
The trail starting at Devil's Punchbowl park leads into the Angeles National Forest, in the San Gabriel Mountains. Here, the high desert transitions to forest. This is on the north side of the mountains, which is the desert side, so it is not a dense forest. The elevation for this hike is around 5,000 feet, give or take a few hundred.

This is the "punchbowl".
Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/47a018

Most of the flowers up there are different from what we have down here, so I don't know the full name of a lot of them. This one is the same, though. It's scarlet bugler.
Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/f3d80d

some kind of phacelia
Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/d5c17c

coyote mint?
Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/07b02e

some kind of gilia
Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/4ef873

another kind of gilia
Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/639d4a

Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/a4bb69

Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/bd8ad7

some kind of lupine
Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/b5f721

probably a different kind of lupine
Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/3ec82a

sagebrush and pinon pines
Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/adf3a4

Here you can see the desert scrub in the foreground and forest in the background. The mountains are on the order of 8,000 ft elevation.
Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/1c7fc9

Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/542e2c

Most of the pines are Coulter pines. They produce huge pine cones.
Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/499819

This creek has water, though it doesn't show up in the photo.
Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/5f3c52

Fremont monkeyflower
Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/60960b

The San Andreas Fault is at the base of the hills.
Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/2a78b2

Fremontia is distantly related to cocoa.
Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/0244b8

some kind of phacelia
Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/b0a775

You might think it is strange to find a cactus in the forest. I think this is a subspecies of beavertail.
Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/d32b0e

some kind of ceanothus
Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/c304ac

The mountains are very steep.
Thumb of 2010-08-12/Kelli/15abfc
Aug 24, 2010 10:59 AM CST
Name: Vicki
North Carolina

these photos are awesome. The rock formation in the first one blows me away.

I especially like the wall flower and monkey flower and the manzanita.

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