USA - Pacific States forum: Santa Monica Mountains, California - June 2011 - Purple and Gold

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Jun 14, 2011 6:39 PM CST
Name: Kelli
Where summer is winter
Photos taken 6/8/11
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/d807ea
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/2d5e19

foothill penstemon, golden yarrow, and woolly bluecurls
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/7d4a84

I was surprised to see blue-eyed grass blooming this late in the year
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/9b8f11

Ceanothus spinosus has a main bloom much earlier in the year, but sometimes if it doesn't set much seed the first time and if the weather stays cool, it will rebloom, but to a lesser degree than the first time.
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/34160d

sticky madia
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/bb604f

velvet ant is actually a wasp
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/289712

this creek usually has water all year
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/2df1c9

The reason we came to this location was to see the Humboldt lilies, but they aren't blooming yet.
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/1bedd1

California wild rose
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/9f5aac
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/06c902

California blackberries - I have never seen ripe ones. I'm sure the birds or coyotes get them right away.
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/fb09c4

creek monkeyflower
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/cc662b

sticky monkeyflower is not usually white
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/d609d6

Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/a298da
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/751dd4
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/23ba83

Ceanothus spinosus "berries"
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/6acdb7

This is the same English plantain that most of you know as a lawn weed, however, this plant was three feet tall.
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/791f46

It is a banner year for sticky monkeyflower
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/d7c481

scrub oak acorns starting to form
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/0ac61a

scarlet larkspur buds
Thumb of 2011-06-15/Kelli/97693e
Jun 14, 2011 7:56 PM CST
That Velvet Ant is interesting. I remember as a kid we had what was just called a "Blue Bottle", it was a wasp too, but a real dark bottle blue colour. It's the female, wingless, and the male has wings. If you put a gauze over the Blue Bottle and waited you'd eventually you'd see the males come flying in.
Jun 14, 2011 8:05 PM CST
Name: Kelli
Where summer is winter
I think it's the same with the velvet ant - the female is wingless and the male is not.

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