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Aug 2, 2011 6:02 PM CST
Name: Kelli
Where summer is winter
We don't usually go hiking if they are calling for it to be over 85F. They were calling for it to be 88F this particular day, but I wanted to get out. The place where we went turned out to be not hot at all.

some of the last paintbrush of the year
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/76aac4

Purple nightshade has purple flowers but the berries are green
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/2b6891

laurel sumac
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/d7b041

If you lick your fingers after handling the berries of sugar bush, you might think it should be called "needs-sugar bush". It tastes like lemon.
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/7d3483

There were a number of places marked off by yellow ribbon like this. It seems to be a message to the maintenance crew that this needs to be trimmed and it is poison oak.
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/156d1e

bush mallow
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/ec6b23

Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/73365f
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/c74825

Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/3a5b86

This is an English walnut. Earlier in the year we thought it was dead. It has a few walnuts on it. They won't get as big as commercial walnuts because these trees don't get any care.
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/1f3b96

climbing penstemon
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/620369
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/d22b02
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/4eb2a9

California buckwheat
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/9fa430
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/1ffc6e

rocks and poison oak
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/37624b

Giant ryegrass is a native perennial grass that stays green all year. Most of our grasses are non-native annual grasses that die at the end of spring.
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/93fc5a

Everlasting smells like maple syrup
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/5166f9

Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/2a0cb3
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/3e1804
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/9dfb10

white nightshade has purple berries
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/364f01

wild cucumber (laying in sagebrush)
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/8bed55

harding grass
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/809f9b

rabbitfoot grass
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/9a6258

crimson pitcher sage starting to go dormant
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/35fb3b

This is a different view of the Nicholas Flat pond than what I usually show you. I am on a strange rocky ridge at the end of the flat.
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/24a29b

The pond is to the north, the ocean is to the south. The breeze from the ocean comes up through here and it would probably get chilly if one was to sit for a while.
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/fc8da0

Indian pink
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/1f2815

Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/9d9358

up on the ridge
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/d89e39
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/431800
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/abc63d

The rocky ridge is on the other side of the pond
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/7fbe91
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/4e425c

the red stuff is azolla
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/1c09e6

This is the typical view of the Nicholas Flat pond. The reeds will soon completely surround the pond.
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/2139d2

This looks like it would be a good place to see deer in the evening
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/5479c5

the willows are forming buds already
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/72bc9a

poison oak berries
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/45ee8e

Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/39f956

This is extremely late in the year for Ceanothus spinosus to be blooming
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/95b0a3
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/abf47a

purple sage
Thumb of 2011-08-02/Kelli/04d673

summer is fall for fuschia-flowering gooseberry
Thumb of 2011-08-03/Kelli/9eb8d4
Aug 3, 2011 4:25 AM CST
Name: Joey
fish & flowers
Mornin' Kelli! All of your pics are Great! I love the 'different view' of the pond! THank you so much for sharing! Gorgeous! Wonderful! I tip my hat to you.
Our minds, as well as our bodies, have need of the out-of-doors.
Aug 3, 2011 6:59 AM CST
Some great photos there Kelli. We have a native species of Azolla here too. And the "nightshade", are those a species of Solanum? We have 2 local Solanum species which are very toxic to people but further south, in the desert country, they have species that are edible.
Aug 3, 2011 10:36 AM CST
Name: Kelli
Where summer is winter
Thanks Joey. I would say that I'm sorry there are no ferns, but azolla is a fern.

Zig, yes, the nightshades are solanum. I have never read anything about how the Indians used them, so I assume they are poisonous. I think I'll live longer that way. Hilarious! I never saw azolla in this pond before. Birds must have spread it. I would have assumed that it is a non-native plant, but it turns out that it is native. If I had had a container with me, I would have brought a little bit home to put in my backyard pond. (Actually, there was a container but I didn't think of it at the time. Someone had forgotten a jar of salsa under a tree. I could have cleaned that out and used it.)
Aug 3, 2011 10:39 AM CST
Name: Marilyn (Mau) Piche'
South-central Missouri-in the
Zone 6b
Thanks, Kelli, for another series of great photos! Such an infinite variety of wild flowers and plants! I especially like the bush mallow. The Everlasting is pretty neat--does the fragrance make you want to eat pancakes? Big Grin

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to go along on your hikes with you!! Thumbs up
Aug 3, 2011 11:01 AM CST
Name: Kelli
Where summer is winter
I don't really think about pancakes in warm weather, but if it was around in the winter, I probably would.

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