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Image How do I deal with these furry critters?
By Lance Gardner on April 14, 2010

Dogs are domesticated wolves, and as such follow basic wolf instincts, regardless of size and type of dog. Dogs identify with a “pack” and need an established leader to follow. It is necessary to establish and maintain the identity of the people around the dog as their leader. If the people around the dog are not in charge, then the dog will be. This can rapidly become a dangerous situation, depending upon the individual dog.

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Image Dog crates: life savers or cruel boxes?
By Lance Gardner on April 14, 2010

Many people seem to think that a crate is harmful to the dog in some way, so I should say right away that I disagree and here is why: When you and your dog are having a difficult day, he just chewed up your favorite quilt while lying down on your bed covered with dirt, you found a puddle in one room and a pile in another, and you are ready to resort to physical violence, restrain yourself, carefully put the dog in the crate, get a cup of calming tea or extra dark chocolate, and give yourself whatever time it takes to calm down without being concerned about what else your buddy may be up to.

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Image My thoughts on how to name a dog
By Lance Gardner on April 15, 2010

So how do we go about naming our furry friends? You can do like I did, and ask the youngest member of the family. He did need some guidance, however.

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Image Dog training and food – Good combination or recipe for disaster?
By Lance Gardner on April 28, 2010

Over the years (more than I care to realize), I have trained and helped to train many dogs. And the only time I can ever remember using food is once when I was in high school, and I trained the neighbor’s dog (that often visited on its own) to sit instead of push for attention.

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Image Petrie's Story: From Rags to Riches
By Lynn Smith on May 7, 2010

Petrie has a very real story to tell about going from rags to riches. We don’t know how he spent his first 3 years of life, but we do know what his life is like now. This is his story.

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Image Farewell to an old friend
By Lance Gardner on May 27, 2010

I have been meaning to write this farewell note to my old friend for a few weeks, now, but this somehow seemed like a very appropriate time.

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Image Dog food: good or bad?
By Lance Gardner on October 5, 2010

I would not feed that even to my dog! Believe it or not, you may very well be feeding some very bad stuff to your critters, and not even know it. So how do we go about choosing a good dog food?

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Image 'Missy's Journey', in the words of Deen Walsh
By Lynn Smith on December 24, 2010

This came last night in my sleep, woke me up, I am not known for being a writer much less a poet. It shows what a good influence our dogs are on us. I wrote this for my Airedales, it applies to dogs of all stripes.

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Image Let's start training! We will start with basic sit, down and stay commands, and progress from there.
By Lance Gardner on August 19, 2011

Hopefully, you will read this and other training guides before you get your new buddy, so you are prepared to start working with your friend right away. Either way, let us start working on some basic commands, and make sure you have a good start on maintaining a mutually enjoyable and fun relationship.

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Image Wildlife and unrestrained pets - a bad combination
By Lance Gardner on March 16, 2011

Believe it or not, spring is coming, and with it new life is bursting forth from many of the plants and animals that have survived the rigors of winter. As the native birds and other wildlife work hard to raise a family, please don’t let their babies or the parents become cat or dog food.

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