'Missy's Journey', in the words of Deen Walsh

By Lynn Smith (valleylynn) on December 24, 2010

This came last night in my sleep, woke me up, I am not known for being a writer much less a poet. It shows what a good influence our dogs are on us. I wrote this for my Airedales, it applies to dogs of all stripes.

Our Airedale friends come for a while
To share our lives and make us smile

They spend their lives with love and grace
In their Humans' warm embrace

Their lives are short because you see
They learn their lessons faster than we

Our hearts will grant their every need
Within our power to love and feed

When their time is done on Earth
And Heaven prepares another berth

They don their wings and fly away
Into the arms of God, they say

My hope is they are running free
Without the pain this world can see

One by one we share this fate
For what great plan we do not know
But for that time, I hope they wait
For where they are, I want to go

Author, Deen Walsh



My last walk with my friend.



Our sweet Missy went to the Rainbow Bridge this morning to meet the others who have passed.  It is with heavy hearts we let her go, but hope her spirit is free now from hurt and pain.  We are better for knowing her, short 3 years that it was, we will never regret a moment we had with her in our lives.  She brought some real class to this household.

I asked Missy to say hi to Jacob, Rocky, Gretchen and Tina for me, I hope she can.















The day we adopted her in Post Falls, Idaho

  2010-12-24/valleylynn/da6227Enjoying the summer sun.

Wood cutting with Sarah last fall. Missy loved riding in the truck.











Missy first Christmas as Missy Walsh


Teaching Sarah, the new puppy how to sleep on the couch. 2010-12-24/valleylynn/12a4c7Queen of her perch


I have known Deen for over 30 years and have had the privilege of knowing some of her dogs. I can not say enough about how amazing they are, and what a wonderful dog mommy Deen is. She has the perfect balance of love and discipline, which makes for the ultimate devoted companion.

All of Deens awesome dogs have been Airedales, except for her ½ Border Collie / ½ Australian Sheppard, Tina.

Deen would like you all to know that it isn't only Airedales who are wonderful and missed.

Farewell Missy.


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About Lynn Smith
I have worked with many different animals since I was a small child, but I have never been without a wonderful dog companion. Each is special with it's own personality, just like people. Each to be treasured and loved.

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