Dogs - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know dog food: Purina One, Smart Choice Lamb and Rice Blend

dog food brand name: Purina One

dog food variety name: Smart Choice Lamb and Rice Blend

brief comments: Lamb and rice are the first two ingredients

extended comments
I was happy to find a dog food that didn't list corn as it's number 1 ingredient. Although I have yet to find any dog food in my price range that doesn't have corn somewhere on the list.


Home made recipes and supplements
I usually put an egg on his food and a capsule of Omega3. He also gets lots of table scraps (meat and veggies.)

Posted by pastime on Oct 21, 2010 10:53 AM CST:
What is Solid Gold? Is it a brand or a variety of Science Diet, Purina or the like, line of dogfood? I never heard of it before or remember seeing it in the store.

Posted by Lance on Oct 19, 2010 2:37 PM CST:
I think supplementing this food with meat and veggies is a good idea. You might want to remember that you will be feeding more of this food than other more digestible types, so I am not sure it is a cost savings. You might want to consider some of the mid-priced 'premium' brands as an alternative. I prefer Solid Gold, but others are available.
It is also listed in this database.

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