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Name of poster: flaflwrgrl posting on 11/25/2010

dog food brand name: Canidae

dog food variety name: Canidae Lamb & Rice

brief comments: IMHO stay far, far away from all Canidae products

extended comments
When I began feeding Canidae to my dog in 2007; Canidae had an excellent reputation even among responsible dog breeders. At that time, I found it to be a great food which my dog did wonderfully on. But then in June 2008 Canidae contracted Diamond Mfg. to make Canidae. Diamond Mfg. has long had a horrible reputation for mfg. pet food. They changed the formula. It looked different & smelled different. Despite what Canidae executives say, there was NO notice to the consumer of a change. The bag looked exactly the same. It did not say "new formula" or "new & improved" or anything. You opened the bag & SAW it was different. There was no opportunity to transition your dog to the new formula. My dog had yellow diarrhea which never cleared up, she exhibited food allergy symptoms of itching, chewing her feet, ear infections, runny eyes. Then she began to throw up yellow, slimy, foamy bile. I immediately took her off the Canidae. I went online & found many others with the same complaints. I have provided a link so you can read the individual stories for yourself. Read beyond the PR letter by Canidae execs. Read the true stories written by dog owners. The problem is still continuing. There are new postings all the time. Yet the food is still making dogs sick. My dog cleared up immediately after I took her off the Canidae. Thank goodness I hadn't had her on the new formula for very long. Who knows what damage would have been done.

not recommended

Posted by Lance on Nov 29, 2010 6:23 PM CST:
I think Diamond makes pet foods for many companies. Would you happen to have a link or review that mentions some of the problems with Diamond?
For other readers, if you are not sure where your food is made, ask the company, and if they are reluctant to say where, get something different.

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