Can we prevent getting trampled, knocked over, etc

Recently, while reading through the Blue Gardens Pets and Other Interesting Critters section, there was a question asked about how to prevent oneself from being knocked over by dogs that are running full tilt in wild reckless abandon play. I don't have a definitive answer, as indeed there probably is none, on how to prevent this from happening. I gave some suggestions, which you can read below, but I am also interested in what others may do to deal with this type of situation. So please provide your own too close encounters with the ground, as inspired by a bolt of furred lightning (or furry bowling ball, perhaps), and ways you have learned to reduce damage to yourself. And remember, we are not trying to harm any of our pets, but instead live in better harmony with them, so harmful methods should be avoided, and will not be allowed here. Of course, harmful to a Chihuahua is much different than a full grown Lab, but I have not seen too many Chihuahuas capable of knocking me over.

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