Creating an Altered Book

By Becky Moder (Boopaints) on March 20, 2010

Creating the first pages of my altered book has been a process in patience, discovery and imagination. A type of journal, my book shows what’s inside my heart at this moment in time.

Creating the first pages of my altered book has been a process in patience, discovery and imagination. A type of journal, my book shows what’s inside my heart at this moment in time. 



I didn’t want to be influenced past the two web sites I had already seen so I STOPPED looking at the many Internet sites that showed books already made and how-to instructions. What I quickly learned is there are no rules and guidelines are just that: a guide.  In this article I want to simply give you a push towards making maybe one of the most personal pieces of art you may ever make. At least, that is what I am finding on my journey with my first book.

Consider yourself warned: this can be an addictive art form. A page is never quite finished, I keep adding to it and probably will forever.  I long to run back to the table to add more to work-in-progress pages of my book. I have had to discipline myself and as an artist, I would rather play with paint and pens than even think of housework. So my only rule is clean the kitchen, throw some laundry in the washer, water the plants and then run to the table where I have my supplies in a big flat basket. Even writing this article and downloading photos to the forum is a work in discipline today.

I have many ideas that are popping into my head as I create my book and realize that decoupage, which is one of my favorite artistic mediums, can be used along with stickers felt pens, high lighters and paint. Memorabilia, photos, napkins from restaurants you’ve enjoyed, images from everywhere, the materials are endless as to what can be included. I have a growing idea-list (23 ideas so far!) so that I don’t forget anything I think might be fun.  Some will be used, some created and some shared here in the Altered Books Forum of Do Overs. And of course, some will never be attempted because of the lack of time.

What you will need to make your first altered book is a book! It can be one like mine that had a theme already within the pages or one that has nothing to do with anything. I chose my first book to be smaller and one where I could use all 40 pages. I wanted a book with wide margins and a lot of space and found the perfect one on a shelf in my bookcase.  Garage sales and second hand shops have books inexpensively if you don’t want to use something from your own shelves.

In my second article, coming soon, I will help you with some step by step ideas but I think if you are even a little bit crafty, you won't need any help.  Be inspired and be sure to take photos and show off your books!

My book will never make a best sellers list but it has certainly become a cherished volume of words from my heart.




 Some Suggested Supplies

glue sticks and/or white glue and a small paint brush for gluing
colored pens, felt pens, markers, paint pens etc
acrylic paint  and/or watercolor paints and brushes
magazines, other books, printed materials
everything else



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About Becky Moder
I'm an artist who loves to paint, recylce, redecorate, and redesign and who wishes I didn't have to sleep!

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