From Blah to Blue for Only Ten Bucks

By Becky Moder (Boopaints) on April 9, 2010

Plastic lawn chairs no longer need to be tossed out when they are sun faded. Taking them from blah to a beautiful blue is transforming my own garden and teaching me to be more aware of the benefits of recycling and redesign.

I have to share the best thing ten bucks has bought in a long time! To tell it, I need to give you some detail on my favorite chairs or this article would be three sentences long.

I purchased 8 Adirondack resin chairs at Target in 2000 right after we built our pool. We had a portion of the pool created so it was a sitting ledge: about 5 feet wide by 12 feet long and only about 8' deep.  There was a rock in the center to sit on or place your feet when sitting in one of the chairs. YES! The chairs went right in the water. Not all of them but we could get 3 in at a time.  The others were moved around the patio as the hot Arizona sun moved across the sky. We were a larger family then with 4 kids and all of our friends and their friends and everyone was in and out of the pool. We held picnics and graduation parties, 4th of July celebrations, weddings and receptions and many other events in our backyard. The chairs were often found in the main part of the pool when kids would try to be clever and sit in them. 

In time that same wonderful sun and the pool chlorine faded the chairs from a deep shiny hunter green to a drab boring nothing green.  Over the years my kids grew up, my life changed and we sold the house. 4 of the chairs went to a daughter's new aprtment and 4 went with me to my bungalow. But that color was so unbecoming!


I bought some of the newer Adirondack chairs in a happy yellow but they aren't as deep and comfortable so I returned them. I am creating my new backyard in sunny yellow and royal blue. Then my friend Barb told me about the plastic spray paint Krylon makes. It is KRYLON FUSION. She is The Spray Paint Queen so I trusted her completely! I decided on royal blue as I figured it would cover the green better than the yellow and since her own garden has a lot of blue and it's gorgeous!



When spraying, just wash off the old chairs and let dry.  Make sure there is no wind and use a drop cloth. Follow the directions on the can but you Do NOT need to scruff the chairs up...just spray. And this paint lasts! I will repaint next year if the sun fades them or takes away the shine but at this rate, I'll have the chairs I love to sit in forever.

You can see the results and see why spending this ten bucks was worth every penny! After spraying the first two chairs, I returned to Walmart to buy two more cans and had enough to spray the little table that's metal and glass.  And the paint stuck!  Spray paint is addictive....not the fumes.....but the way old looks new again and you've recylced something you love.

What can I paint next?

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About Becky Moder
I'm an artist who loves to paint, recylce, redecorate, and redesign and who wishes I didn't have to sleep!

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