The Green Art Cafe ~ Craft Challenge PART TWO

By Becky Moder (Boopaints) on April 23, 2010

Do Over members have been collecting trinkets, finding old cupboard doors and setting up supplies without knowing what they are going to make. Now it's time to assemble their projects and have some serious fun!. Prizes for everyone participating and for our two judges too.

This is part two of the Green Art craft challenge. PLEASE READ PART ONE FIRST.

You are brave crafters, searching your junk drawers, closets and garages for trinkets and supplies without a clue of what you were going to make! And now it's time to make your own Folk Art Blackboard! I just finished mine last week and have gotten many compliments already. It's fun to watch people discover the fun things I added. Next up for me is a picture frame, created in the same manner. You could also decorate a blah mirror in the same way and that was my first thought when I decided to use all the collected trinkets I had in my basket.  But I am glad I created the blackboard first. My mirror is large and I didn't have enough trinkets to go around it. 


The first photo shows the before and then, of course, the after.  I painted the frame Red Oxide to match the red acccessories in my kitchen since I hung my board there. Then I added 3 coats of the black chalkboard paint. I had a little touch up to do on the red where my black got sloppy!



Next I added a hook to the back of the door for hanging, I am showing you this because this step MUST be done before you add trinkets or they will get smashed when you turn the blackboard over to attach the hanger.


Now the fun begins! I laid my trinkets out on a near by table and tried to organize them in a common theme but that soon changed. First I added an old pair of "cheaters".  I snapped off the ear pieces and played around with where I would glue them. I was going to use old buttons for eyes but c hanged my mind when I found google eys in the button box.


I added the broken artichoke top from a cheese speader next and then the red turtle from Mexico


To balance the side, I a dded the blue game timer


After that I added the B at the top and began filling in with things


The knob was added at the bottom for my keys and then more trinkets


I found this ladder which is a Christmas Ornament for one corner 


And from there I filled in with everything I could find, including buttons, a vintage swizzle stick, diaper pins, monopoly houses, cookware, an antique block, turtles, stars, hearts, scrabble letters, miniature pots and pans, an old checker,  dice, jewelry, other assorted game pieces, a watch, crayons, whistles, candy canes, a monkey and more.  It's kind of like a "Where's Waldo" at my house as my daughter and her friends look for things. 


I am looking forward to seeing what variations and  creations you make! Now all I need are a few more buttons to fill in holes that I noticed after I took the photos and some chalk for last minute notes! Remember, there are participation prizes. And we have 2 judges who may change their minds and decide to make one themselves. I can always enlist Trish and Dave!


Please go to the Green Art cafe to post your creations.

  I have started a thread just for this challenge!

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