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By Clint Brown (clintbrown) on March 29, 2010

Many of the new Echinacea cultivars have poor branching. They are often sold as plug-sized plants and often don't survive winter. I have tested Configureā„¢ on my plants and it has shown to improve branching and decrease plant loss. 

     Configure™ is a synthetic cytokinin (6-BA) for u2010-03-29/clintbrown/2f4c8ese on  herbaceous plants as a branching agent. It is also beneficial to Hostas, Semperviums, Christmas Cactus, and many other plants. It greatly increases the number of divisions or cuttings available from a plant; therefore, it is very useful as a propagation tool.

     If you are treating Echinacea plugs, it is best to use approximately 150-300 parts per million of Configure™. Some cultivars require a stronger amount. I use a medicine dropper to measure the Configure™. I usually mix up a half-gallon since a small amount of Configure™ will treat many plants.

     Spray the plants at sundown when no rain is forecast. The idea is for the spray to take longer to dry. If they don't respond to Configure™ at 300 parts per million within 3 weeks, it is ok to spray again. Follow all of the precautions and instructions about mixing included with the container of Configure™. If your plant doesn't respond at 300 parts per million, try 600. Some plants may even require 1200 parts per million of Configure™. Semperviums and Hostas generally need stronger treatments.

     The photo2010-03-29/clintbrown/00f74as included in this article are of actual Echinacea plugs that were treated with Configure™ last summer. As you can see, the plants responded very well with many new basal branches appearing within 1-3 weeks. All of these plants survived the winter and are now ready for their second year in the garden.2010-03-29/clintbrown/1d9722

     Note: It is important to spray your plants as early in the growing season as possible. This allows the branches to mature before winter arrives. Generally, it is a good idea to spray before the end of summer. Configure™ has been proven effective and non-phytotoxic when used per the label instructions.

For more information, please visit Fine Americas, Inc. They have distributors and other information lised on their website.


© 2010 - Clint Brown

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