It's Seed Swapping Time!

By starlight1153 (starlight1153) on October 30, 2011

For many years now, from the month of November to December, the annual Hog Wild Seed Swap is held. This is a chance for you to find new types of seed to grow, get rid of unwanted seed you may have,and to have a bit of fun and make new friends while expanding your gardens. Read about it, and then follow the link to come join the annual Hog Wild Seed Swap fun...


 Once a year a group of gardeners go through their gardens, fridges and seed stash boxes to share new and no longer wanted seed and send them out to find new homes, while getting new and exciting seed for themselves.

This seed swap orginally started many, many years ago. The person who orginally started it was  doing a bunch seed trades.  Along the way,  she discovered  that with all that seed trading she was building a collection of various types of seed.   She wanted to find homes for the extra seed she had, yet find new things for herself. 

Over the years, the more folks joined in and the swap grew.  One year, the swap became a place  not for trading  just new or freshly harvested seed, but it became a place to give the leftovers, seed  folks never  got a chance to plant, or didn't want a second chance to find a good home. 


This swap has had many names over the years as hostess have changed.  For the past several years, it has been called the Hog Wild Seed Swap, also, affectionately known as the Piggy Swap too.   It developed this name from the one year when a participant affectionatly  said  she  felt like a piggy for all the seed  she got and the others agreed and felt the same way. 

This swap is a little bit different than some swaps as it has three parts, which allows folks with alot of seed, hardly any seed at all, or no seed to come and gather more seed than they though possible and have a fun time and make new friends along the way.


The swap starts officially on November 14, 2011 at 9am EST and runs through December 20th, 2011.    You can join in this swap anytime during those dates, as sometimes folks that are shy or new to seed swapping like to watch a bit before joining in.   There is no need to be shy, we all were new to this swap at one time or another and we have a great group of folks who will help you along. 


PART 1 consists of two groups of folks.  We have the  "Regular"  participants and the "Newbie" folks joining.  These are folks who have seed to trade and share.  Some of these folks may have alot of varieties and some who are new to gardening, may only have a few types available.  In this part of the swap no, matter how many seeds you bring to the swap, you can ask for up to 100 packets of seed from other folks list. 

New to gardening and maybe for example you have only been able to grow  some Marigolds and Petunias, don't worry,.  That's perfectly fine, bring them on, your welcome to join.  What you think may be a common seed is a treasure to somebody else.  

Everybody needs to have some seed, whether a little or alot to participate, UNLESS you are in the second group of folks.   These participants we call "Survivors."    Survivors are folks who through the past year have lost their gardens due to natural disasters, such as floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, fire, ect...      If you are in this group,  all you have to do is let us know you are a Survivor.   No is seed needed for you to join.   Just bring your Wishlist and come along and Oink for seed  and have fun along with the rest of the folks.  

Not sure if you are a "Survivor " or not?  A Survivor is a person who this past year lost their gardens due to floods, tornadoes, fires, hurricanes or other natural disasters and needs to try and rebuild.   You need no seed to join. A box of seed sent to you is donated from the generous hearts of the Regular  participants, their love of gardening and sharing to get you started again and hopefully Pay-It-Forward at some point in time.  2011-10-30/starlight1153/23c6ac


Now, Part 2 of this swap is optional.  Some folks participate and some don't, but it a chance for you to get even more seed.   This part we call the "One-to-One section.   Maybe after all the swapping from Part 1 you find you still have alot of extra or unwanted seed.  In this section, you can send up to 100 seed packets, which go into a general trough, and from your Wishlist and garden preferences, seeds are selected where you can swap your extras for one-to-one packets of surprises. 


Lastly is Part 3. If after everybody has all their seed and there anything left at the bottom of the trough, usually repeat seed already passed out, then it is passed out to any particpants that may want it, or donated to organizations or charities that can use it.

Seed in this swap can be commercial, leftovers from trades, trades you got and didn't want or like, collected and harvested seed. Anything and everything can put in and found in the swap. Flowers, veggies, tropicals, trees , shrubs, heirlooms. Only thing not allowed is seed the gov says is illegal to grow.    

Here's your once a year chance to clean out those old seed boxes and secret stashes and fill them with something new, different and exciting.  It's a chance  to meet other gardeners and share our love of flowers and vegetables and the ups and downs that comes with gardening.

It's a month of fun and flurry as seed lists go up and are added  too and folks start oinking for the seed they want.   So practice your  Suuu-eee-iiiiii and Oinks and click on the Sign-Up Sheet Link below.   Feel free to invite your friends along.   

If you don't want to join in the swap, but would like to meet other gardeners, click the Chat link below. 

If you don't want to actively particpate, but have extra seed  you would like to share with the folks,  donations are always welcome, just cmail me for details where to send them.   

Link to Sign up Sheet...  CLICK HERE
Chat threads... FIND US HERE


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