Have You Tried Wearing Your Vegetables Lately?

By starlight1153 (starlight1153) on March 23, 2010

Yes, that's right, I said wearing your vegetables. No, I don't mean using vegetables such as pickling cucumbers for earrings, although that might be a good idea. What I mean is that there are a lot of vegetables that make good body lotions and masks.

If you go to some of the more expensive type of places that sell body lotions, mask and other beauty products that say they are good for your skin, look closely at some of the different ingredients, in them.  What you will discover is that they contain some of the same vegetables that are sitting in your refrigerator or growing in your garden.  The vegetables in those bottles and containers just come with a different fancy name and have been processed to look more appetizing.  

There are several reasons for making your own vegetable lotions and potions.

1.   The cost factor is probably the biggest reason.   Why pay 18 dollars for a tiny bottle of lotion when for under a dollar you can plant one package of seeds, have 25 plants, and make not only enough lotion for yourself for a year, but also enough for your friends and neighbor's for Christmas gifts too.

2.  Have you really taken a close look at some of the ingredients in store bought mask kits and beauty products?     You can’t get more natural and organic than using your own homegrown vegetables.   You know exactly what you’re using and all the ingredients.

3.  Vegetables are loaded with vitamins.  By making your own fresh products, you get the benefit of being on the receiving end of all those good nutrients.


Here are a few vegetables and ways to prepare them to make your own beauty regime.   As  with all things, anytime you are using  a new product, test a small  amount on an area of the skin, before  covering your body with it, to check for allergic reaction.  


Cucumbers….   The insides of cucumbers are packed full of Vitamin A and C  and folic acid.   Now, just like plants need micro-nutrients to thrive, so does the human body and the hard skin of the cucumber contains trace elements of magnesium and potassium.   2010-03-22/starlight1153/3142d0


Had a rough day and long evening ahead and want to get rid of those puffy looking eyes?   Slice a cucumber up into round circles and place one of each eye, cut a couple of cucumber rounds in half and lay a half under each eye too.   If you can, find a nice quiet place to lay down for about 20 to 30 minutes and wake back up bright eyed and bushy-tailed.


Got a little bit of a droop going on?  Skin not as tight as you would like it to be?   Then try making this mask that will give your face a lift, exfoliate and freshen your skin at the same time.   

       "Grate up half of cucumber into very tiny pieces, or put it into a blender and blend until a mush consistency.  Too that add half and apple grated or blended, one egg     white  beaten and 2 tsp. of powdered milk, (I have used baby formula milk and it has worked good.) Mix all together and apply on the face and throat area and let dry on the skin for about 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.”   


Tomatoes…..   One of the miracle vegetables!!    Now if you want to keep that fresh dewy-eyed look on your face, tomatoes are just the thing for it.   If you spend a lot of time outdoors playing or working in the gardens, you know how  the weather can  dry your  skin out and tomatoes will help keep it looking soft and smooth.   Why??? 


Because Tomatoes are not only loaded with Vitamin C , acids, Alpha hydroxyl’s,  (you may have seen this word on the back of  your lotion products) but they have something special called Lycopene .   You’ve probably heard or read somewhere that Lycopene can possibly help reduce not only heart disease and diabetes, but also cancer and that includes skin cancer from too much sun exposure.  2010-03-22/starlight1153/667ba2


Using tomatoes as a facial scrub is real easy.  There is nothing to it.    Just grab you a tomato, slice off a section and proceed to rub it around and into your face.   Make sure to keep it out of your eyes, and don't forget to do the throat and neck area too.    I have read  where  you can take and dip your piece of tomato into a little bit of sugar first and that will help act an exfoliant, but I personally haven't tried the sugar part myself.  Let it stay opn the face  for  abotu 15 minute s and then rinse  with warm water.    With continued use, your skin will start to soften and look alot healthier. 


So the next time you go to the store or are harvesting from your own garden, pick up some extra vegetables and give them a try as a healthy, fresh, organic beauty product.      


If you have any other beauty tips made from vegatables that you enjoy, feel free to post comments and share your ideas with the rest of the community.

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