Miniature Vegetable Gardens

By starlight1153 (starlight1153) on March 15, 2010

Have you ever wanted to just walk out your door and pick yourself a basket of home-grown produce, but the reality facing you was either a very tiny space of a yard or a slab of cement? Don't be discouraged, you too can create and enjoy a beautiful vegetable garden very easily.

Nothing tastes as good as a fresh picked vegetable.   Besides the taste,  you get the benefit of all the healthy vitamins contained in that vegetable.   Even if the area available to you isn't  much bigger than a postage stamp you can grow an array of vegetables by growing minature and midget cultivars. 2010-03-15/starlight1153/d1c16e 


If you look through the seed catalogs  you will find minature/midget varieties  for such cultivars as Carrots, Corn, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Peas, Eggplants Lettuce, Cabbage and even such foods as Cantelopes, Watermelons and Potatoes.   Yes, a shadow box filled  with soil and a bit of mulch will produce potatoes.    While these vegetables may be smaller in statue  they have all the flavor that their full-sized cousins do.


A small window box can supply fresh lettuce and carrots  everyday.   Assorted types of containers can be used to grow Tomatoes and Cucumbers.   Don't forget to use  the area up above too.   Hanging baskets make great areas to grow Strawberries and  Peas along with Tomatoes.  If you have hanging baskets  that don't have saucers on the bottom,  take an aluminium pie pan, poke some holes in it for drainage, and place it in the bottom of your basket before filling with soil and your plants. 


Some of the advantages of growing in containers and baskets in a smaller area are that you have less weeds to worry about pulling.   Generally you have less pest problems as you are able to scout your plants everyday.   You don't have to walk very far to pick your vegetables.   You can integrate them along with your favorite flower pots, and you get the satisfaction of eating and serving food that you grew yourself. 2010-03-15/starlight1153/a7dc54

 The one thing to remember though, is that with growing in containers, you must play the part of Mother Nature and provide the extra nutrients that the plants will need to grow and produce fruit.  This is easily accomplished by use of such products as Miracle Grow plant food  when you water.  Read the directions though for proper dosage and remember to use plain water every so often to wash out salts  that build up from the fertilizers in the containers.  


Here is a list of a few of the minature/midget cultivars available today:



   Baby head...  A small minature head that is only 3" across packed with flavor.


   Short n' Sweet,  Tiny Sweet...  Orange carrots  ranging from 21/2" to 3" long.


   Golden Midget...  This cultivar only gets a few feet tall yet produces about 5" ears.


   Bush Crop...  A compact patio type plant with 8" cukes for slicing.


   Hansel or Gretel...Compact plants where fruit can be picked  from 3" to 10" lengths.

   Bambino...  Small, dark fruits that are great for shish-ka-bobs.


   Sugar Daddy... A 2' tall plant that  produces loads of snap peas.


   Tiny Tim and Tumblin' Tom...  Cherry type tomatoes great in containers or hanging baskets.


The above mentioned are just a few cultivars,  there are many, many more to choose from.  So pick your seeds, grab your containers and pots and a bag or two of soil, and with a little bit of creativity you too can turn just about any area into a virtual garden of fresh veggies.  



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