Just another day in the life of gardening!

By starlight1153 (starlight1153) on March 31, 2010

Gardening should be fun, rewarding and a pleasurable experience. Most days it is , but then you have those days, when the unexpected happens. It seems I have a lot of those unexpected days. Yesterday was another one. Here is my story all over a seed, or maybe not....

Today was nice and I finally got a chance to get out side and start cleaning dead weeds and leaves off of pots. I don't mind it too much. It is a dangerous time for me though. All that fresh air and peace and quite and the brain goes round and round thinking about things.

Well today I was working in the Columbines. They finally popped there heads and so it was time to spruce them up and give them a bit of fertilizer and a talking to about how they need to hurry and grow and bloom so the hummingbirds when they are will have some food.

I'm going along cleaning and moving pots and I spot some sweet shrubs seeds. I knew I had missed checking the pods on them in the fall and the Columbines are near them so I gather them up and also noticed some other type of seed laying there by the pots and so I gather them up.

Now when I gather seeds, I don't go running back to the house to put them up , I cram them in any pocket I have available at the time. When I come in for the evening then I will be kicking myself for doing just that as I struggle to get the seeds back out of the pocket and have to fuss turning it inside and out to make sure I get every seed. When I get to that point though, usually I am just getting the left over fuzz balls in the pocket.

Well, today was no different, was on the mission to finish all them pots at least , so I stuffed all those seed s in my pocket and thought about how I would plant them and have some more new plants.

I grabbed me some seed starting mix and started putting the seeds into the pot. Got all the Sweet Shrub ones done first and went to start on the other seeds. Knew they wasn't Columbine seeds, they was too big and blackish looking for that. I grabbed the first one and as I went to put it in the pot, I said wait a minute this is soft. Of course the first thing that ran through my head was the seeds were rotten and had gone soft inside.

So I do what every good seed sower should do, I squished the seed to see how bad it was, was pretty bad, so figured I better check the others too. They was all soft. Then I got to looking closer at the seeds, took off my glasses so I could get a good close-up view.

Oh, my.. Oh my... I drop the seeds, race to the sink, turn on the hottest water I can get and start squirting antibacterial dish soap all over my hands and rubbing it good and working up a lather. Washed my hands three times, before I was satisfied they was clean and sterile again.

Before I forget, did I mention that the squirrels had been in the pots as usual trying to bury and digging up their nuts. No, I didn't. So sorry, I should have because what I had picked up and carried all around in my pocket and tried to plant was squirrel poop turds. Yuck!!!!

Moral of this story, Just because it has the color of a seed, the shape of a seed and is laying around by other seeds, doesn't necessarily mean it is a seed.

If you'd like to read some of my other adventures in gardening you can find them  in the  Chuckles and Tickles Forum  Feel free to come share your adventures  with the community too.   We'd love to read and share with you.

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