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Some seed is new, some is harvested and some is extras hanging around looking for a home. The number in front in parenthesis is number of packets available. Those packets where I only have a few seeds, the seed count will be noted after the name. I will be adding to my list constantly during swap. I have loads of seed to offer, so check back often. : )

There is no order to my database. You'll find flowers listed right along with veggies and herbs, so look carefully. I usually have more seed to offer than I get a chance to post, so if your looking for something special, make sure to add it to your Wish List.

Comm = commercial
OP = Open pollinated
BG = Bagged to prevent cross pollination
Old = Can be 3-5 years but still viable tested
MG = My garden
NH = Newly harvested
EX = Extras hanging around looking for a home. Had plenty of extra seed from trades or swaps to share. If only a few seed, I'll note it.

With all the seed I have, I generally have several databases. I will put a number 2...3...4.. ect. on each new database, so you know it is me. : )

Happy Oinking!

Added 11-10
(4) Penstemon ... Husker's Red

(3) Penstemon barbatus ... Cambridge Mix

(4) Portulaca ... Mixed Doubles colors

(2) Purslane ... Pink

(2) Purslane ... Yellow

(6) Tomato .... Texas Star ... Bi-color tomato inside and out.

(4) Pepper ... Hot... Brazilian Star Fish

Added 11-05

(3) Salvia hispanica ... Chia seeds

(2) Cauliflower ... 'Purple of Sicily

(3) Stevia rebaudiana ... Stevia... Sweet leaf.. Use instead of sugar.

(3) Echinacea .... Green Envy

(2) Pepper ... Sweet ... 'Star Pepper' ... Sweet. Huge unusual shaped sweet pepper. Very productive. Looks like space ships hanging from the plant. Bottom has 5 lines that connect like a star.

(4) Pepper... Capsicum baccatum... ' Brazilian Starfish'... Hot 3/4" long by 1 3/4" wide starfish shaped hot peppers.

(3) Pepper... ' Chocolate Moruga' ... Hot

(3) Pepper ... 'Red Moruga' ... Hot

(2) Squash ... Table Queen

(1) Agastache rugosa alabaster .... Korean Mint


(10) Sweet Habanero... Looks just like a habanero. Grows just like a habanero without the heat. It's not a sweet..sweet pepper say like a bell, but it is good. Reminds me of a bit of a smokey type flavor. Definitely not hot, but lots of flavor. BG http://cubits.org/salsagarden/db/pepperdatabase/view/98512/

(6) Putzagold. Sweet Pepper... Like a beautiful colored bell. BG http://cubits.org/salsagarden/db/pepperdatabase/view/86254/

(5) Melrose ... Sweet Pepper ... BG http://cubits.org/salsagarden/db/pepperdatabase/view/86256/

(2) Phlox drummondii ... Pink Phlox NH

(4) Begonia grandis NH

(4) Agastache aurantiaca 'Apricot Sprite' NH

(6) Zinnia elegans 'Oklahoma Mix' held up well during drought and excessive heat. NH

(2) Monarda citriodora ... Bergamont ... very drought tolerant

(4) Sicilian Basil

(6) Lychnis alpina Alpine Catchfly ... Bright pink blooms. Plant first year for blooms second year.

(2) Caryopteris x clandenonensis ... Dark Knight

(4) Anemone hupensis 'Pink Saucer'

(9) NuMex Big Jim ... Hot Pepper ... Good eating and very productive. BG

(5) Monkey Face .. Hot Pepper... Like a large jalapeno in taste. Fun shape and very productive once it got going. BG http://cubits.org/salsagarden/db/pepperdatabase/view/98367/

(5) Golden Cayenne ... Hot Pepper BG http://cubits.org/salsagarden/db/pepperdatabase/view/98402/

(5) Mayan Cobanero Love Pepper... BG Hot Pepper.. http://cubits.org/ellasgarden/thread/view/79909/

(9) Calico ... Hot Pepper ... NH Beautiful variegated plant foliage even if you don't eat the peppers. Makes excellent pepper jelly and sauce.

(4) Caraway seed ... herb NH

(10 ) Pepper ... Rooster Spur ... Hot. NH OP Good eating and all around pepper. http://cubits.org/salsagarden/db/pepperdatabase/view/3182/

(9) Pepper ... Mammoth Jalapeno.... Hot. NH These guys get huge!

(10) Pepper ... Peter Pepper .... Hot ... NH Interesting shaped pepper. http://cubits.org/salsagarden/db/pepperdatabase/view/86618/

(8) Tomato ... Sunrise Bumble Bee BG http://cubits.org/salsagarden/db/tomatodatabase/view/97799/

(5) Cosmos ... Orange colored flowers. NH

(4) Caraway Seed

(3) Gomphrena glubulosa ... Pink and Purple

(2) Silene carolincana 'Short and Sweet' collected seed.

(2) Clematis Haku Ookan

(3) Basil ... Cinnamon

(3) Basil ... Dark Opal .. Comm

(2) Foxglove ... Glittering Prizes Mixed

(3) African Daisy ... Mixed colors of white, yellow, medium and dark orange.

(10) Collards .... 'Morris Heading .. Comm

(9) Pepper.... West African Red... NH Hot, Habanero type. Plant originally came from a friend from Africa. Makes lots of peppers, late season fruiter unless started indoors earlier.

(9) Pepper .. Fajita ... Looks like a bell pepper, but has just a very tiny, low bit of heat. NH

(9}Pepper... Medusa ... NH Multi-colored producing pepper plant that is a beautiful ornamental besides being edible. Makes good hot sauce.

(3) Millet ... Red Prosso

(21Cowpea .... Calico Chowder

(8) Pepper ... Big Red Cherry... NH OP I don't know what the real name is. Came to me as an unknown I grew. I gave it the garden name Big Red Cherry as it looks like a red ball shape about the size of a golf-ball. It's hot. Good flavor though.

(7)Barker's Hot .. NH OP ... The hottest of the Nu Mex types. http://cubits.org/salsagarden/db/pepperdatabase/view/86476/

(6) Tomato ... Homestead ... Comm .. http://cubits.org/salsagarden/db/pepperdatabase/view/86476/

(6) Pepper ... Sweet Non Bell .. BG Shishito ... http://cubits.org/salsagarden/db/pepperdatabase/view/86253/

(4)Pepper... Sigarette Dolce aka Sigaretto Di Bergamo .. BG Sweet Non-Bell http://cubits.org/salsagarden/db/pepperdatabase/view/97764/

(4) Pepper.... Trinidad Moruga..... Extremely hot.... Warning.. one of the world's hottest peppers and can burn. A little of this pepper goes along way.

(5) Pepper.... Brain Strain ... Another Extremly hot, off the charts pepper. Looks like little red brains.

(5) Ageratum houstonianum .. 'Artist Purple' has chaff. Seed to tiny and to hard to separate. Just plant all, then prick out seedlings.

(5) Ageratum houstonianum ... "Artist Rose' has chaff. Seed to tiny and hard to seperate. Just plant all, then prick out seedlings.

(2) Veronica longifolia .. 'Blue' comm

(2) Veronica ..'Red Rocks' tiny seed, has some chaff

(3) Gentianoides Veronica ... tiny seed has some chaff

(2) Veronica ... 'Fairy Tale Pink .. tiny seed has some chaff

(3) Campanula Makaschvilii ... Best to start indoors using baggy method at 70-75F for 2 weeks, then put in fridge for 4-6 weeks. Germination is irregular, so have patience.

(2) Dahlia variabilis ... 'Perdoks Giants' mix of assorted colors and shapes. comm

(4) Mentha piperita ... 'Peppermint' ... Do not over water seedlings. Keep on dry side. They do not like wet feet.

(3) Stokesia laevis ... 'Astra Blue'

Dianthus caryophyllus, Orange Ripple, Carnation and Raspberry Ripple too. Yummmm!

Looking for Agastache mexicana 'Sangria'

Salvia horminum ' Pink Sunday'

Salvia 'Pink Blossom'

Calamintha grandiflora 'Showy Catmint ' ( check with Jonna)

Malvaviscus sp. "Turk's Cap" -seed from 'Pam Puryear'. Will not come true, offspring should be 50% Pink, 25% Red, 25% White (Check with RedLeopard) Got

Joseph's Red Pod Pea Got

Joseph's Gr-grandad's Wheat seed Got

Thunbergia grandiflora Blue Sky Flower Vine .. seeds or well rooted cutting

Wheat seed with genetics from 1950's or before. Got

Hollyhock Majorette Mix.
Ancho Gigantia Pepper or Ancho Large Mexican
Onion ... Red Burgermeister
Apache Red Pepper
Cheyenne Orange Pepper
Tomato Magnum Beefsteak
Pepper Atris hybrid
Pepper Bulgarian Carrot
Pepper Orange Blaze or Orangesickle
Eggplant ... Brazilian Oval Orange

Any type of tomato or pepper seed is welcome. :)

Scottish Heather... No Mexican Heather, that one I have.

Lavandula Viridis , Yellow Lavender.

Herb wish...
Porophyllum coloratum ... Papalo. called Papaloguelite by Aztec's ... similar to Cilantro.

Dream List for fun...

A chain saw I can handle. Have wimpy arms.
300 bags though 500 would be better of Kmart's KPC potting soil
100 totes to grow in
A tiller that goes at least 2 feet deep on first pass
Riding lawn mower
20 strong backs to pull weeds, chop wood and do clean up.
Perfect weather for at least 5 years. Not too hot nor too cold.

Poke Seeds for everybody!!!!!!!! ROFL : ) Just kidding. LOL

Mainly I try and grow things for the hummingbirds, butterflies and other critters that hang out here in my jungle. Oh yes, it is a jungle. LOL

It hasn't been that long since I started learning to expand my knowledge and growing skills for vegetables.

I'm up for just about anything. If I haven't grown it yet, I want to try. If I first don't succeed , I'll try and try again. : )

Thanks for understanding...

From the research I just finished, it looks like mushroom spores remain viable for years. So, just in case mushroom spores show up in anyone's feeding trough....

I recommend adding about 30 ml water, and leave the label in the bag, and shake it, and let it sit overnight before dumping the solution/paper out onto whatever substrate you are inoculating. The spores are not sterile, so I recommend using them only for outdoor grows. Planting at the beginning of rainy weather is highly recommended.

To give the mushrooms an extra boost of nutrients and antibiotics, 1 ml of molasses and 1 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide may be added to the water before adding to the mushrooms.

Tomato Height

Average tomato plant heights:

Determine is 3-4 feet.
Indetermine is 6-8 feet.

The exact height will depend on climate (the further South you are, the bigger the plants get), fertilizer, watering, etc. Some varieties of course tend to be taller than others. Hybrid cherries in particular, like Sungold and Sweet 100, can reach 10 feet in a good year.

(Image by starlight1153)
"Daylily 'A Pony for Ella'"

(Image by starlight1153)
"Sweet Habanero Pepper"
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(Image by starlight1153)
"Tomato ... Sunrise Bumble Bee"
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(Image by starlight1153)
"Pepper Monkey Face bright goldenyellow/orange fruits."
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Posted by starlight1153 on Oct 13, 2014 10:59 AM CST:
PMB2005... Glad you enjoyed yourself. : )

I try every year to get rid of some Poke Salad seeds. Wonder why folks don't want them. LOL I laughed so hard myself last year. I think just about everybody had No Poke Salad seeds on their Do Not Want lists. ROFL : )

Posted by pmb2005 on Oct 12, 2014 9:40 PM CST:
I am brand spanking new here and I came across your list and I about died laughing. Love the bottom wish lists and poke seeds for everyone!!! :)

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