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Abelmoschus esculentus/Okra/Burgundy
Abelmoschus manihot/Aibika/Hibiscus
Abelmoschus moschatus/Musk Okra, red flowers.
Allium tuberosum - Chinese garlic chives, edible.
Agastache/Pink Pop
Arachis hypogaea/Georgia Peanuts
Asparagus Fern
Boehmeria cylindrica/Smallspike False Nettle
Broccoli romanesco
Cajanus cajan/Pigeonpea - small tree, edible pods and fruit.
Canteloupe/Sierra Gold
Callicarpa americana/American Beautyberry - good for birds, makes excellent jelly/jam. (These are clean seeds; no pulp.)
Campsis radicans/Orange Trumpet Creeper - vine, attracts hummingbirds.
Chenopodium ambrosioides aka Dysphania ambrosioidesEpazote Culinary/medicinal herb
Cleome/mixed colors
Clematis ternifolia/Sweet Autumn Clematis
Clitorea mariana/Atlantic Butterfly pea
CoreopsisCoreopsis tinctoria/Plains coreopsis
Coriandrum sativum/Cilantro aka Coriander, Yuen Sai, Chinese Parsley
Cosmos (comm.) mixed pinks and white
Crocanthemum carolinianum/Helianthemum carolinianum/Carolina Rock Rose - a small yellow wildflower. (photo)
Cucumis melo/Melon - super sweet honeydew type.
Cucumis Melo/Melon - Honey Kiss, a Hami type melon originally from China, very sweet and keeps well in storage.
Cucumis metuliferus/African Horned Melon/Jelly Melon - https://allthingsplants.com/ideas/view/greene/1733/African-H...
Cucumis sativus/Pickling Cucumbers (comm.)
Cucurbita pepo/Spaghetti Squash
Cucurbita pepo 'Caserta'/Summer Squash 'Caserta'/gray-green striped, similar to zucchini.
Datura stramonium/Jimsonweed
Echinacea purpurea/Eastern Purple Coneflower - collected locally
Erythrina herbacea/Cardinal Spear
Filipendula ulmaria/Meadowsweet
Gossypium herbaceum/Black Cotton
Gossypium herbaceum - Ornamental Cotton
Helianthus angustifolius/Swamp Sunflower/Narrow-Leaved Sunflower - originally from local swap, tall perennial, seeds collected in my garden 2014.
Hibiscus/Red Texas Star
Hibiscus sabdariffa, Jamaican Sorel/ makes good tea, juice, wine or jelly.
Ipomoea coccinea/small red Morning Glory
Ipomoea cordatotriloba/Wild Morning Glory, purple flowers
Ipomoea quamoclit/Red Cypress Vine
Leonotis nepetifolia/Lion's ear - tall annual, orange flowers, heart-shaped leaves.
Linum perenne/Blue Flax (comm.)
Liriope muscare/Blue Lilyturf
Malope trifida 'Vulcan'/Dark Pink Mallow
Melampodium divericatum/Yellow Butter Daisy
Melilotus officinalis 'Alba'/White Sweet Clover Tall plant, good for honeybees.
Mirabilis jalapa/Four O'clock - ID #1 - yellow and pink flowers on one plant, original plant came from my friend Phyllis.
Mirabilis jalapa/Four O'clock - ID #2 - dark pink, heirloom Chatham County, GA
Mirabilis jalapa 'Alba'/Four O'clock - ID #3 - white, seed from Liz in Savannah, GA.
Momordica charantia/ India Bitter MelonMalope trifida 'Vulcan'/Dark Pink Mallow
Monarda punctata/Spotted Beebalm/Horsemint - perennial
Morning Glory/Grandpa Ott
Muhlenbergia capillaris/Sweet Grass
Ocimum basilicum 'Cinnamon' - Cinnamon Basil, smells wonderful and makes a great addition to an herbal tea blend.
Oenothera biennis/Evening Primrose - leaves, roots, flowers are edible if harvested at the correct time; plant blooms in the evening just as the sun sets; good for bees, butterflies, moths. Birds eat the seeds.
Passiflora (2 types - P.mollisima & P. Frag. Grandadilia)
Physostegia vriginaian/Obedient Plant
Paulownia tomentosa/Empress Tree - fragrant flowers.
Perilla/green leaf Korean Shiso/aka: 'Sesame leaf' - an edible herb.
Perilla frutescens/Vietnamese Tia to/hojiso/'red' Perilla - an edible herb.
Poncirus Trifoliate/Trifoliate Orange/Flying Dragon Fruit/Japanese Bitter Orange, hardy to zone 6, sometimes used as root stock for Citrus.
Porophylum ruderale/Papalo/Summer Cilantro - an edible herb.
Raphus sativus/Daikon white winter radish (comm.)
Rose of Sharon (2 types - Blue & Double Lavender)
Rudbeckia fulgida/Black-Eyed Susan- perennial, good for bees and butterflies.
Ruellia 'Chi Chi', Pink-Flowering Mexican Petunia, 2 - 3 feet tall.
Salvia lyrata/Lyre Leaf Sage
Sesamum inducum (grown in my garden)
Solanum melongena 'Ichiban'/Eggplant - Japanese long/Ichiban type.
Solanum nigrum/Black nightshade
Swiss Chard/5-color
Talinum/Jewels of Opar Chartreuse foliage
Trichostema dichotomum/Forked Blue Curls
Trifolium incarnatum/Crimson Clover
Zinnia elegans/Zinnia - from local swap, very colorful assortment.
[box] "FREE" [i] (Please request via C-mail if you are willing to document the grow out.)
Courtesy of Keith2012 of ATP; Swamp Mallow Hibiscus/Hibiscus moscheutos cross seed (8-10 count). NOTE: Keith2012 created these seeds by crossing two different Hibiscus plants and would like Piggys to report back as to germination, plant height, flower size and color. Please post photos if you have success, thanks! Please cold stratify or winter sow for best results.
UDSA one 5a - 10b
Height 4 - 6 feet tall
Full Sun
Colors may be white/pink/red, keep watered regularly
PH 6.1- 6.5, slightly acid soil.


++Andi -
+1-Perilla frutescens/Vietnamese Tia to/hojiso/'red' Perilla
2-Hibiscus sabdariffa/Jamaican Sore
+3-BF-Swiss Chard5-color and + Porophyllum ruderale/Papalo herb combo
+4-Ruellia/PinkMexican Petunia and + Salvia lyrata/Lyre-Leaf Sage combo
5-Broccoli/Romanesco get Cajanus cajan/Pigeonpea combo
6-Solanum melongena/Ichiban Japanese Eggplant get Momoridca charantia/India Bitter Melon combo
7-Abelmoshus moschatus/Musk mallow get Leonotis nepetifolia/Lion's ear goes to Andi (gift)

++Bluee19 (Nicole) -
+1-Helianthus angustifolius/Swamp Sunflower
+2-Agastache/Pink Pop and +Porophyllum ruderale/Papalo herb combo

++BrendaVR -
+1-BF-Trifolium incarnatum/Crimson Clover and +Coreopsis tinctoria/Plains coreopsis combo

++bxncbx -
+1-Clitorea mariana/Atlantic Butterfly Pea
+2-Hibiscus sabdariffa, Jamaican Sorrel

++Chelle -
+1-Mirabilis jalapa/Four O'clock ID#3

++critterologist -
+1-Malope trifida 'Vulcan'/Dark Pink Mallow
+-Crimson Clover (gift)

++Dayjillymo -
+1-Gossypium herbaceum/Black Cotton

++Deebie -
+1-Melampodium/Yellow Butter Daisy
2-Ruellia 'Chi Chi'/Pink Mexican Petunia

++EricaBraun -
+1-Abelmoschchus moschatus/Musk Okra
+2-Callicarpa americana/American Beautyberry
+3-Porophylum ruderale/Papalo
+- Talinum paniculatum/Jewels of Opar
+-African Horned Melon (bonus)
+5-BF-Porophyllum ruderale/Papalo herb with +Passiflora mollisima and P. Fragrant Grandadilia combo

+1-Mirabilis yellow/pink(ID#1)
+2-Zinnia elegans

++GardenGus(Cinda) -
+1 - Trichostema dichotomum
+2-BF-Trifolium incarnatum/Crimson Clover and +Agastache/Pink Pop combo

++ilovejesus99 -
+1-Mirabilis/Four O'clock ID#1
+2-Mirabilis/Four O'clock ID#3
+3-Arachis hypogaea/Georgia Peanut
+4-Ocimum basilicum 'Cinnamon'/Cinnamon Basil
+5-Perilla frutescens/Vietnamese Tia-to
+6-Trichostema dichotomum/Forked Blue Curls
+7-Hibiscus sabdariffa/Jamaican Sorrel
+8-Talinum/Jewels of Opar

++IndianaMike -
+1- Cucurbita pepo/Spaghetti Squash
+2-Melilotus officinalis 'Alba'/White Sweet Clover
+3-Trifolium incarnatum/Crimson Clover

++ishareflowers -
1 -Abelmoschus moschatus/Musk Okra
2-Hibiscus sabdariffa
3-Mirabilis jalapa 'Alba'/Four O'clock - ID #3
4-Ruellia 'Chi Chi', Pink-Flowering Mexican Petunia
5-Crocosmia/Lucifer with Ipomoea coccinea/small red Morning Glory combo
6-Clitorea mariana/atlantic Butterfly Pea with Trifolium incarnatum/Crimson Clover combo
7-Melampodium divericatum
8-Clematis ternifolia/Sweet Autumn Clematis

++jhgarden9 -
+1-Ocimum basilicum 'Cinnamon'/Cinnamon Basil

++Jonna Sudenius -
+1-Trichostema dichotomum

++Mindy03 -
+1-Gossypium herbaceum - Ornamental Cotton
+2-Arachis hypogaea/Georgia Peanuts
+3-Gossypium herbaceum/Black Cotton
+4-Linum perenne/Blue Flax
+5-Callicarpa americana/American Beautyberry(super fat pack for seed bombs!)

++nbgard -
+1-Trifolium incarnatum/Crimson Clover

++nisiNJ -
+1-Cucumis Melo/Melon/Honey Kiss
+2-Zinnia elegans/Zinnia - from local swap, very colorful assortment.
3-Ocimum basilicum 'Cinnamon'/Cinnamon Basil

++patrob -
Cucumis Melo/Melon/Honey Kiss, a Hami type melon

++Patti1957 -
+1 - Muhlenbergia capillaris/Sweet Grass

++poisondartfrog -
+1-Melilotus officinalis 'Alba'/White Sweet Clover

++PokeyJo -
+1-Oenothera biennis/Eve. Primrose
+2-Monarda punctata/Horsemint
+3-Arachins hypogaeaGeorgia/ Peanuts

++RedLeopard -
+1-Monarda punctata/Spotted Beebalm/Horsemint
Sabdariffa/Jamaican Sorrel/Roselle

++risingcreek -
+1-Ipomoea cordatotriloba/Wild Morning Glory/purple flowers
2-Cucumis metuliferus/African Horned Melon/Jelly Melon
3-Swamp Mallow Hibiscus trial package from Keithp2012
4-Filipendula ulmaria/Meadowsweet
5-Helianthus angustifolius/Swamp Sunflower
6-Poncirus Trifoliate/Trifoliate Orange/Flying Dragon
7-Physostegia virginiana/Obedient plant
8-Trichostema dichotomum/Forked Blue Curls

++SCButtercup -
+1-Hibiscus sabdariffa, Jamaican Sorrel
+2-Melilotus officinalis 'Alba'/White Sweet Clover
+3-Talinum/Jewels of Opar/Chartreuse foliage

++SoilsandUp - Make a pack with flowers, veg & herbs for her.

Starlight1153 (Ella) -
+-Papaloquelite/Papalo herb (gift)

++Tuinkabouter -
+1-Clitorea mariana
+2-Ipomoea cordatotriloba
+3-Porophylum ruderale/Papalo herb
+4-Clematis ternifolia/Sweet autumn clematis
+5-Liriope muscare/Blue Lilyturf (she requested intact seed pods)
+6-Monarda punctata/Spotted Beebalm/Horsemint

++Weedwhacker -
+1-Clematis ternifolia/Sweet Autumn Clematis
++2-Monarda punctata/Horsemint

++wildflowers -
+1-Perilla/green leaf Korean Shiso/aka: 'Sesame leaf'
+2-Perilla frutescens/Vietnamese Tia to/hojiso/'red' Perilla
+3-BF-Cucumis Melo/Melon/Honey Kiss
+4-BF-Poncirus Trifoliate/Trifoliate Orange/Flying Dragon Fruit

++Barbara00 -
+1-Thalictrum delaveyi
+2- Vietnamese mint

++BrendaVR -
+1-New Jersey Tea
Agastache nepetoides - Giant Yellow Hyssop

++bxncbx -
+1-NYBG lettuce
+2-Bellis perennis/Super Enorma
+3-Collinsia heterophylla

++Chelle -
+1-Saliva coccinea/Hummingbird Sage/'Coral Nymph'
+2-African Marigold/Tagetes erects/Antiqua yellow

++christine00 -
+1-Salvia coccinea/Coral Nymph

++critterologist -
+1-Fish Pepper
+2-Neck Pumpkin

++EricaBraun -
+1-Tomatillo/purple (2014 G) orig. fr. Seed Savers' Exchg
+2-Tomatillo/purple (trade pack)
+Bonus-Grande Verde Tomatillo (thank you!)
+-Heal-All/Self Heal (bonus)

Flinter -
+1-Acmella oleracea
+2-Tragopogon porrifolius/Oyster plant

++GardenGus(Cinda) -
+1-Goji berries

IShareFlowers -
1-Lacinato Kale
2-Dwarf Curly Kale
3-Quinoa/brightest brilliant rainbow
OUT-Impatens/Blackberry Trifle
4-Celery leaf/commercial
5-Scarlet Pimpernel
5-Helianthus/Lemon Queen

Jonna Sudenius -
1-Jaltomata procumbens
2-Diplotaxis tenuifolia/Wild Rocket
3-Cnicus benedictus
4-Ceanothus prostratus
5-BF-salvia pratensis/Lapis Lazuli
6-BF-Lychnis yunnanensis

Joseph -
1-BF-Small Orange/Greene buttercups squash
2-Laminaceae (mint) family: species unknows

LeBug -
1-Four O'clock 'Lime'
2-Veronica 'Gentianoides'
3-Rose Moss/Moss
4-RoseForest Fire Salvia
5-Snow Nymph Salvia
6-Subrotunda Salvia

Lilydaydreamer -
1-Capsicum annuum(possibly Fish Pepper)

nbgard -
1-Lippia dulcis/Aztec Sweet Herb

Patti1957 -
1-Motherwort/siberian Leonurus sibiricus
2-BF- Pineapple tomatillo

pmb2005 -
1-Flowering Dogwood

++poisondartfrog -
+1-Salvia coccinea (the tall one)
+2-Papaver somniferum var. paeoniflorum
+3-Leonotis nepetifolia/Shrimp Cocktail
+4-BF-Melilotus officinalis/Yellow Sweet Clover from roadside
+5-Achillea tomentosa 'Goldie'

RedLeopard -
1-Jalapeno Pepper/Fooled You
2-Moringa PKM1
3-Black Prince Snapdragon

Rick Corey -
1-Tatsoi/Brassica rapa
2-Gai Lan/Chinese broccoli
3-Kinh Giioi/Vietnamese Mint/Balm/Elsholtzia ciliate
4-Culantro/Ngo Gai/Eryngium foetidum/vietnamese herb
5-Medium Leaf Tong-Ho/Edible Chrysanthemum
6-'Dutch' Corn Salad/Valerianella locusta
7-Dwarf Lobelia 'Crystal Palace'

SCButtercup -
1-Lime Basil
2-Blue Baptisia(from my wish list)
3-Ruby red leaf lettuce
4-Chinese yard long beans
5-Dianthus barbatus, tall, scented, mixed pink/white/red

Shirley777 -

1-Orlaya grandiflora
Yellow Columbine

Sorellina -
1-Lemon Verbena
2-Basil, Licorice
3-Chinese Aster/Lilliput Blue Moon
4-Mesembryanthemum criniflorum/Apricot Tutu
5-BF-Nicandra physalodes/shoo-fly
6-BF-Zinnia/Cool Crayon
7-BF-nasturtium/Alaska Raspberry
8-BF-Cosmos/Double Pink & White
9-Brussels Sprouts/Long Island Improved
10-Marigold/Red Gem
11-Sorell/Bloody Dock

tcs1366 (Terese) -
1-Foeniculum vulgare/Bronze Fennel
2-Gaillardia pulchella

Tuinkabouter -
1-Actinidia arguta (Mini-kiwi)
2- Anthemis tinctoria 'Kelway' (Verfkamille)
3- Blitum virgatum (Aardbeispinazie)
4- Brassica "Speedy" (Bladkoolmix)
5- Brassica oleracea acephala "Red Russian" (Snijkool)
6- Capsicum annuum "Fish Pepper" (Peper)
7- Chenopodium capitatum (Aardbeimelde)
8- Cyphomandra betacea (Tamarillo)C
9-Phaseolus vulgaris "Rheingold"
10- Physalis pruinosa
11- Physalis peruviana (Grote annanasbes)
12- Punica granatum (Granaatappel)
13- Punica granatum nana (Granaatappel)
14- Salvia sclarea 'Vatican White' (Scharlei)
15-Schizanthus wisetonensis (Boerenorchidee)
16-Solidago "Golden dwarf"
17-Solanum integrifolium (Pompoen-op-een-stokje)
18-Silene inflata (Silenesla)
19-Thalyctrum flavum ssp. glaucum (Ruit)
20-Thalyctrum delavayi (Chinese Ruit)
21-Teucrium hyranicum (Valse salie)
22-Tecoma stans 'Goldstar'
23-Valerianella locusta (Veldsla)
24-Vaccinium ovatum (Huckleberry)
25-Ulex galli (Gaspeldoorn)

Weedwhacker (Sandy B) -
1-Blue Peter Beans

wildflowers -
1-Tibet Appel tomato
2-Barlow Jap tomato
3-Indian Hemp/Sida rhombifolia

81 oinks as of Nov 30 5pm

It's small, but it's growing.
Most of my plants are edible and/or medicinal for people or dogs.

Once the swap ends and Starlight/Ella gives us permission to alter our databases -
I may add a list of seeds available for postage or a SASBE.

(Image by greene)
"Helianthus angustifolia/Swamp Sunflower/Narrow-Leaved Sunflower"
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(Image by greene)
"Ornamental Cotton"
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(Image by greene)
"Porophyllum ruderale/Papalo"
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(Image by greene)
"Porophyllum ruderale/Papalo leaf - edible"
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(Image by greene)
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(Image by greene)
"Cajanus cajan/PigeonPea - requires winter protection in colder climates."
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