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**** NOTICE ******
RisingCreek is injured this year. She can barely type and hasn't found a good voice recognition unit. We take care of all our piggies as best we can. So she can join in and not miss the fun, I will be listing her seeds or her and taking care of her database for her.

When you OInk from her, list it on the Oinking thread as RisingCreek, BUT.... you will send the confirmation request to me. Please try to remember in the cmail to say it from Rising's list.

The number of packets available is listed first. If there is no number in front of the name, than only one packets is available. Those packets that only have a few seeds will be stated at the end of the name.

A special Thank you to RisingCreek's granddaughter for helping her grandmother and me so Rising can join in the fun too.

Start with more to be added to the list

Added Nov 18th

(3) Moon flower vine 2012
(3) Milk Vetch
Lavetera ... Unknown cultivar, color
Mallow armenian ... Altheae armenia .... can be invasive
Nicotinia ... Perfumed Lime
Nicotiana alata ... comm
Nicotiana sylvestris ... Commm.. seeds of change
(1) Nicotiana rustica 2010

(2) Ornithoglaum magnum 2011 comm
Oleander pink 5 seeds
Oleander noid double 5 seeds
(1)Oenothera versicolor... Sunset Boulevard
Petunia... unk

(7) Portulaca ... Sundial Mix
Trailing Pansy... Unk cultivar and color. with chaff
Portulaca ... Magic Carpet Mix
Painters pallette... Tovara .comm

Phlox dwarf beauty mix
Pigeon berry ... Rivina humilis
Phacelia lacy
Partridge pea
(3) Peony .. Rose ... Comm .. Baker Creek 2012
OUTPowder Puff shrub... Calliandia haematocephlala

(4) Rose... Kevins's Wild Pink ... says beautiful on package? 2012
(2) Rose Champion Silene coronaria
Red Hot Poker 2012
OUT Ruella ... 'Katie'... White
(2) Rudbekia black eyed susan
(4) Rudbeckia brown eyed susan
(2) Rudbeckia Indian Summer 2011

Santilina gray
Senna coffee....Senna accidentalis 2012
(3) Showy Stonecrop
Senna mix
OUTSelf heal 2012
Senna yellow
(1) Sweet william doubles mix.. comm
Snap dragon... coral/orange
OUTShrimp plant blue .... Cerinthe major purpuracens

(1) Salpiglossia sinuate .. Chocolate Royale painted tongue
Statice ... unkown cultiar and color
Scabiosa atropurpurea .. unk
(6) Snow on the mountain

(4) Sunflower .. Maximilian
Tithoinia .. orange.. 2012
(2) Vinca .. Pink
(5) Verbena 'Sand' .... Abronia villosa

OUTV iscaria ... angel rose
Veronica Blue with chaff .. 2012
(2) Yarrow ... yellow
OUTYarrow ... Achillea filipendula .. fern leaf Yarrow

New additions for Nov 16th

(2) Hyacinth bean
[b] OUT
Iris Japanese
OUTIris Purple Single
Iris English
Iron Weed
Jewelweed spotted orange 2010
(4) Jewels of opar
OUT Kiss me over the garden gate
(1) Knautia macedonia

Lanata Texas
Lantana pink/yellow

Lychnis floscuemli ... Ragged Robin
OUTLeonitus leonurus 2012
Leopard plant
(4) Liatris
OUTLavendula staechys

OUTLavatera arborea varigated
(3) Lloblia blue
(1) Lily mix
Lily Fortnight lots
OUTLily .. Asiatic
Lily Blackberry
OUTlily of the nile
OUTLily ... Little John
OUTMalvis sylvestris ... Mystic Merlin
Malva ... Zebrina

OUTMoonflower ... white
OUTMoonflower lavender 6 seeds
OUTMonk fruit 4 seeds
Maltese cross ... Baker Creek 2011
Mahonia japonica
Malva trimestris
Moss ross

Added 11-12

(2) Broccoli ... Spigariello liscia
(2) Broccoli ... Dii cicco
Bean (drying) Borlotto solista
Celery .... Del valdarno
Lettuce .... Lollo rossa 2011
Beets ... Early wonder 2011
{2}Broccoli ... Brassica oleracea

Broccoli ... De rapa
Broccoli... Del trasimino rabe
Collards... Morris heading
Collards... Vates
Collards ... Georgia
{3} Beet ... Lutz salad leaf
Beets ... Shiraz tall top
Beet ... Detroit dark red
{3} Broccoli ... Waltham

(2) Broccoli ... Early fall Rapini
Broccoli ... Green sprouting

Corn ... Early
OUTCorn ... Silver Bullet sweet
OUTCorn... Ambrosia
Cowpea ... California blackeye
(2) Cuke ... pickling
OutCuke ... Miss Pickler
(6) Cuke ... Marketmore
OUTCuke .... Straight eight 2011 ohio heirloom seed co
OUTCuke ... Long china

Cuke ... Improved long green
Cabbage... Point One
Cabbage ... Early Jersey wakefield 2011
(2_ Cabbage .... Golden Acre Premo
OUTEdameme (soy bean) ... Midori giant
OUTEdameme (soy bean) ... Envy
Lettuce .... Black seeded Simpson


Daisy ... Yellow creeping
Daisy... Shasta
(10) Dames rockets
OUTDianthus .... Burgundy
OUTDianthus ... Fringed Pink
OUTDianthus ... Clusterhead Pink

Delpinium ... Blue
Desert Willow ....lovely flowering bush
OUTDierma galpinii
OUTDierma blackberry bells
Empress candle plant ... Senna alata
Eastern Blue Star
Eryngium planum
(2) Eryngium yuccifolium

Eve's necklace... Sophora affinis only 5 seeds
(2) Eupatorium "Cory"
Esperanza yellow bells ... Tacoma stans
(2) False blue indigo... Amorpha fructosa 3 at least
(2) Five spot ... Nemophila maculata
(3) Four o clock ... yellow
(3) Four o clock ... Pink
Foxglove .... Camelot lots

Gaillardia ... Goblin
Gaillarida .... red and yellow
(2) Gaillardia yellow
Gaillardia ... Indian blanket
OUTGuara lindthermiere .... Whirling butterflies
(2) Gladiola .... Superstition dark purple
Godetia ... dwarf scarlet
Hydrangea mix
(4) Hosta ... Unknown named cultivar
(3) elinium yellow 2012



Allium Drumstick
Alliium ... Mt Everest
OUTAllium tanguticum ...Lavender Globe Lily
(3) Gypsophila elagans ... Baby's breath
Platycodon grandiflorus ... Ballon flower purple
Platycodon grandiflorus ... Ballon flower blue

(3) Gilia tricolor ... Bird's eye
Balsam impatiens ... Touch Me Nots
(3) Callistemon pallidusbottle Lemon Bottle Brush
(3) Buddleia ... Butterfly bush purple
OUT(1) Buddleia ... Butterfly bush yellow
OUT(2) Buddleia ... Butterfly bush white
OUTAsclepias curassavica ... Blood flower

OutDianthus caryophyllus .... Carnation-king of blacks
(6) Lobelia cardinalis .... Cardinal Flower
Camassia quamash ... Camus

(5) Cleome hasslerana .... Cleome Rose Queen
Cleome hasslerana .... Pink
Cleome hasslerana .... Mixed colors
OUTCanna indica ... Red
(3) Canna patens
Celosia spicata ... Fllamingo feather
Celosia argentea
Prunus virginiana ... Choke cherry
Collinsia heterophylla ... Chinese houses
Physalis alkekengii ... Chinese lanterns

Coreopsis lanceolata ... Lance leaf Coreopsis
OUTCoreopsis lanceolata .... Coreopsis 'Cosmic Eye'
(4) Clematis ... Purple
(2) Clematis terniflora ... Clematis Sweet Autumn
(2) Clarkia Godetia

OUT(1) Gossypium Hirsutum ... Cotton... Purple
Aquilegia Clematiflora ... Green Apple ... Columbine
(3) Aquilegia ... Columbine .. Harlequin mixed .. Burpee2012
Aquilegia vulgaris ... 'William Guinness' ... Black Guiness


Added 11/08

Here's a start on some veggies. Plenty more veggies and flowers to come. : )

2 Brussel sprouts long island
2 Bean bush... Greencrop
Bean bush ... Lima
Bean bush ... Trio
1 Bean bush ... Gold Rush from Seeds of Change
Bean ... Tigereye

Bean ... Reba
Bean ... Kentucky Pole
2 Bean Pole ... Missouri Wonder
Bean Pole ... African Blue
Bean Pole .... Rattlesnake
Bean Pole ... Speckled Butter
OUTBean ... Asian Pow Guar

2 Bean ... Yard Long
3 Bean ... Calypso (yin yang)
OUT Bean ... Black Coco Bush
[OUTBean ... Vermont Cranberry
2 Bean ... Turkey Craw
OUTBean ... Snow Crop or maybe Snow Cap not sure which one it is?
Bean ... Anasazi

Bean Pole ... Succotash
4 Bean ... Royal Burgandy
Bean ... Pencil Pod Black Wax
2 ... Bean Jacobs Cattle
Bean ... Pole Mezela

early tomato variety- any
hot hot peppers any
heat loving tomato variety-any
serrano peppers
black pearl peppers
italian veggies
calendulas -any
morning glories-any
sunflowers any
I love simple flowers that attract bees

anything that takes a lot of water-we are in our 5th year of drought

anything that has to be shade only

Ascelpias syrica eastern milk weed
A. variegata white milk weed
Cirsium arvense purple thistle
piraea tomentosa Steeplebush bonusthank you

swiss chard rainbow mix

tomato orange strawberry
Virginia Stock Spring Sparkle
Andes Legend x Monkey Giggles
Collaboration x Inherited Wealth
Dot Paul x South Seas )
Hampshire Hoyden x Oriental Silk
Calif poppy appleblossoms
Poached Egg Plant (Limnanthes douglasii)-
take a chance seeds (gift)

black pearl pepper

milk weed unk color

birds eye chile pepper
chinese giant pepper
inca red drop cross pepper
lipstick pepper
ghost pepper

wild morning glory

swamp sunflower
flying dragon
obedient plant
forked blue curls
and 1 bonus plant to report to keith2012 on atp with growth results

popcorn tree

speckled swan
turks turban
pepper, yellow cheese.

red dragon fruit
red chard

Geranium phaeum
Geranium pratense striatum
Geranium endressi
chocolate daisy

red podded soup pea
no. utah tobacco
proto-landrace red pepper
Linum lewisii, Blue Prairie Flax

thai pepper
golden flax
rainbow chard

blessed thistle
chilhuacle amarillo
dulce italiano
portugal hot
scotch bonnet
joe e parker
new mexico improved
thai large
white bullet
yellow peter
zimbabwe bird
mayan corbanero love
jalepeno craigs grande

Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii (hummingbird bush)

orange jasmine
soap nut tree

stump of the world tom

tomato whippersnapper
tomato cannibal
yellow peter pepper
tom litchi
tall Salvia coccinea
Sicyos angulatus, Bur Cucumber
Ipomoea split second
tomato old yellow candy stripe
safflower lasting white

fooled me pepper
Malvaviscus sp. "Turk's Cap
Stachytarpheta frantzii -Purple Porterweed
Stachytarpheta jamaicensis -Sky-blue Porterweed
Stachytarpheta mutabilis -Coral Porterweed
Stachytarpheta urticifolia -Blue Porterweed

japanese swiss chard

carolina reaper pepper

gourd warts and wings
brads black heart tomato
purple russian tomato
pork chop tomato

star pepper
brazilian starfish pepper
chocolate moruga pepper
red moruga pepper
brain strain
monkey face
mayan codanera
west african red
barkers hot
trinadad moruga
mammoth jalepeno
barkers hot
texas star tomato
numex big jim pepper

bottom of barrel packet

Ampelodesmos mauritanica
Bombax malabaricum
Capsicum annum:
aussi black
chilhuacle negro
tasmanian black
red sweet and pointed
sivri demri
royal black
Capsicum baccatum aji amarillo
Capsicum chinense naga jolokia purple
Hebe speciosa
Ocimum basilicum carmel basil
Sanquisorda pink brushes
Withania somnifera
Asclepias curassavica
Asclepias incarnata pink
Viburnum prunifolium

prudens purple tomato

cobaci sweet pepper
rocoto tree pepper
tibet apple pepper
indian hemp
dwarf essex rape seed
sharp pod mg
piri piri pepper
rocky mountain bee plant
Tagetes lucida - Texas terragon,
fresno hot pepper

total so far- 135

I love growing simple flowers that attract bees, hot peppers for my fireman son and his crew, native flowers that disappearing from the landscape, and all kinds of tomatoes that will take the heat here. during the summer my granddaughter stays with me and helps me garden.

(Image by risingcreek)
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