Ella's Garden 2014 PIGGY SEED SWAP: Barbara00. Closed

MEMBERS NAME: Barbara00. Closed

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Sea oats
Miscanthus strictus
Elephant grass
2 red canna
4 pink cosmos
3 purple echinacea
1 dianthus color unknown
1 white moonflower
5 gilia capitata
4 white gomphrena
3 ponytail grass-stipa tennuissima
3 gaillardia
8 hosta big blue
14 hosta frances williams
4 mirabilis red n yellow
10 purple aquilegia
3 colors aquilegia
5 aquilegia canadensis
8lobelia great blue
9 lambs ear
Belamcanda chinensis
16 double red n orange marigold
1 common milkweed
12 hardy hibiscus pink n white mix
4 rose campion
17 oriental poppie pink n red mix
8 pink penstemon
3 red hot poker
7 rudbeckia
4 variegated stonecrop
4 tobacco
1 thalictrum delaveyi pink
7 mixed tanacetum
3 pink silene
4 purple veronica
1 verbena bonariensis
7 purple buddleja davidii (2013)
2 purple crape myrtle
14 rose of sharon pink
1 pink coneflower
1 basil genovese [comm]
7 sweet basil
3 garlic chives[2013]
1 early jersey wakefield cabbage [comm]
3 orange calendula single
5 rue
3 parsley italian flatleaf [comm]
3 blue Hubbard squash
1 cucumber straight 8 [comm]
2 gray zucchinni [comm]
2 table queen winter squash [comm]
1 minnie butterbean
1 birdhouse gourd
1 red yard long bean
Agastache purple
1 tomato tigerella[comm]
1 tomatogreen zebra [comm]
1 tomato banana legs[comm]
1 tomato great white [comm]
1 tomato garden peach
1 mountain laurel
1 white buttonbush [2012]
5 unusual mg/ ipomoea setosa
2 star of yelta morning glory
1 love in a puff [2013]

Any direct- sow annuals, interesting perennials etc;). Also medicinal herbs. I have lots of shade to plant up too! Lavender..

Not more tomatoes please! I already have several different kinds to plant next yr.

Gardengus. Red cardinal vine & purple columbine.
Flinter. White moonflower & pink cosmos
Plantsister. Rue & white catmint
Arlene B. Purple agastache
Deebie. White moonflower
Bluespiral. White catmint
ilovejesus99. Red & yellow 4oclock
PokeyJo. Oriental poppy,red hot poker,white moonflower
Patrob white catmint
Weedwhacker. Rue& thunbergia alata
nbgard. Mixed poppies
Juliesacre. Ponytail grass
Bxncbx red potentilla
Anita/diamond919 purple agastache, thunbergia alata,
Starlight white catmint, pink silene, Mina lobatavine
Bluespiral eupatorium joicus
Gardengus verbascum milkshake, thalictrum delaveyi,gilia capitata
Poisondartfrog mirabilis red n yellow
Dayjilymo paw paw
Joseph pawpaw
Wildflowers verbascum milkshake
Weedwhacker sweet marjoram, thyme German winter
ArleneB white gomphrena, pink n purple larkspur, pink penstemon, thyme German winter
Tuinkabouter agastache honeybee blue, oriental poppy mix, red hot poker.
Bxncbx lambs ear
Critterologist aquilegia purple, verbena bonariensis, pawpaw
Plantsister. Chicory catalogna, Vietnamese mint, anise
Greene. Thalictrum delaveyi, n Vietnamese mint
Toomanyanimals. Unusual mg ipomoea setosa n Mina lobata
Mindy03 paw paw
Plantnutz. Purple echinacea, gilia capitata, double red/ orange marigold
Bluee19 purple buddleja davidii, tomato Roman candle,tomato German lunchbox. Bonus;)
Poisondartfrog. Voilet jasper tomato
Starlight1153. Tomato tigerella
NisiNJ. Double red orange marigold
Dayjilymo. Elephant grass & sea oats
Critterologist pink penstemon & thalictrum delaveyi
Patrob. Ponytail grass

Patti1957. Larkspur& Siberian mother wort
Weedwhacker. Blue false indigo
Sorrelini. Nasturtium
Bluespiral. Winrush vielchenblau prairie harvest
ilovejesus99. Red Turks cap, chaste tree abbeville blue, white snakeroot, elderberry, castor bean.
Toomanyanimals clematis silvermoon, clematis pink fantasy,
Jonna Sudenius. Actaea racemosa
Tuinkabouter. Artemisia arborescens ,echinacea pallida, humulus lupulus, papaver somniferum, rosmarius officinalis, verbena hastata,withania somnifera, acuba japonica.
Gardengus. Bronze fennel& vervain
Rising creek. Leonotis leonurus
Erica Braun. Dill
Mindy03. Rosemary & okra emerald
Poisondartfrog. Salvia coccinea
Ilovejesus99 dwarf nandina, lyreleaf sage
Scbuttercup Texas star hibiscus
Bxncbx virginia stock, spinach blooms dale
Andi toadlily miyazaki, redbor kale
Toomanyanimals nigella hispanica
Chelle Irish moss, delphinium dwarf, giant larkspur, dwarf red plains coreopsis, elecampane, clematis flowered columbine, peony poppy, corydalis
Tuinkabouter artemisia abthinium, silybum marianum, tanacetum parthenium flore pleno, alchemilla mollis, aconitum napellus, actinidia arguta, astragalus canadensis, calamintha grandiflora, eryngium miss willmotts ghost, fuschia magellanica, gunnera manicata, meconopsis betonicifolia , calendula radio, rosa rugosa
Lebug. Silver sage, metallic blue lady hellebore
Gardengus. Goji berries
Jonna Sudenius. Bergenia cordifolia
Plantnutz. Hosta mix, tricyrtis mix, hosta empress wu
Flinter. Centaurea cyanus blue, centaurea cyanus black boy, helenium bressinham gold, echinops ritro, freesia laxa
Jonna Sudenius. Pulmonaria officinalis , papaver orientate queen Alexandra
Poisondartfrog. Dierama erectum, variegated cinnamon vine
Ishareflowers. Bean royal burgundy, broccoli romanesco, chard Swiss bright lights, bells of Ireland, salvia purple volcano.
Starlight. Anchusa blue angel, erinus alpinus, penstemon strictus.
Rising creek. Phlox dwarf beauty mix.
Plantnutz. Lady in red hydrangea.
Poisondartfrog. Actmella oleracea
Patrob. Papaver pattys plum& salvia regla

Overstuffed, but not for long hopefully, as we're in the process of buying a new place! Mostly perennials but also some annuals and vegetables.

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