Ella's Garden 2014 PIGGY SEED SWAP: Sorellina Closed

MEMBERS NAME: Sorellina Closed

CMAIL CONTACT ADDY: http://cubits.org/users/mail/new.php?q=Sorellina


Closing 5 December 14 Midnight EST

I will be adding more items as the swap goes on. Please watch this space!

Added 21 November 14 - limited quantities!


1) Turnip, Seven Top (3)
2) Turnip, Purple Top White Globe (2)
3) Tomato, Yellow Stuffer - looks like a yellow bell pepper, inside is hollow (3)
4) Parsnip, Harris Model (1)
5) Collard, Yellow Cabbage (OUT)
6) Brussels Sprouts, Long Island Improved (OUT)
7) Pumpkin, Triple Treat (hull-less seeds) (OUT)
8) Canteloupe, Honey Rock (1)
9) Watermelon, Crimson Sweet (OUT)
10) Cauliflower, Self-Blanching (OUT)
11) Winter Squash, Carnival F1 (OUT)
12) Corn, Giant Indian Mix (OUT)
13) Radish, French Breakfast (1)

Added 18 November 14


1) Tomato, Pork Chop (3)


1) 4 O'Clock, Alba (1)
2) Nasturtium, Jewel of Africa/King Theodore Mix (OUT)
3) Columbine, Blue & White Double (3)
4) Scabiosa, Summer Berries (OUT)
5) Everlasting, Silvery Rose (3)
6) Marigold, Red Gem (4)
7) Nigella, Blue & White (4)
8) Bachelor Button, Frosted Queen (2)
9) Zinnia, Envy (OUT)
10) Cleome, Fireworks (5)


1) Borage, White (4)
2) Sorrel, Bloody Dock (3)

Added 14 November 14

Runner Beans - 5 seeds per pack

1)Sadie's Horse (OUT)
2)White Lady (OUT)
3)Sunset (OUT)
4)Insuk's Wang Kong (OUT)
5)Painted Lady (OUT)


1)Orange Russian 117 (OUT)
2) Moskvich (OUT)
3)Black Cherry (OUT)
4)Riesentraube (3)
5)Costoluto Genovese (OUT)
6)Banana Legs (OUT)
7)Azoychka (3)
8)Bicolour Cherry (OUT)
9)Brandywine Cowlick's (OUT)
10)Brad's Black Heart (OUT)
11)Purple Russian (2)
12)Kosovo (OUT)
13)Jaune Flammee (3)
14)Japanese Black Trifele (OUT)
15)Opalka (OUT)
16)Pork Chop (OUT) - will package up an additional 5 packs*
17)German Red Strawberry (1)

Starting Line: 10 November 14


1)Sunflower, Mammoth Russian (1)
2)Scabiosa, Ebony & Ivory (2)
3)Scabiosa, Black Knight (3)
4)Scabiosa, Creme (4)
5)Nasturtium, Alaska Mix (OUT)
6)Sweet Pea, Pink & White Everlasting (5)
7)Cosmos, Sensation (5)
8)Cosmos, Sonata White (5)
9)Cosmos, Picotee (OUT)
10)Sunflowers, Mixed Branching (OUT)


1)Winter Squash, Table Queen Acorn (5)
2)Winter Squash, Waltham Butternut (3)
3)Pumpkin, Musquee de Province (5)
4)Gourd, Warts n Wings (3)
5)Gourd, Dinosaur (5)
6)Pumpkin, Galeaux d'Eysines (2)
7)Winter Squash, Turk's Turban (4)
8)Winter Squash, Blue Hubbard (5)
9)Corn, Black Aztec Flour (4)
10)Corn, Silver Queen Sweet (5)
11)Corn, Martian Jewels Sweet (2)
12)Bean, White Hyacinth Pole (5)
13)Pea, Mixed Edible-Podded (2)


1)Salad Burnet (5) *contains chaff

Ornamental Grasses

1)Large Quaking Grass (5)


Bean, Italian Snap Romano
Bean, Karmazyn Pink Fava
Bean, Simmons Red Streak Lima
Beet, McGregor's Favourite
Carrot, Amarillo
Carrot, Atomic Red
Carrot, Dragon
Carrot, Oxheart
Carrot, Snow White
Carrot, White Satin
Celery, Giant Red
Chard, Lucullus - chelle-
Chinese Lantern, Gigantea
Corn, Dakota Black Popcorn
Corn, Hopi Pink
Corn, Hopi Purple
Corn, Magenta Parching
Cowpea, Six Week Purple Hull
Cucumber, Bianca Mezza Lunga
Cucumber, Edmunson
Cucumber, Miniature White
Cucumber, Nippon Sanjaku Kiuri
Cucumber, Yamato
Eggplant, Cambodian Green Giant
Eggplant, Fairytale F1
Eggplant, Listada di Gandia
Eggplant, Round Mauve
Kale, Redbor F1 - Andi
Kale, Rose Crane Ornamental
Kale, Sunrise Ornamental
Kale, Sunset Ornamental
Kale, White Crane Ornamental
Lettuce, Asian Red
Lettuce, Crisp Mint - IShareFlowers
Lettuce, Forellenschluss
Lettuce, Green Ice
Lettuce, Mascara
Lettuce, Red Velvet
Long Bean, Red-seeded
Mustard, Red Frills
Okra, Silver Queen
Okra, Star of David
Onion, Flat of Italy
Pac Choi, Ruby F1
Pattypan, Golden Scallopini Bush
Pattypan, Starship
Pepper, Barker’s Hot - starlight1153
Pepper, Billy Biker F1
Pepper, Carolina Reaper
Pepper, Chilaca
Pepper, Chocolate Fatalii
Pepper, Chorro
Pepper, Chung Fang
Pepper, Dundicut
Pepper, Guntur Sannam
Pepper, Jaloro F1
Pepper, Jwala
Pepper, Mirasol
Pepper, Mulato
Pepper, NuMex Sunset
Pepper, PI 631154
Pepper, Prik Maan
Pepper, Purple Flash
Pepper, Santaka
Pepper, Thai Burapa
Pepper, Thai Long Sweet
Pepper, Tien Tsin
Pepper, Topolin
Pepper, Vietnamese Multicolour Hot
Pepper, Vietnamese Tear Jerker
Pepper, Yaki Brown
Pepper, Yatsufusa
Pumpkin, Chersonskaya
Pumpkin, Kikuza
Radish, Munchener Bier
Soybean, Tokyo Verte
Tatsoi, Red
Tomato, Alyi Mustang
Tomato, Amish Gold
Tomato, Aunt Anna
Tomato, Aunt Ruby’s German Black Cherry
Tomato, Csikos Botermo
Tomato, Early Yellow Stripe
Tomato, Grace Lahman’s Pink
Tomato, Grosse Plate du Portugal
Tomato, Ivory Pear
Tomato, Jahtomato Banana Pear
Tomato, Japanese Plum
Tomato, Korean Love
Tomato, Lila Sari
Tomato, Mexican Ribbed
Tomato, Orlinyi Klyuv
Tomato, Pink Bertoua
Tomato, Portuguese Neighbour
Tomato, Purple Pear
Tomato, Rena’s Turban
Tomato, Striped Oxheart
Tomato, Velue Striee
Tomato, Weissbehaarte
Tomato, Yellow Nunai
Winter Squash, Pipian From Tuxpan
Zucchini, Bianco Lungo
Zucchini, Romanesco - chelle
Zucchini, Rugosa Friulana
Zucchini, San Pasquale


Basil, Anise
Basil, Aromatto
Basil, Blistered Leaf
Basil, Emily F1
Basil, Etruria
Basil, Fino Verde
Basil, Green Ruffles - Tuink
Basil, Licorice
Basil, Persian Anise
Basil, Purple Lettuce Leaf
Lemon Verbena
Rau Ram


Amaranth, Marvel Bronze
Bachelor Button, Double Black
Calendula, Coffee Cream
California Poppy, Buttercream
Cerinthe paleastina
Chinese Aster, Lilliput Blue Moon
Cinquefoil, Monarch’s Velvet
Cleome, Helen Campbell White
Cosmos, Apricot
Cosmos, Pied Piper Red
Cosmos, Prom Dress
Cosmos, Sweet Dreams
Gazania, Big Kiss White Flame
Lathyrus Pubescens, Blue Perennial
Lathyrus tingitanus Rosea
Lupine, Sunrise
Lysimachia atropurpurea
Mesembryanthemum criniflorium, Apricot Tutu
Nasturtium, Alaska Cherry Rose
Nasturtium, Apricot Trifle
Nasturtium, Caribbean Crush
Nasturtium, Cherries Jubilee
Nasturtium, Cobra
Nasturtium, Evelyn
Nasturtium, Hermine Grashof
Nasturtium, Just Peachy
Nasturtium, Margaret Long
Nasturtium, Mosaic Flame
Nasturtium, Raspberry Sorbet
Nasturtium, Salmon Mousse
Nasturtium, Strawberry Cream Mix
Nasturtium, Tip Top Alaska Scarlet
Nasturtium, Vesuvius
Nigella, Chocolate Sundae
Nigella, Oxford Blue
Ornamental Millet, Jade Princess
Ornamental Millet, Purple Bon Bon F1
Rudbeckia, Green Wizard - Tuink
Salpiglossis, Black Trumpets
Salpiglossis, Chocolate Surprise
Salvia splendens, Picante Salmon
Scabiosa, Alba
Scabiosa, Fama Deep Blue
Scabiosa, Salmon Queen
Sea Lavender, Sinuata White
Sunflower, Black Magic F1
Sunflower, Harlequin
Sunflower, Key Lime Pie
Sunflower, Lemon Teddy
Sunflower, Prado Red - Tuink
Sunflower, Strawberry Blonde
Sunflower, Thunder & Lightning
Sunflower, Valentine
Sweet Pea, Annie B Gilroy
Sweet Pea, Blue Velvet
Sweet Pea, Chocolate Streamers
Sweet Pea, Cream Southbourne
Sweet Pea, Explorer Knee-high
Sweet Pea, Fragrant Ripples
Sweet Pea, Jack & Jill Knee-high
Sweet Pea, Lord Anson’s
Sweet Pea, Midnight
Sweet Pea, Night & Day
Sweet Pea, North Shore
Sweet Pea, Phantom of the Opera
Sweet Pea, Regal Robe
Sweet Pea, Royal Wedding
Thunbergia, African Sunset
Thunbergia, Salmon Shades
Thunbergia, Sunrise Surprise
Zinnia, Benary’s Giant Salmon Rose
Zinnia, Queen Lime Green
Zinnia, Queen Red Lime

1)No poisonous seeds or seeds that become poisonous plants (i.e. Foxglove, Castor Bean, Wisteria, Datura/Moonflower, Lily, Daylily, Nightshade, Devil's Claw, etc)
2)No Poblano Peppers per Duane's request. He's got them from 12 different sources!
3)No orange flowers. Mine is a cool colours garden.

RedLeopard - Scabiosa, Ebony & Ivory, Cosmos, Picotee, Cosmos, Double Pink & White

jhgarden9: Corn, Martian Jewels Sweet, Corn, Black Aztec Flour, Tomato, Orange Russian 117, Runner Bean, Insuk's Wang Kong, Tomato, Brad's Black Heart, Tomato, Japanese Black Trifele, Tomato, Bicolour Cherry, Tomato, Pork Chop, Sorrel, Bloody Dock, Lunaria, Variegated

barbara00: Nasturtium, Alaska Mix

SCButtercup: Nasturtium, Alaska Mix, Winter Squash, Turk's Turban, Sunflower, Mixed Branching

Wildflowers: Pumpkin, Galeaux d'Eysines, Corn, Martian Jewels Sweet, Runner Bean, Sunset, Nasturtium, Jewel of Africa/King Theodore Mix, Corn, Glass Gem Flint

poisondartfrog: Scabiosa, Black Knight, Runner Bean, White Lady, Runner Bean, Painted Lady, Runner Bean, Sunset, Malva, Purple Satin

PokeyJo: Nasturtium, Alaska Mix

chelle: Cosmos, Picotee, Tomato, Brad's Black Heart, Tomato, Japanese Black Trifele, 4 O'Clock, Alba, Borage, White
Tomato, Cowlick's Brandywine, Scabiosa, Summer Berries, Everlasting, Silvery Rose, Scabiosa, Ebony & Ivory, Bachelor Button, Frosted Queen, Nasturtium, Alaska Raspberry

JuliesAcre: Sunflower, Mammoth Russian, Sunflower, Mixed Branching, Nasturtium, Jewel of Africa/King Theodore Mix, Nasturtium, Alaska Mix, 4 O'Clock, Alba, Corn, Giant Indian Mix

Bluespiral: Scabiosa, Creme, Pumpkin, Triple Treat, Fennel, Bronze

ArleneB: Gourd, Warts 'n Wings, Tomato, Orange Russian 117, Cauliflower, Self-Blanching, Peas, Mixed Edible-Podded, 4 O'Clock, Limelight Rose, Petunia, Lime Green

Andi: Nasturtium, Alaska Mix, Scabiosa, Ebony & Ivory, Runner Bean, Painted Lady, Tomato, Moskvich, Runner Bean, Sunset, Tomato, Pork Chop, Nasturtium, Jewel of Africa/King Theodore Mix, Tomato, Cowlick's Brandywine, Pumpkin, Galeaux d'Eysines

risingcreek: Gourd, Warts n Wings, Tomato, Brad's Black Heart, Tomato, Purple Russian, Tomato, Pork Chop

christine00: Tomato, Orange Russian 117, Lunaria, Variegated, Cosmos, Double Pink & White

toomanyanimals: Runner Bean, White Lady, Runner Bean, Painted Lady, Runner Bean, Insuk's Wang Kong, Nasturtium, Alaska Raspberry

Joseph: Runner Bean, Sadie's Horse, Runner Bean, White Lady, Runner Bean, Sunset, Runner Bean, Insuk's Wang Kong, Runner Bean, Painted Lady, Fennel, Bronze

starlight1153: Tomato, Japanese Black Trifele, Tomato, Pork Chop

gardengus: Runner Bean, Sadie's Horse, Runner Bean, Insuk's Wang Kong, Scabiosa, Black Knight, Pea, Mixed Edible-Podded, Columbine, Double Blue & White, Nigella, Blue & White, Cosmos, Double Pink/White, Zinnia, Benary's Giant Wine

Dayjillymo: Runner Bean, Sadie's Horse, Runner Bean, White Lady, Runner Bean, Insuk's Wang Kong, Tomato, Opalka, Collards, Yellow Cabbage

Weedwhacker: Runner Bean, Sadie's Horse, Winter Squash, Waltham Butternut, Parsnip, Harris Model, Turnip, Seven Top

pmb2005: Runner Bean, Sunset, Runner Bean, Painted Lady, Runner Bean, White Lady, Pumpkin, Galeaux d'Eysines, Cosmos, Picotee, Columbine, Double Blue & White, Tomato, German Red Strawberry, Tomato, Cowlick's Brandywine, Tomato, Kosovo, Zinnia, Cool Crayon

nbgard: Runner Bean, Sunset, Runner Bean, Sadie's Horse, Columbine, McKana's Giant Mix, 4 O'Clock, Limelight Rose

JonnaSudenius: Tomato, Moskvich, Tomato, Black Cherry

Flinter: Sunflower, Mammoth Russian, Cosmos, Picotee, Mina Lobata, Zinnia, Cool Crayon, 4 O'Clock, Salmon Sunset

PlantSister: Sunflower, Mammoth Russian, Nasturtium, Jewel of Africa/King Theodore Mix, Nasturtium, Alaska Raspberry

Mistirose: Scabiosa, Summer Berries, Bachelor Button, Frosted Queen, Tomato, Pork Chop, Zinnia, Cool Crayon

critterologist: Scabiosa, Summer Berries, Bachelor Button, Frosted Queen, Zinnia, Envy, Malva, Purple Satin

EricaBraun: Tomato, Opalka

bluee19: Tomato, German Red Strawberry, Tomato, Bicolour Cherry, Sunflower, Mammoth Russian, Tomato, Banana Legs, Astilbe, Purple

Tuinkabouter: Zinnia, Envy, Borage, White

ilovejesus: 4 O'Clock, Alba (2 packs)

Deebie: Cosmos, Picotee, Zinnia, Envy

indianamike: Watermelon, Crimson Sweet, Corn, Martian Jewels Sweet, Winter Squash, Waltham Butternut, Pea, Mixed Edible-Podded

greene: Marigold, Red Gem, Sorrel, Bloody Dock, Brussels Sprout, Long Island Improved, Nicandra physalodes, Shoo-Fly, Nasturtium, Alaska Raspberry, Zinnia, Cool Crayon, Cosmos, Double Pink & White

soilsandup: Lunaria, Variegated, Kale, Dinosaur/Lacinato, Salad Burnet, Turnip, Seven Top, Parsnip, Harris Model, Cantaloupe, Honey Rock, Runner Bean, Painted Lady, Tomato, Pork Chop, Cosmos, Double Pink & White, Zinnia, Benary's Giant Lime

patrob: Pumpkin, Galeaux d'Eysines

Diamond919: Scabiosa, Ebony & Ivory, Bachelor Button, Frosted Queen, Cleome, Fireworks, Rudbeckia, Cherry Brandy, Astilbe, Purple

bxncbx: Cosmos, Double Pink & White

Danita: Zinnia, Benary's Giant Wine

ishareflowers: 4 O'Clock, Salmon Sunset

LilyDayDreamer: Echinacea, Pink Dwarf

Mindy03: Dietes iridoides, Fortnight Lily

RickCorey: Viola, Purple & Gold

plantnutz: Corn, Silver Queen, Zinnia, Cool Crayon, Zinnia, Benary's Giant Lime

NisiNJ: Nasturtium, Alaska Raspberry, Zinnia, Cool Crayon

LeBug: Mina Lobata

Starting gate: 8 oinks per day (exclusive of oinks from Tuink)
Total: 42 Oinks + 60 Tuink's
Total allowed: 108 (raised to 123 on Sunday 3pm, then to 133 on Tuesday 3pm) 2 last minute oinks added 9 Dec.

poisondartfrog - 8 oinks: Basil, Lettuce Leaf, Tomato, Cannibals, Pepper, Caterpillar, Salvia coccinea, Tall Form, Pepper, Uchu, Ipomoea nil from Hatsu Arashi, Ipomoea nil from Gray Twilight, Ipomoea purpurea, Carnivale di Venezia (last 3 unconfirmed)

risingcreek - 5 oinks: Bush Bean, Tiger Eye, Pole Bean, Succotash, Cucumber, China Long, Corn, Mandan Red, Salpiglossis, Chocolate Royale

starlight1153 - 5 oinks: Pepper, Brown Moruga, Tomato, Sunrise Bumblebee, Pepper, Barker's Hot, Pepper, Sigaretto di Bergamo, Kiss-Me-Over-The-Garden-Gate (orig. risingcreek oink)

ArleneB - 3 oinks: Lettuce, Yugoslavian, Pole Bean, Fortex, Eggplant, Diamond

EricaBraun - 1 oink: Pumpkin, Marina di Chioggia

Tuinkabouter - 60 oinks: Erynchium, "Miss Willmott's Ghost", Eschscholzia californica, "Jellybeans", Helianthus annuus, "Perodovic Black Oil", Lactuca sativa, "Curly Red", Ocimum basilicum, "Caramel" (2 packs), Solanum mammosum, "Nipple Fruit", Alcea rosea, "Dreamy pastels", Salvia maroccana, Salvia sclarea 'Vatican White', Anisanthum tectorum, Helianthus annuus, "Prado red", Lavatera trimestris, 'Dwarf Pink Bush', Scabiosa stellata, Sorghum nigrum, Capsicum annuum, 'Dong Xuan Market', Cucurbita maxima, "Little Tiger", Raphanus sativus, "Summer crunch", Raphanus sativus, 'White hailstone', Basilicum minimum, 'Minette' (2 packs), Calamintha sylvatica ssp ascendens, Ocimum basilicum, "Dark Opal" (2 packs), Ocimum basilicum "Mammoth" (2 packs), (Ocimum basilicum, 'Green Ruffles' (2 packs), Tagetes lucida, "Mexican Tarragon", Allium cepa, 'Paris Silverskin', Amaranthus cruentus, "Allegria", Chenopodium quinoa, Cichorium intybus, Variegata di Castelfranco, Cichorium intybus, 'Rossa di Treviso', Lactuca sativa, "Curly Red" (2 packs), Lens culinaris, (Beluga-linze), Lycopersicon lycopersicum, 'Tegucigalpa', Lycopersicon lycopersicum, 'Tomatito de Jalapa', Nasturtium orientale, (Waterkers), Phaseolus vulgaris, 'Snowcap' (2 packs), Pisum sativum, "De grace" (2 packs), Pisum sativum, "Kelvedon wonder" (2 packs), Raphanus sativus, "Hild's Blauer", Raphanus sativus, "Sango" (Radijs), Raphanus sativus, Summer crunch, Antirhinum majus, 'Black Prince", Antirrhinum majus, 'Day and Night', Lavatera trimestris, 'Dwarf Pink Bush', Rudbeckia, "Capucino", Salvia hispanica, "Chia", Dianthus, 'Chianti', Monarda bradburiana, Rudbeckia orientalis, 'Green Wizard', Salvia apiana, Salvia microphylla, "Pink blush", Tropaeolum speciosum

chelle - 7 oinks: Salpiglossis, Kew Blue, Chard, Lucullus, Kale, Fringed Flowering, Cumin, Black, Zucchini, Costata Romanesco, Celosia, Smart Look Romantica, Zinnia, Peppermint Stick

Andi - 4 oinks: Kale, Redbor F1 (Gift), Sunflower, Autumn Beauty Mix, Mint, Variegated Pineapple, Zinnia, Single Russet, Zinnia, Purple Prince

Patti1957 - 1 oink: Pea, Gigante Svizzero

Wildflowers - 2 oinks: Catgrass, Variegated

LeBug - 3 oinks: Agastache, Tutti Frutti, Salvia, Argentea, Salvia, Black & Blue

RickCorey - 7 oinks: Chard, Verde a Costa Blanca, Lettuce, Lingua di Canario, Corn Salad, Dutch, Snow Pea, Chinese, Chard, Verde da Taglio, Mustard, Deep Purple, Pac Choy, Taipei Red

IShareFlowers - 2 oinks: Lettuce, Cimarron, Lettuce, Crisp Mint

critterologist - 2 oinks: Basil, Martina, Basil, Amethyst

christine00 - 1 oink: Basil, Minette

PlantSister - 1 oink: Eggplant, Asian Assorted Mix

Black Friday - 21 oinks total. 10 more oinks after 3pm Tues.

poisondartfrog - 4 oinks: Portulaca, Sundial Cream, Zinnia, Mazurkia, Mesembryanthemum crinifolium, Apricot Shimmer, Zinnia, Cupcakes Cream (last not confirmed)

Wildflowers - 1 oink: Nasturtium, Mahogany

Risingcreek - 1 oink: Basil, African Blue

starlight1153 5 oinks: Scabiosa, Blue, 4 O'Clock, Pink/White, Yarrow, Cassis, Akebia quinata, Chocolate Vine, Anchusa, Blue Angel

JonnaSudenius - 1 oink: Salvia pratensis, Lapis Lazuli

Patti1957 - 4 oinks: Pepper, Fushimi, Pepper, Stavros, Pepper, Zimbabwe Bird, Pepper, Dulce Italiano

chelle - 2 oinks: CA Poppy, Thai Silk Milkmaid, Columbine, Pink Tower

Joseph - 3 oinks: Pea, Red-Podded Soup, Wheat, Red Feral Winter, Popcorn, Joseph's Landrace

Bluespiral - 1 oink: Salvia splendens, Picante Salmon

bxncbx - 1 oink: Lettuce, Green Ice

My garden is about as sustainable as I can make it without the addition of the few animals that we eat and processed oils that we use. I am a scratch cook, using anything and everything edible from the garden, including a wide range of international culinary herbs. I use all methods of preserving my harvests from water-bath canning and pressure canning to freezing, drying, and fermenting. My season starts in March and ends in November. I'm an avid seed-saver, so in that small "break", I'm threshing seed and distributing it all over the world in this swap and several others to promote biodiversity so open-pollinated and heirloom plant varieties will not be lost.

We have 4 amazing cats and they have strong omnivorous traits so absolutely no plants that are poisonous to felines are allowed.

I will just say here that all prayers are welcome for no ice storms in Toronto this winter. AMEN!

Wish Upon A Star:

Thunbergia, Non-Orange
Sweet Pea, Fragrant

(Image by Sorellina)
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