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I have a mix of commercial & gathered seed from my garden. All harvested seed is open pollinated. I will list the vegetable/herb seed first and then the flowers. Depending on how this goes (I'm a newbie at swapping seed).

Single, unopened commercial seed packets of unknown age. I suspect germination should be fairly good but can't guarantee it. No need to waste an oink, just ask!

GONE Carrot, Caroline (50 seeds)

GONE Dill, Dukat Leaf (1 gm)

GONE Cyclamen persicum, Treasure Trove (not sure how many seeds)

GONE Lettuce, Green Ice (1/32 oz)-loose leaf type.

GONE Lettuce, Prizeleaf (250 mg)-loosehead type

GONE Phlox, Peppermint Candy (80 seeds)-2013 seeds but not confident of germination.

ADDED FROM BLACK FRIDAY LIST-for additional information go to BF database

Alyssum compacta/Aurinia saxatilis (5 pks) Commercial.

Amaranth, Hopi Red Dye (5pks) Garden grown.

GONE Cabbage, Kaboko organic . Commercial.

GONE California Poppy, Wrinkled Rose Commercial.

Helipterum roseum, Best mix (3 pks). Commercial

GONE Impatiens, Shady Lady Pink. Commercial

Lilium regale (2 pks). Garden grown.

Linaria, Fairy Bouquet purple (2 pks). Garden grown

Linaria, Fairy Bouquet white (1 pk). Garden grown.

Lobelia, Fountain Blue (3 pks). Commercial

Lobelia, Fountain Mix (1 pk). Commercial

Nemesia, Paintbox maroon (1 pk). Garden grown

Nemesia, Paintbox mix (3 pks). Garden grown

Nemesia, Paintbox purple (2 pks). Garden grown

Nemesia, Paintbox yellow (2 pks). Garden grown

GONE Petunia, Dolcissima Flambé. Commercial

GONE Petunia, Double Cascade Orchid Mist. Commercial

GONE Petunia, Double Cascade Pink Commercial

Poppy, red single (3 pks). Garden grown

White Snakeroot (3 pks). Garden grown.

Zinnia, Red Spider (1 pk). Commercial

GONE Zinnia, Whirligig Commercial

ADDED 11/23/14

All these seeds are commercial and from 2013 or 2014 unless stated otherwise. Seed number is listed as some have a limited number.

1. Bellis perennis, Super Enorma (20 seeds) 1 available.

2. GONE Cilantro, Pokey Joe Organic (10 seeds)

3. Collinsia heterophylla (Chinese Houses) (25 seeds) 2 available

4. Heuchera, Bressingham hybrids (10 seeds) 1 available

5. Hollyhock, Majorette mix (10 seeds) 1 available. I've grown these 2 years in a row. Very pretty flowers in pink, red, white & pale yellow. Susceptible to hollyhock rust! I may have garden grown seeds available later.

6. GONE Muskmelon, Sugar Cube (10 seeds)

7. Honeydew Melon, Sweet Delight (10 seeds) 1 available

8. Nemophila maculata, Five Spot (25 seeds) 2 available. Grew these years ago. Cute little flowers great in hanging baskets.

9. Nemophila menziessi, Baby Blue Eyes (25 seeds) 1 available

10. GONE California Poppy, Appleblossom (20 seeds). These seeds are from 2008 but I direct sowed some this year and got plants. This should be enough to get a few plants.

11.GONE Sweet Pea, Janet Scott (10 seeds). From a sample seed pack.

ADDED 11/22/14

I'm listing daylily seeds. I have mostly older varieties of daylilies but in the last 2 years have added some newer ones. I went crazy this year doing crosses! Not sure what I was thinking since I can't possibly find room for so many plants! Each is 1 pack only.

1) Andes Legend x Monkey Giggles (13 seeds)GONE
2) Butterscotch Ruffles x House of Orange (14)
3) Collaboration x Inherited Wealth (14 seeds)GONE
4) Dot Paul x South Seas (13 seeds) GONE
5) Hampshire Hoyden x Oriental Silk (12 seeds) GONE
6) Holly Hill Reward x Double Sunset Glow (20)
7) Mt. Pinatubo Sunset x Tani (12 seeds)
8) Zada Mae x House of Orange (12 seeds)


1) Bok Choy, Toy Choy: 5 available, garden harvested. Miniature heads good for small gardens.

2) GONE Carrot, Caracas: commercial seed.

3) Dill, Mammoth Organic: 2 available, commercial seed.

4)Lettuce, Butter King Organic: 2 available, commercial seed. Wish I knew how it tastes. Skunks dug up all my lettuce this year!

5)Lettuce, NYBG Gourmet Blend: commercial seed. From the NY Botanical Gardens. A mix of Silvia, Dark Lollo Rossa, Flame, Paris Island Cos & Buttercrunch. Can't say if all are in the pack. GONE

6) Parsley, Giant Italian Organic: 1 available, commercial seed.

7) Sage, Organic: 2 available, garden harvested. Only 5 seeds per pack since I didn't harvest much seed.

8)Spinach, Bloomsdale Savoy Organic: 3 available, commercial seed.

9)Swiss Chard, Bright Lights: 2 available,commercial seed. Very tasty with large leaves with red, yellow, white & pink stems. Does well planted close together.

10)Tomato, Beefsteak: 2 available, commercial seed.

11)Tomato, Martino's Roma: commercial seed. Free sample pack. GONE

12) Tomato, Orange Strawberry:commercial seed. My favorite heirloom! Large orange fruits that have almost no seeds. Makes a nice sauce although you need to add other tomatoes if you want a red sauce. GONE


1) Alternantera, Purple Knight: commercial seed. Sample seed pack. GONE

2) Delphinium, Amour: 1 available, garden harvested. My only plant has sky blue flowers (see picture). Suspect all the seeds will produce the same as delphinium isn't popular here.

3) GONE Forget-Me-Not, Victoria Pink: garden harvested. Flowers change colors so sometimes blue and other times pink (see picture). Suspect the seeds will come true. Flower not popular here.

4) Heliotrope, Dwarf Marine: garden harvested. Smells great and is still blooming despite the cold weather. Seed should come true. GONE

5) GONE Lavatera, Dwarf Pink Blush: garden harvested. Beautiful flowers on bushy plants (see pictures). Does best in full sun. Much fewer flowers in partial shade. Seeds will most likely come true.

6) Marigold, Tiger Eyes: 1 available, garden harvested. Pretty French marigold but seed can be anything as marigolds are very popular in my neighborhood.

7) Marigold, Tomato Growing Secret: 2 available, garden harvested. Does the trick in repelling whitefly. Not a particularly pretty flower but will be a hybrid so can get anything.

8) Nasturtium, Whirlybird: commercial seed. GONE

9) Pansy, Antique Shades: 1 available, commercial seed. Bought because I grew this mix years ago & loved it. Not the same mix! Got white, yellow & blue flowers instead of pinks, lavenders. Pretty flowers but not what I expected.

10) Petunia, Double Grandiflora blend: commercial seed. GONE

11) Snapdragon, Frosted Sunset: garden harvested. Variegated foliage especially in cooler weather.

12) Snapdragon, Reminiscent mix: garden harvested. An open flowered snapdragon. Only had 2 colors: rose & yellow. GONE

13) Snapdragon, Reminiscent yellow: garden harvested. A very bright lemon yellow. Almost neon. GONE

14) Viola Fuji Dawn: commercial seed. Sample seed pack. GONE

15)GONE Virginia Stock, Spring Sparkle. garden harvested. Cute little flowers in dark pink, purple colors. Tolerates drought & neglect. Good for direct sowing. Still blooming despite cold weather. Sets tons of seed!

16) Zinnia, Cactus mix improved. 1 available, commercial seed. Sample seed pack.

17) Zinnia, Tudor:commercial seed. Sample seed pack. GONE

Pansies without blotches. Especially Pastel Butterflies.
Wahlenbergia Melton Blue Bird
Dianthus-carnations, sweet William, etc
Lobelia Fan Series-any color
Silene pendula
Nemophilia Snowstorm
Canna- any dwarf except red. Especially Tropical Rose
Poblano peppers (not organic okay)
Ice plant
Virginia Stock

Please nothing invasive, my neighbors will kill me! My garden is tiny by most standards so please no tall (2+ft) plants unless on my want list. I also have no space as of yet for climbing vines. Please no vegetable seeds that aren't organic unless I specifically ask for them. I find they may not do well in my garden since I don't spray any chemicals & hand pick off pests. Also no foliage plants. I love blooms!

Alternantera Purple Knight
1. Danita

Bellis perennis, Super Enorma
1. Poisondartfrog
2. Greene
3. ishareflowers
4. jhgarden9

Cabbage, Kaboko organic
1. patrob

California Poppy, Appleblossom
1. Risingcreek
2. jhgarden9

California Poppy, Wrinkled Rose (BF)
1. Flinter
2. Lilydaydreamer
3. chelle
4. RedLeopard

Carrot, Caracas
1. Danita
2. Mindy03
3. Toomanyanimals
4. starlight1153
5. NisiNJ

Carrot, Caroline
1. EricaBraun

Cilantro, Pokey Joe Organic
1. Danita
2. toomanyanimals
3. EricaBraun

Collinsia heterophylla
1. Greene
2. PlantNutz
3. Danita

Cyclamen persicum, Treasure Trove
1. Christine00

Daylily-Andes Legend x Monkey Giggles
1. Risingcreek

Daylily-Collaboration x Inherited Wealth
1. Risingcreek

Daylily-Collaboration x Unknown
1. patrob

Daylily-Dot Paul x South Seas
1. Risingcreek

Daylily-Hampshire Hoyden x Oriental Silk
1. Risingcreek

Delphinium, Amour
1. jhgarden9
2. Mindy03
3. Christine00
4. gardengus

Dianthus, Dulce White to Pink (BF)
1. chelle
2. Danita

Dill, Dukat
1. Christine00

Dill, Mammoth Organic
1. Danita

Forget-Me-Not, Victoria Pink
1. Chelle
2. wildflowers
3. dayjillymo

Gazania, Petticoats mix (BF)
1. poisondartfrog

Heliotrope, Dwarf Marine
1. Christine00
2. Flinter

Helipterum roseum, Best mix (BF)
1. nbgard

Heuchera, Bressingham hybrids
1. Mindy03

Hollyhock, Majorette mix
1. Starlight1153

Honeydew Melon, Sweet Delight
1. Poisondartfrog
2. patrob

Impatiens, Shady Lady Pink
1. ishareflowers
2. ArleneB

Impatiens, Shady Lady Red (wish list)
1. pmb2005
2. Poisondartfrog

Lavatera, Dwarf Pink Blush
1. nbgard
2. Anita/Diamond919
3. jhgarden9

Lettuce, Butter King Organic
1. pmb2005
2. bluee19

Lettuce, Green Ice
1. Starlight1153

Lettuce, NYBG Gourmet
1. Andi
2. Greene

Lettuce, Prizeleaf
1. ArleneB

Lilium regale (BF)
1. bluespiral
2. patrob
3. Deebie

Linaria, Fairy Bouquet purple (BF)
1. Critterologist
2. patrob
3. NisiNJ

Linaria, Fairy Bouquet white (BF)
1. Critterologist
2. patrob
3. poisondartfrog
4. NisiNJ

Lobelia, Fountain blue (BF)
1. ArleneB

Lobelia, Fountain mix (BF)
1. ArleneB
2. patrob
3. Danita

Lupine, Sunrise (wish list)
1. Sorellina

Marigold, Tiger Eyes
1. Flinter
2. Poisondartfrog

Marigold, Tomato Growing Secret
1. jhgarden9

Melon, Sugar Cube
1. patrob
2. NisiNJ

Nasturtium, Whirlybird
1. Andi
2. JuliesAcre

Nemesia, Paintbox maroon (BF)
1. poisondartfrog
2. gardengus

Nemesia, Paintbox mix (BF)
1. patrob
2. Danita

Nemesia, Paintbox purple (BF)
1. plantnutz

Nemesia, Paintbox yellow (BF)
1. Christine00

Nemophila maculata, Five Spot
1. tcs1366
2. Tuinkabouter
3. jhgarden9

Nemophila menziessi, Baby Blue Eyes
1. Tuinkabouter
2. Danita
3. pmb2005
4. dayjillymo

Pansy, Antique Shades
1. Flinter

Pansy, Bolero (BF)
1. Flinter
2. Mindy03

Parsley, Giant Italian Organic
1. JuliesAcre
2. EricaBraun
3. Danita

Petunia, Dolcissima Flambé
1. Andi (wish list)
2. ishareflowers

Petunia, Double Cascade burgundy (BF)
1. ArleneB
2. chelle

Petunia, Double Cascade orchid mist (BF)
1. Flinter
2. patrob

Petunia, Double Cascade pink (BF)
1. poisondartfrog
2. chelle
3. Deebie

Petunia, Double Grandiflora
1. jhgarden9
2. Flinter

Phlox, Peppermint Candy
1. risingcreek

Phlox, Promise peach (BF)
1. ishareflowers

Phlox, Promise rose (BF)
1. pmb2005

Poached Egg Plant (Limnanthes douglasii)
1. pmb2005 (wish list)
2. Danita
3. Christine00
4. risingcreek

Pyrethrum, James Kelway (BF)
1. patrob
2. bluee19 (bonus seed)
3. gardengus
4. poisondartfrog

Rudbeckia, Cappuccino (BF)
1. pmb2005 (wish list)
2. Lilydaydreamer

Sage, Organic
1. Weedwhacker

Salvia, Fairy Queen (BF)
1. poisondartfrog
2. Danita (half pack)
3. BrendaVR (half pack)

Snapdragon, Frosted Sunset
1. Christine00
2. Lilydaydreamer
3. pmb2005
4. Poisondartfrog
5. ishareflowers

Snapdragon, Reminiscent mix
1. Andi

Snapdragon, Reminiscent yellow
1. pmb2005

Spinach, Bloomsdale Savoy Organic
1. barbara00

Stocks, Sugar & Spice single dark purple (BF)
1. nbgard
2. ArleneB
3. Critterologist

Sweet Pea, Janet Scott
1. Andi
2. NisiNJ
3. Danita

Swiss Chard, Bright Lights
1. Weedwhacker

Tomato, Martino's Roma
1. pmb2005

Tomato, Orange Strawberry
1. RisingCreek
2. Critterologist
3. Pmb2005

Vinca, Jaio dark red (BF)
1. RedLeopard
2. Deebie

Viola, Fuji Dawn
1. EricaBraun

Virginia Stock, Spring Sparkle
1. ArleneB
2. Danita
3. SCbuttercup
4. nbgard
5. barbara00
6. Critterologist
7. RisingCreek
8. Anita/Diamond919
9. toomanyanimals
10. NisiNJ

Zinnia, Red Spider
1. ishareflowers

Zinnia, Tudor
1. Danita

Zinnia, Whirligig
1. Lilydaydreamer
2. patrob

168 outgoing

1. Kalmia

1. Statice, Fortress mix
2. Statice, Sunset
3. Dianthus, Chabaud Giant Picotee Fantasy mix
4. Balsam, coral

1. Potentilla, red
2. Lambs ear

1. Carrot, Scarlet Nantes

1. French Marigold, Disco Grenada
2. Godetia
3. Toadflax
4. Lobelia, Riveria Lilac. (BF)
5. Dahlia, Unwins mix (BF)
6. Aethionema schistosum (BF)

1. Malva, Mystic Merlin

1. Mandevilla, Rio Pink

1. Pepper, Poblano
2. Iris, Dutch

1. Lathyrus odorata, Spencer mix

1. Atlantic butterfly pea
2. Jamaican sorrel

1. Columbine, Winky Blue
2. Impatiens, Baby mix
3. Papaver, Iceland mix
4. Scarlet Pimpernel (BF)
5. Verbena (GIFT)

Jonna Sudenius
1. Silene dioica
2. Papaver rupifragum
3. Pulmonaria officinalis (BF)

Joseph (BF)
1. Feral Sunroot

Julie's Acre
1. Queen Ann Lace

1. Browallia, Blue Lady
2. Dianthus, Turkestanicus
3. Anemone, Prince Henry

1. Lupinus texensis

1. Stargazer lily
2. Phlox, tall lavender

1. Butterfly Pea , double flowered purple

1. Impatiens, Tempo Cinnamon
2. Callibrachoea, Kabloom (BF)
3. Alyssum, Aphrodite Salmon ( BF)
4. Impatiens, Tempo Cherry Butterfly (BF)
5. China Aster, Matsumoto Apricot

1. Portulaca, Sundial mix
2. Viscaria, Angel Rose
3. Godetia, dwarf scarlet
4. Canna, red dwarf (BF)

Sorellina (BF)
1. Cosmos, double pink & white

Starlight1153 (BF)
1. Impatiens, Divine mix
2. Sweet Pea, Mammoth mix
3. Nemesia, Opal Innocence
4. Lavatera thuringiaca, Barnsley
5. Nemesia, Pastel mix
6. Nierembergia, White Robe
7. Myosotis, Victoria White
8. Moss Verbena
9. Dianthus barbatus, tall double
10. Coreopsis, Red Dwarf
11. Sweet Pea, Sugar & Spice
12. Ipomoea alba
13. Nemesia unknown
14. Anemone, Pink Saucer

Toomanyanimals (BF)
1. Linaria, Enchantment
2. Lily, Copper Crown

1. Adenium obesum
2. Ageratina adenophora
3. Alonsoa meridionalis
4. Alonsoa meridionalis, Pink Shrimps
5. Alonsoa warscewiczii
6. Anemone blanda
7. Anemone, Bowles Pink
8. Anisodontea capensis
9. Aquilegia mix
10. Bergenia cordifolia
11. Calendula, Fruit Twist
12. Callistephus, Ostrich Plume
13. Callistephus chinensis (Zomeraster)
14. Campanula gracilis
15. Clarkia amouna
16. Costus guanaiensis
17. Dianthus barbatus (Duizendschoon rood)
18. Erysimum, Red Jep
19. Gaura lindheimeri
20. Heliophila longifolia
21. Layia elegans
22. Lens culinaris (Berg-linze)
23. Linaria aeruginea
24. Linaria reticulata
25. Mesembryanthemum criniflorum
26. Myosotis sylvatica
27. Nemesia, Honey Light Pink
28. Nemesia versicolor
29. Omphalodes linifolia (Witte onschuld)
30. Papaver, Shirley Pink Double
31. Passiflora actinia
32. Phlox paniculata
33. Saponaria, Rosabella
34. Schizanthus wisetonensis
35. Sidalcea, Elsie Heugh
36. Sparaxis tricolor
37. Viola, Beaconsfield
38. Viola, Snow White

1. Balsam, Camellia mix

Wishlist fulfilled:
Potentilla (2 species)- thanks to Jonna Sudenius
Phlox, perennial (2 colors)-thanks to Cinda

103 incoming

I have a small urban garden where I grow flowers and veggies. The veggies are all organically grown and are mostly grown in raised beds & grow bags. The flowers are in raised beds with some perennials in the ground. I have a big problem with Japanese knotweed which is why I have raised beds. I'm hoping to finally get rid of the last of it next year!

(Image by bxncbx)
"Delphinium, Amour Sky Blue"
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(Image by bxncbx)
"Forget-Me-Not, Victoria Pink"
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(Image by bxncbx)
"Lavatera, Dwarf Pink Blush"
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(Image by bxncbx)
"Lavatera, Dwarf Pink Blush close-up"
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