Ella's Garden 2014 PIGGY SEED SWAP: Rising Creek's Black Friday List

MEMBERS NAME: Rising Creek's Black Friday List

CMAIL CONTACT ADDY: http://cubits.org/users/mail/new.php?q=starlight1153


Since my computer acts stupid and so I don't miss BF . I listing the seeds now, BUT No oinking til 3 PM EST Sunday.

Please make sure to put BF Rising when oinking for these seeds.

The seed listed here is basically all from previous trades I had extra of or only used a few seeds. The seeds that are commercial are marked comm.

Unless there is a number in front of the seed, stating there is more, than there is only one packet available.

The same as with her other list, send all cmail's to Starlight1153. Her cmail addy is listed up above.

Happy shopping!

Most of these are Odds and Ends. Most there is just one packet of. If more it will be stated as the first number.

Part A

Clitoria Blue Pea Vine
Thunbergia Alata Mix
Vitex Chaste Tree
Akebia quinata Chocolate Vine
Hummingbird vine
Matalaea aecipens / Milk vine/Angelpod/

(2) Purple Passion Vine
(6) Red Dwarf Canna
White Cypress Vine
Jerusalm Cherry
Senecio confusus Orange Glow Vine
Tropaeolum majus Climbing Nastutium

Muscadine Grape
(3) Sorghum , White popping, Sorgum bicolor
(3) Sophora tomentosa
Sanpdragon Vine … Red Dragon
Star Fruit Tree (2 seeds)
Chamaedorea seifrizii Bamboo Palm
Guinia Pea Vine

(3) Saquaro Cactus
(2) Kiatris spicata
Jerusalum Thorn Tree (5 seeds)
(2) Porcelain Berry Vine
Impomoea quamoclit Cypress Vine

Cassia suffruitcosa Sunshine Tree
(2) Paulownia tomentosa Empress Tree
Cassia fistula
(2) Mixed Strawberry seed .. Mix of Mignorette, Sarian, Delious, Red Wonder
(2) Celestrus scandens American bittersweet
(4) Meyers Lemon

Cardinal Climber
White Star Jasmine (8 seeds)
Sweet Shrub (4 seeds)
Delonix regios Royal Poinciera Tree
(7) Corn… Painted Mountain
Maple Tree (4 seeds)

(5) Dill
(2) Sea Island Brown Cotton
Papaya Tree
(2) Bower Vine Pandorea Jasminoides
Bauhinia 2012 (2 seeds)
Koelreuteria panciulate Golden Rain Tree

(3) Rhubarb
Cat Palm Tree
Drosera sessilifolia .. Sundew
Moonflower vine
Ballon Flower Hakone White
(6) Northern Sea Oats Cahasmanthiumm ornamental Grass

Cobaea scandend alba white Cathederal bells
(2) Bleeding Heart Vine
Tabebuia caraiba Yellow Trumpet Vine
(2) Pindo Palm
(10) Columbine Blue / Tequila Sunrise maybe?
(2) Black-eyed Susan Vine
(4) Coral Vine

(6) Spinach.. Red Orach
Christmas Senna .. Bright yellow flowers
Red Cypress Vine
(4) Horehound
Cassia Alata
Camsis radicans Orange Trumpet Vine
Coral Bean .. Stems are loaded with tons of thorns
(2) Jasmine Vine .. White Star
Native KY Dogwood Tree
(10) Agastache .. Black Adder. Package of blooms which may or may not have seed inside. I ain’t checking. Free Oink to first folks that want to try and clean and see if any seed.
(5) Buckwheat (2010)
Decorative Grass. Unknown, just says perennial dark red
Little Blue Stem Praire Grass
(3) Blue fescue ‘Elijah’ ornamental grass
(2) Purple fountain grass… Pennisetum setaceum
Pink pampas grass
(2) Purple Millet

(6) Bag says green pepper, but it is definitely an unknown tomato seed in the bag, not peppers
Onion … Tropeana Lunga
Leonurus cardiaca … Motherwort
Pumpkin .. Rouge vif d’ etamps
Tree. Desert Willow
Squash … Waltham .. winter butternut
Eggplant Black Beauty

Eupatorium aromaticum .. Snakeroot
(4)Luffa gourd (2012)
Kale .. Red Russian .. Com 2012
Dill. ‘Bouget’ comm 2012
Radish… Early Scarlet Globe
Cauiliflower … ‘Snowball’
(2) Pepper ‘Yolo’

Plantago major purpurea .. Broad leaf Plaintain
Richinus communis Castoe bean ‘ Gibsonii’ (6 seed)
(4)Tomato .. ‘ Beefsteak’
(4)Tomato .. Floridade .. com
Eggplant .. Early long purple
Hypericum perforatum … St.John Wort

Mixed Lettuce
Salad Blend Italian Mixture
(2) Mung Bean
(3) Tomato .. Red Cherry.. comm
Red Castor Bean

(2) Pepper Dulce Banana
(2) Carolina Snail seed Vine
Squash .. White scallop.. Bush (6 seeds)
(4) Green Pepper .. Unknown cultivar
Cucumber ... Prolific Cuke .. F1 55 days
Amaranthus .. Yellow 2009
(4) Artemisia vulgaris .. Mugwart from the Rincon Plant preservation Garden

Bean .. Tendergreen Bush ... Com 2013
Squash. .. Spagetti
(2) Cow Pea ... Grey Speckled
(2) Collards. .. Georgia
(2) Jessamine ... Bartram trail seed from Rincon Plant Preservation
Carrot... Dauchs

Basil African Blue
(2) Pepper Cayene
Pink Mimosa Tree
White Snakeroot

Cucumis melo var. inodorus crenshaw melon
Tomato ... Cherokee Purple.. heirloom
(2) Eggplant . Black Beauty 2011 com
Pink eye purple hull pea
Pumpkin .. Kabochia 2012 Coffee break
Amaranthus 'Perfecta' Joseph's Coat
(2) Cichorium ... Chickory
(6) Misticanza D' Insalate... Italian seed Mix Comm Has in it chickory, endives mix of lettuces.

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