Ella's Garden 2014 PIGGY SEED SWAP: Starlight1153's Black Friday Shopping List #1

MEMBERS NAME: Starlight1153's Black Friday Shopping List #1

CMAIL CONTACT ADDY: http://cubits.org/users/mail/new.php?q=starlight1153


Seed listed here will not be available for oinking until 3PM EST. No EArly Birds, please.

Some of the seed is homegrown and collected, some extra's from trades, some commercial, some extra's from other folk's that didn't get a home last year and are hoping for one this year. Some is seed I have grown and have decided not to grow anymore. Some is bits and pieces.

You may see repeats of seed as I package, but don't keep stuff in order.

First number is number of packets available. If no number in front than only one packet is available. If a package is commercial it will be listed as such. Those with less than seeds will be marked as such.

I will be adding to this list on and off during the course of the day and evening during the Black friday shopping days. So check back often.

Have a great time shopping Piggies!!!!


(2) Impatiens Divine Mix
Hollyhock...Powder Puff
(2) Pepper .. Chocolate Ghost Pepper. Very hard to germinate. Need a lot of patience.
Dianthus barbatus .. Sweet William.. Tall Double Mix
Hypericum androsaemum Albury Purple
Digitalis purpurea. Unk color
Coreopsis tinctoria .. Red Dwarf
Ipomoea nil. Chocolate Fuji (3 seeds)

Tomato .. Purple Passion
Four O' Clock White/Pink
Rudbeckia hirta... Praire Sun
Painted Daisy
(4) Digiatalis ferruginea
Tithonia roundifolia Yellow Torch

(2) Bean ... Grey -Eyed Greasy Bean
Sweet Pea .. Mammoth Mixture
Dinathus barbatus 'Holborn Glory'
Sweet pea ... Sugar 'n Spice
Viola. Railroad Blue
(3)Hylotelphium spectabile ... 'Carmen' Showy Sedum

Senna bicapsularis .. Christmas Senna
Muhly Grass ... 'Regal Mist' Pink blooms
Morning Glory .. Milky Way
(2) Lobelia .. 'Crystal Palace'
(2) Moluccella laevis .. 'Bells of Ireland'

Dimorphotheca sinuata .. Cape Marigold
Verbascum Chaix II
Heavy metal Switch grass
BlueRose of Sharon... Shrub.

(4) Shasta Daisy
(4) Yarrow ... 'Cassis'
Pea... Georgia Hustler... Southern Runner pea
(4) Consolida anbigua .. Bunny Larkspur .. purple and white mix
(3) Cassia alata ... Candle Bush
(2) Nemophilia menziesii ... Baby Blue Eyes

Vitex ... Agnus castus... Slow to germinate.. Have patience. Nice plants.
Wisteria Evergreen (6 seeds)
Wisteria .. Chinese.. (3 seeds)
Belamcanda chinensis .. Blackberry Lily

Coleus.. Mixed seed .. Forget which plants I collected it from.
Globe Amatanth
(4) Thymus serpyllum ... Creeping Thyme
(2 Salvia ... Red... Lost my paper I had with it, so don't remember if I picked this one as an annual or a perennial.
(4) Larkspur ... Pink colored flowers
Clematis ... Sweet Autumn

Morning Glory .. Midnight Velvet
Mullien .. Yellow
(2) Hollyhock ... Maroon Flowers
Dolichos lablab .. White (5 seeds)
Hollyhock... Black
(2) Morning Glory ... Magenta with Magenta throat
(2) Ipomoea alba ... White moonflower
(2) Ipomoea x imperialls ... My. Fuji Mix comm

Papaver paeoniflorum 'Black Peony' com
Pokeweed anybody ? ?? LOL.. LOL
Hibiscus .. Red Star
(2) Garlic Chives
(2) morning Glory Ipomoea purpurea. This has hot pink blooms with a white throat
Morning Glory ... Clark's heavenly Blue

(2) Forget- Me -Not ... Annual firmament
Helianthus annuus ... Sunflower .. Chianti
(2) Asclepias tuberosa .. 'Tuberosa' orange flowers
Hibiscus manihot... Edible yellow flowers
Arisaema sikokianum 'Guady Jack' Jack in the pulpit
(3) Pueple Hyacinth bean vine

Trefoil ... Bird's foot seed
Foxglove ... Foxy Mix
(2) Four o' Clock... Mixed colors comm
(2) Scabiosa .. White
Scabiosa .. Yellow
(6) Scabiosa Blue

(2) Nemesia .. Pastel Mix
(2) Nemesia .. Opal Innocence
(2) Nemesia ... Unknown color
(3) Digitalis ' Silver Fox'
(2) Lavatera thuringiaca ... 'Barnsley'
(2) Dahlberg Daisy .. Golden Fleece
Diascia barbarae ' Pink Queen'

List List is getting long so I will be starting another BLack friday Thread. Lots more seed to go. : )

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