Ella's Garden 2014 PIGGY SEED SWAP: bxncbx Black Friday database-CLOSED

MEMBERS NAME: bxncbx Black Friday database-CLOSED

I must be nuts as a newbie but when in Rome...Below are listed mostly commercial seed with a few that are garden grown (listed as GG). All garden grown plants are open pollinated. All packs have at least 20 seeds unless otherwise noted.

After Sunday night I will not be able to check for oinks frequently. I will be checking the thread from time to time for oinks. I will post confirmations on the thread & seed that I am out of. It will probably be after the sale is over that I get around to cmails so please be patient! Quantities for many seed is limited so the first oinker(s) get them. Number of packs available will be listed if more than one.

Please no earlybirds! The barn doors open at 3pm on Sunday. After that, go hog wild!

In no particular order:

3 pks Lobelia, Fountain Blue

3 pks Lobelia, Fountain mix

2 pks Zinnia, Red Spider

5 pks Alyssum compacta aka Aurinia saxatilis

GONE Salvia, Fairy Queen. Grew this plant this year and loved the little blue & white flowers (see not very good picture).

GONE Stocks, Sugar & Spice single dark purple
(GG). I grew 4 plants of this mix and I got 1 double flowered magenta & 3 single flowered dark violet ones. I could only collect seed from the purple ones. They weren't my favorite color but they smelled heavenly. They also lasted longer than the double which died fairly quickly (all planted in same raised bed).

Petunia, Dolcissima Flambe

1 pk Zinnia, Whirligig

GONEImpatiens, Shady Lady Red. 15 seeds only!

2pks Impatiens, Shady Lady Pink 15 seeds only!

3 pks Linaria, Fairy Bouquet purple. (GG). I grew these in 2013. Dainty little plants good for edging and containers. Always full of blooms and sets lots of seeds. See picture.

2 pks Linaria, Fairy Bouquet white (GG). Grown in 2013. I never grow white flowers (no reason just never buy them) but I loved these guys (see picture). Would provide nice contrast to other flowers. And the flowers never looked "dirty" to me, always nice & bright.

GONE Dianthus, Dulce White to Pink. 15 seeds only! Color changing dianthus. I haven't grown them yet so can't vouch for it.

GONEPhlox, Promise Peach

GONEPhlox, Promise Rose

4 pks Lilium regale (White Trumpet Lily). (GG)
I grew several bulbs of these this year but the squirrels took offense & systematically destroyed almost every bloom. Pity because they smell wonderful! They missed one which set seed. They can grow quite tall but mine were only about 3 ft because I had them in poor soil. In rich soil they grew over 6ft & never needed staking. I read online it will take 2-3 years before they flower from seed.

3 pks Helipterum roseum, Best mix (Paper Daisy)

GONE Pyrethrum, James Kelway. Grew these years ago and loved the bright red flowers! It bloomed nicely for me despite being planted under a large tree.

Gazania, Petticoat mix GONE

3 pks Poppy, single red (GG). I collected seed in 2013. Probably Flanders field poppy but it was a generic pack that just said red poppy.

5 pks Amaranth, Hopi Red Dye (GG-2014). Supposed to grow very tall but only grew about 2 feet for me in a small raised bed. Flowers do stain red and sets tons of edible (I believe) seed.

Nemesia, Paintbox maroon/white (GG-2014)
Pretty little plant with bicolor flowers. Flowers started out maroon/pink (see photo) but eventually they turned maroon/white. Color looks more purple in the picture but it was dark red.

2 pks Nemesia, Paintbox purple/white (GG-2014)
Gorgeous bicolor blooms that started off purple/pink but eventually turned purple white (see picture). Plants are covered in blooms. Likes cooler temps.

2 pks Nemesia, Paintbox yellow (GG-2014)
Perky yellow blooms (see picture). Bloomed later than the other two but may have been because somewhat shaded.

4 pks Nemesia, Paintbox mix (GG-2014)
A mixture of all 3 colors. All are open pollinated so could get some interesting color combos. Plants bloom for me April-early June.

Rudbeckia, Cappuccino-2014 GONE

Pansy, Bolero-2014. 10 seeds/pack only! Double flowered, nicely ruffled pansies. GONE

2 pks California Poppy, Wrinkled Rose-2014.

Vinca, Jaio Dark Red-2014 GONE

Cabbage, Kaboko organic-2014

Petunia, Double Cascade Orchid Mist-2014. 15 seeds/pack! Grew this color this year. Beautiful, large blooms that varied from soft pink to lavender (see photo). Had it in 2 hanging baskets & despite the name, it is a mostly upright plant! It doesn't get too tall & does spread so it works well in a basket with more pendulous flowers. But would be fine as a bedding plant also.

Petunia, Double Cascade Burgundy-2014. 15 seeds/pack! GONE

Petunia, Double Cascade Pink-2014. Not exactly sure how different the color is from Orchid Mist.

GONEPoached Egg Plant (Limnanthes douglasii)-2014. Grew these years ago and thought they were just the nicest plants. Yellow/white flowers cover the plant and just pop in the garden.

3 pks White Snakeroot (Ageratina altissima) (GG-2014). Native to North America. The tiny white flowers are held in small clusters (see photo). Seeds are wind dispersed but volunteer plants are easy to pull up.

At the end of the BF event my regular database will be updated to include BF seeds.

California Poppy, Wrinkled Rose
1. Flinter
2. Lilydaydreamer

Dianthus, Dulce White to Pink
1. chelle
2. Danita

Gazania, Petticoats mix
1. poisondartfrog

Helipterum roseum, Best mix
1. nbgard

Lilium regale
1. bluespiral

Linaria, purple
1. Critterologist
2. patrob

Linaria, white
1. Critterologist
2. patrob
3. poisondartfrog

Lobelia, Fountain blue
1. ArleneB

Lobelia, Fountain mix
1. ArleneB

Nemesia, Paintbox maroon
1. poisondartfrog
2. gardengus

Nemesia, Paintbox mix
1. patrob

Nemesia, Paintbox purple
1. plantnutz

Nemesia, Paintbox yellow
1. Christine00

Pansy, Bolero
1. Flinter
2. Mindy03

Petunia, Double Cascade burgundy
1. ArleneB
2. chelle

Petunia, Double Cascade orchid mist
1. Flinter

Petunia, Double Cascade pink
1. poisondartfrog

Phlox, Promise Peach
1. ishareflowers

Phlox, Promise Rose
1. pmb2005

Poached Egg Plant
1. Christine00
2. risingcreek
3. Danita

Pyrethrum, James Kelway
1. patrob
2. bluee19
3. gardengus
4. poisondartfrog

Rudbeckia, Cappuccino
1. Lilydaydreamer

Salvia, Fairy Queen
1. poisondartfrog
2. Danita
3. BrendaVR (split w/Danita)

Stock, Sugar & Spice single dark purple
1. nbgard
2. ArleneB
3. Critterologist

Vinca, Jaio dark red
1. RedLeopard
2. Deebie

Zinnia, Whirligig
1. Lilydaydreamer

Only confirmed oinks

1. Impatiens, Divine mix
2. Sweet Pea, Mammoth mix
3. Nemesia, Opal Innocence
4. Lavatera thuringiaca, Barnsley
5. Nemesia, pastel mix
6. Nierembergia, White Robe
7. Myosotis, Victoria White
8. Moss Verbena
9. Dianthus barbatus, Tall Double
10. Coreopsis, Red Dwarf
11. Sweet Pea, Sugar & Spice

1. Linaria, Enchantment
2. Lily, Copper Crown

1. Cosmos, double pink & white

1. Lobelia, Riviera Lilac
2. Dahlia, Unwins mix
3. Aethionema schistosum

1. Callibrachoea, Kabloom
2. Alyssum, Aphrodite Salmon
3. Impatiens, Tempo Cherry Butterfly

1. Pulmonaria officinalis

1. Red dwarf Canna

1. Scarlet pimpernel

1. Feral sunroot

(Image by bxncbx)
"Nemesia, Paintbox maroon"
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(Image by bxncbx)
"Nemesia, Paintbox purple"
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(Image by bxncbx)
"Nemesia, Paintbox yellow"
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(Image by bxncbx)
"Petunia, Double Cascade Orchid Mist"
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(Image by bxncbx)
"White Snakeroot"
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(Image by bxncbx)
"Salvia, Fairy Queen"
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