Ella's Garden 2014 PIGGY SEED SWAP: Chelle's Black Friday Specials ............Now Closed............

MEMBERS NAME: Chelle's Black Friday Specials ............Now Closed............

CMAIL CONTACT ADDY: http://cubits.org/users/mail/new.php?q=chelle


*************This list will be open Sunday, Nov. 30 through 3:00 PM EST Tuesday, Dec. 2 *************

***Only one packet of each of these special offers is available!***

All requests are logged in my main DB outgoing list.


Crepis rubra - pink flowered, similar to dandelion.
Zinnia - Aztec Sunset
Zinnia - Whirligig
CA Poppy - Chrome Queen
Germander (Teucrium chamaedris)
Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) (7 seeds, 2011)
CA Poppy - Thai Silk Milkmaid
Peony Poppy - Black Swan
Salvia hians
Cineraria Mix
Dahlia - Figaro Yellow
Creeping Thyme (Thymus serphyllum)
Lisianthus - Similar to Echo Blue (2010)
Dahlia Bishop's Children (10 seeds)
Mexican Hats (Ratibida columnifera)
Helenium - Rubinzwerg
Dahlia Unwins Mix
Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)
Lavatera thuringiaca - Rosea
Winter Chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium)
Lobelia - Riviera Lilac
Dianthus turkestanicus
Pineapple Sage
Celosia spicata
Teucrium hircanicum
Salvia azurea (2010)
Geranium - Jester's Jacket
Lavandula - Ellagance Pink
Delphinium tatsienense
Oenothera - Tina Jame's Magic
Verbascum - Milkshake
Snapdragon - Madame Butterfly
Kitaibelia vitifolia
Dianthus - Arctic Fire
Snapdragon - Red Rocket
Rudbeckia - Maya
Helenium - Tall Red
Columbine - Tower Pink
Corydalis nobilis
Rudbeckia - Irish Eyes
Fragrant Persian Stonecress (Aethionema schistosum)
Penstemon - Dragonet (red-flowered)
Erinus alpinus alba
Campanula argyrotricha
Dierama Mix
Aquilegia yabeana
Peony Poppy - Bombast Rose
Anise - Pimpinella anisum
Snow-in-Summer (Cerastium tomentosum)
Catnip (Nepeta cataria)
Zinnia - Mazurkia
Zinnia- Zinderella Lilac
Lobelia - Palace Blue with Eye
Lobelia - Trailing Sapphire

Rock Garden Wildflowers-

Penstemon palmeri
Spaeralcea grossilariifolia
Ramonda myconi
Rhodiola integrifolia
Michauxia campanuloides
Minuartia laricifolia
Penstemon angustifolius v. venosus
Penstemon cusickii
Musineon tenuifolium
Campanula rotundifolia
Penstemon clevelandii v. connatus
Keckiella cordifolia
Campanula coriacea
Penstemon laricifolius ssp. laricifolius

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