Ella's Garden 2014 PIGGY SEED SWAP: Sorellina's Black Friday List - CLOSED

MEMBERS NAME: Sorellina's Black Friday List - CLOSED

CMAIL CONTACT ADDY: http://cubits.org/users/mail/new.php?q=Sorellina


Opens at 3pm EST Sunday 30 Nov 14

Closing 3pm EST Tuesday 2 Dec 14

All oinks will be recorded on my original database. Quantities are limited to listed numbers.


1) Portulaca, Moss Rose Mix (1)
2) Rose Campion (2)
3) Dietes iridoides, Fortnight Lily (1)
4) Astilbe, Purple (3)
5) Malva, Purple Satin (OUT)
6) Hollyhock, Wine (2)
7) Viola, Purple & Gold (OUT)
8) Petunia, Lime Green (OUT)
9) Papaver paeoniflorum, Pink (OUT)
10) Echinacea, Pink Dwarf (OUT)
11) Nicandra physalodes, Shoo-Fly (1)
12) Castor Bean, Carmencita Red (OUT)
13) Hollyhock, Black Watchman (1)
14) Scabiosa ochroleuca, White (2)
15) Phlox, Dwarf (OUT)
16) Columbine, McKana's Giant Mix (OUT)
17) Zinnia, Benary's Giant Wine (my garden, but only 2 flowers, so very limited) (OUT)

Flowers From My Garden

1) Zinnia, Benary's Giant Lime (4)
2) Zinnia, Cool Crayon (OUT)
3) 4 O'Clock, Salmon Sunset (3)
4) Morning Glory, Chocolate (5)
5) 4 O'Clock, Limelight Rose (3)
6) Nasturtium, Alaska Raspberry (OUT)
7) Mina Lobata (2)
8) Cosmos, Double Pink & White (volunteer, quite beautiful) (OUT)

Herbs & Vegetables

1) Lunaria, Variegated (3)
2) Fennel, Bronze (2)
3) Corn, Glass Gem Flint (absolutely gorgeous corn) (4)

Black Friday

Wildflowers: Corn, Glass Gem Flint

pmb2005: Zinnia, Cool Crayon

Danita: Zinnia, Benary's Giant Wine

ArleneB: Petunia, Lime Green, 4 O'Clock, Limelight Rose

gardengus: Cosmos, Double Pink/White, Zinnia, Benary's Giant Wine

Mistirose: Zinnia, Cool Crayon

critterologist: Malva, Purple Satin

nbgard: Columbine, McKana's Giant Mix, 4 O'Clock, Limelight Rose

Joseph: Fennel, Bronze

jhgarden9: Lunaria, Variegated

christine00: Lunaria, Variegated, Cosmos, Double Pink & White

chelle: Nasturtium, Alaska Raspberry

ishareflowers: 4 O'Clock, Salmon Sunset

LilyDayDreamer: Echinacea, Pink Dwarf

Mindy03: Dietes iridoides, Fortnight Lily

greene: Nicandra physalodes, Shoo-Fly, Nasturtium, Alaska Raspberry, Zinnia, Cool Crayon, Cosmos, Double Pink & White

toomanyanimals: Nasturtium, Alaska Raspberry

bxncbx: Cosmos, Double Pink & White

bluespiral: Pumpkin, Triple Treat, Fennel, Bronze

poisondartfrog: Malva, Purple Satin

PlantSister: Nasturtium, Alaska Raspberry

RedLeopard: Cosmos, Double Pink & White

bluee19: Astilbe, Purple

RickCorey: Viola, Purple & Gold

Flinter: Mina Lobata, Zinnia, Cool Crayon, 4 O'Clock, Salmon Sunset

plantnutz: Corn, Silver Queen (regular database), Zinnia, Cool Crayon, Zinnia, Benary's Giant Lime

NisiNJ: Nasturtium, Alaska Raspberry, Zinnia, Cool Crayon

LeBug: Mina Lobata

Black Friday - 21 oinks total. 10 more oinks after 3pm Tues.

poisondartfrog - 4 oinks: Portulaca, Sundial Cream, Zinnia, Mazurkia, Mesembryanthemum crinifolium, Apricot Shimmer, Zinnia, Cupcakes Cream (last not confirmed)

Wildflowers - 1 oink: Nasturtium, Mahogany

Risingcreek - 1 oink: Basil, African Blue

starlight1153 5 oinks: Scabiosa, Blue, 4 O'Clock, Pink/White, Yarrow, Cassis, Akebia quinata, Chocolate Vine, Anchusa, Blue Angel

JonnaSudenius - 1 oink: Salvia pratensis, Lapis Lazuli

Patti1957 - 4 oinks: Pepper, Fushimi, Pepper, Stavros, Pepper, Zimbabwe Bird, Pepper, Dulce Italiano

chelle - 2 oinks: CA Poppy, Thai Silk Milkmaid, Columbine, Pink Tower

Joseph - 3 oinks: Pea, Red-Podded Soup, Wheat, Red Feral Winter, Popcorn, Joseph's Landrace

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