Ella's Garden 2014 PIGGY SEED SWAP: Jonna's Black Friday List

MEMBERS NAME: Jonna's Black Friday List

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This is my Black Friday List
From most of them I only have 1 or 2 packets.

Some of the seeds are special, so please check first if you can grow them in your USDA zone.
Don't oink for the short viable seeds if you are not able to winter sow (they need a cold period) them at the latest early February.

All seeds are harvested in 2014 in my garden.

Cerinthe palaestina http://www.seedsite.eu/product/cerinthe-palaestina

Dicentra spectabilis (short viable seeds, sow soon after receipt)

Gentiana tibetica (short viable seeds, sow soon after receipt) - Zone 3 - 7 - see picture

Lupinus sp. pink/white dwarf http://www.seedsite.eu/product/lupinus-sp-dwarf

Meconopsis rudis http://www.seedsite.eu/product/meconopsis-rudis

Papaver orientale 'Queen Alexandra' http://www.seedsite.eu/product/papaver-orientale-queen-alexa...

Phyteuma scheuchzeri http://www.seedsite.eu/product/phyteuma-scheuchzeri

Primula denticulata 'Lilac' http://www.seedsite.eu/product/primula-denticulata-lilac

Pulmonaria officinalis (short viable seeds, sow soon after receipt) http://www.seedsite.eu/product/pulmonaria-officinalis

Salvia flava megalantha http://www.seedsite.eu/product/salvia-flava-megalantha

Salvia pratensis 'Lapis Lazuli' http://www.seedsite.eu/product/salvia-pratensis-lapis-lazuli

Veronica austriaca teucrium http://www.seedsite.eu/product/veronica-austriaca-teucrium

The start of BF is on 9.00 PM local time here. Due to my condition it will be bed time for me about 1 hour later. I need that hour to check databases and oink for the things I would like, so be patient, I will answer your emails tomorrow.

(Image by JonnaSudenius)
"Gentiana tibetica"
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