Ella's Garden 2014 PIGGY SEED SWAP: Starlight1153 Black Friday Seed List #2

MEMBERS NAME: Starlight1153 Black Friday Seed List #2

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More Black Friday shopping seeds for you piggies. NO EARLY BIRDS

Number in front is packets available.

(2) Tidy Tips
(2) Melampodium paludosum .. Butter Daisy
(2) Malva sylvestris ' Zebrina'
(6) Malva sylvestris 'Mystic Merlin'
(2) Malva .. 'Pink Perfection'
(2) Malva moschata .. 'Alba'

(2) Pepper... Red Bell... Sweet
Pepper... Early Jalapeno .. Hot
Teucrium hircanicum

(2) Lobelia ... Carpet of Snow.
(6) Nicotiana sylvestris. Unk.. Ink rubbed off my package
Moss Verbena .. Verbena tenuisecta
Grass. Striped Grass with Maroon Heads gets 4 feet tall from trade
(4) Digitalis purpurea
(2) Hedysarum .. French Honeysuckle ... Start seeds in March.. Do not winter sow.

Gaillardia ' Goblin'
(2)Actaea matsumurae ' Elstead'
Hyssopus officinalis
Nierembergia .... White Robe

Platycodon.. Ballon Flower. Sentimental
(2) Cleome .. Pink
Aster... Unk.. It's a short fall type aster
(4) Nicotinia .. Perfumed Lime
(3) Liatris spicata
(2)Nigella Love in a Mist.. Light Blue

(4) Mystery Seed... Now I know some of you don't like mystery seeds, but I lose tags and I have just discovered that my ink pen has come of plastic baggy. The flower head is tiny. A clustered flower head. It makes alot of tiny flowers. Seed is very tiny. I know not much help, but it had to be something good for me to save seed from it.

(3) Agastache ... Honey Bee Blue
(3) Anchusa ' Blue Angel'
(4) Cosmos.. Orange flowers
(2) Physalis Chinese Lantern .. comm
(2) Astilbe " Amethyst
Myosostis "Victoria White'

(4) Angelica " Archangelica"
(2)Helenium autumnale
Gladiolus tristus (5 seeds) 2010
Erinus alpinus ... rose and purple
Campanula persicifolia .. Alba

(2) Chondropeta tectorum
Vetch... Yellow Crown
Hesperis matronalis .. Dames Rocket unk color
Hesperis matronalis .. Dames Rocket... White
(3) Gomphrena "Fireworks' Seed kinda looks like a gaillardia seed. Just plant the whole thing. Teeny tiny seed ball hidden inside.

Amaranthus cruentus... This one gets real tall , but has real pretty deep dark red blooms.
(4) Anemone Pulsatilla Vulgaris Red
(4) Phacelia campanulariaIts ... California .. Bluebell
(2) Agrostemma githago Pink... Corncockle. Very Pretty, plant sevral seed together to make full looking plant.

(2) Hibiscus ... Luna Red
(2) Gaillardia .... Big Yellow flower. Gorgeous. Old age.. I forgot name right now.
Hibiscus syriacus ... Red Heart
(4) Veronica ... Darwin's Blue
(6) Salvia sclarera

(4) Rudbeckia Chery Brandy ..OP
Astilbe ... Pink and white flowers
(2) Shasta Daisy ... Crazy Daisy
(4) Regular Shasta Daisy

(4) Celosia .. Dark Pink
(2) Penstemon strictus .. Rocky Mountain Penstemon
(2) Peony ... White Cloud

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