Ella's Garden Butterflies of The World: Long-tailed Skipper, Urbanus proteus

Common Name: Long-tailed Skipper

Genus: Urbanus

Species: proteus

World Country Found: Argentina, Central America, West Indies, Mexico, Peninsular Florida, South Texas

Identifying Characteristics of Male: Long dark brown tails, body and wings blue-green. Males have a costal fold enclosing scent scales on leading edge of forewing.

Size of Wing Span
1 3/4"

Larvae Host Plants
Other: Vine legumes, Desmodium, Wisteria

Adult Nectar Plants
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U.S.A Locations Found

(Image by plantladylin)
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(Image by plantladylin)
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(Image by plantladylin)
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Posted by plantladylin on Oct 5, 2010 8:34 PM CST:
The adult Long-tailed Skipper feeds on flower nectar from a variety of plants including Bougainvillea and Lantana. Adults roost upside down beneath leaves and limbs.

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