Ella's Garden 2012 HOG WILD SEED SWAP: Rick Corey's Etc Asian + Brassica HAVE LIST + Trades Coming IN and Going OUT

Members Name: Rick Corey's Etc Asian + Brassica HAVE LIST + Trades Coming IN and Going OUT

Rick Corey's Etc. Asian + Brassica HAVE LIST

Updated March 12, 2013 - I may have a few seeds left of ones labeled "OUT".

Listed here are:
'Tyfon' Holland Greens
Tatsoi (including red Tatsoi),
Gai Lan,
Yard long beans,
Edible Chrysanthemum
Italian Heirloom Leaf Broccoli, 'Spigariello Liscia' , Broccolo Spigariello

My Bok Choy Have List:

My Chinese cabbage, including Michihli & Napa:

My Misc Trade LIst: Flowers & Crops:

- Brassica rapa Narinosa Group Cool season crop. Sweet, mild mustard taste.
- - - Very cold tolerant to 15ºF. For salad, soup, stir-fry, sauté or braise.
- - - Harvest at any size, the whole plant at once or pick outer leaves for several weeks.
- - - Tender spoon-shaped leaves, short light green stalks. Low rosette, more erect in warmth.
- - - Direct sow before or after frost. Or late summer/early fall. Or transplant.
- - - Sow ¼ - ½" deep. Best germn. 50-80°F soil. Thin to 7"
- - - Sow every 2 weeks in fertile, well drained, moist soil . Fertilize as needed.

LOTS? Takuchoy - (Mandarin name for green Tatsoi). Seeds from Tainong

Dark Green Tatosi Baker Creek OR103 small qty

Dark Green Tatsoi Hazzards # M7518
small deep green leaves. Hardy to 15F. sow ¼" - ½" 68-75 ºF

OUT Red Tatsoi - F1 Red-violet 45 days. 2012 Kitazawa #446

OUT #5 - - 'Red Violet' "Maybe 'Violetta'" tasai Bok Choy / Tatsoi F1 hybrid"?
. . red-violet to dark purple sl. rumpled leaves spoon shaped like Tatsoi but more upright
. . 40 days cold tolerant, vigorous 2012 Kitazawa #369

: Brassica oleracea (Alboglabra Group)
(leaf broccoli, "Chinese Kale/Broccoli")[/b]
- - Cultivation: Sow after frost. To avoid bolting in cool areas, wait until weather warms.
- - Full sun. Cut main stalk when 8-10” tall & 2-3 flowers have opened. More branches will form

Dark Green Gailan OP 50-65 days, tolerates heat & disease, Tainong Seeds

Late Season Gailan OP 60-65 days - slow bolting variety for cool seasons.
Medium dark green, big short stems - Tainong Seeds

Green Leaf Gailan - harvest at any size, direct sow early spring ⅛-¼", Baker Creek #OR133

OUT White Flowered Gai Lan - Botanical Interests

-- - - - - - - -
Italian Heirloom Leaf Broccoli = 'Spigariello Liscia' = Broccolo Spigariello

Cook leaves & tips. Brassica oleracea var. 'Spigariello',
Very cold hardy - to 25º F once established. Mine over-wintered and then bolted to seed.
Saved seeds spring 2012. Originally from Hazzards 2011.

(LOTS) Japanese Komatsuna "Spinach Mustard" OP Brassica rapa var. Komatsuna
(turnip family)- very easy to grow - all seasons: tolerates heat and cold & common diseases Kitazawa Seeds #055 or Tainong Seeds 2011

Shungiku = Large Leaf Tong Ho = Edible Chrysanthemum = Garland Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum coronarium OP - Baker Creek OR131 2012
Spicy, sweet, aromatic.large, smooth leaves. Stir-fry, soup, salad.
Also yellow flowers. Easy to grow Chinese heirloom.

'Red Frills' Japanese Mustard = Gai Choy, Cmm 2011 from Bluespiral
Brassica juncea

OUT? Mizuna Tainong Seeds 2012

Almost OUT Leaf Mustard / Small Gaichoy 35~40 days - cut 10~12" tall
Very productive- Tainong Seeds 2012

OUT 'Osaka Purple' MUSTARD Brassica juncea [i] 40-45 days.
Mild (milder when young). Reddish leaves OR red veins. Compact. Hazzards # M5619 Leaves and stems can be pickled germn 68-75º F early spring or fall. Tolerates cold .

~OUT Japanese Giant Red Mustard TINY PKTS 33 seeds - OP [i]Brassica juncea

Purple-red leaves. Strong, sharp, garlic-like flavor. Stir-fry, boil, pickle. Baker Creek OR107


Red Amaranth harvest in 30~40 days Hot season crop.
large, pointed round leaves with red-purple center. - - - Tainong

‘Qing-Long’ 16" Dark Green Chinese Long Bean / Asparagus Bean. Needs warmth.
Name means "The Pure Dragon". 35 beans /pkt

FEW 'Carouby de Maussane' SNOW PEA POD 5' vines.
5-6" pods. Robust flavor varies from plant to plant. 65 days,
Bicolored pink and burgundy flowers, maturing through purple to nearly sky blue.

'Golden Sweet' SNOW PEA POD - OP 67 days, lemon-yellow pods, purple blooms
Pretty but not very sweet. 6' Vines need support, Heirloom From India,

OUT'Sugar Ann' snap pea / snow pea OP - 56 days - 10 days earlier than other snap peas.

Asian Herbs:

Vietnamese Mint or Balm - Kinh Gioi re-ordered from Baker Creek HB172

Perilla Red , Aka Shiso Perilla frutescens var crispa, warm season annual, Japanese herb.
Refreshing, aromatic, red frilled leaves like anise. 2012 Kitazawa #034
Use seeds, sprouts, microgreens or pinch leaves off bush. Broadcast seeds late spring to early summer, thin to 8-12" 68-75°F NEEDS LIGHT. Emerge 15-30 days

Korean Perilla , Korean Shiso , Perilla frutescens var crispa
Minty-basil flavor , large leaves, bright green on top & light purple underneath.
Best color grown warm. Broadcast late spring to early summer, thin to 8-12".
Warm season annual. , Wrap sushi. Vigorous plants.
Germinate 68-75°F NEEDS LIGHT emerge 15-30 days . 2012 Kitazawa #260

LOTS Hot Thai Chili peppers F2 saved from fruit stand peppers, probably F2.

OUTCulantro, Ngo gai, Eryngium foetidum , stronger than cilantro, 80-90 days, - Kitazawa #374 2011 [/s]

MY WISHLIST ( 10 things I really want)

Viola / Pansy
Petunia (bold colors: red, blue, purple, white)
Red or orange or purple Poppy (California or other)

Unusual Asian greens & leafy brassicas, especially:
- red or red/purple leaved Bok Choy or Tatsoi or Chinese Cabbage or Komatsuna

Known-OP strains of Michihili Chinese cabbage or Bok Choy.

Loose-headed Chinese cabbage.

Unusual snap or snow peas I don't have.
Cold-tolerant short-season yard-long beans.

Bulk seeds of Bok Choy or Tatsoi or Chinese Cabbage or Komatsuna, saved or commercial (for micro-green or baby leaf crops, or sharing forward.)

Saved seeds of reasonably-known parentage in large enough quantity to split and share with the New Bee Seeds swap in Dave's Garden Seed Trading Forum.

Seeds of unknown varieties, or strongly cross-pollinated with unknown varieties.

My Requests (Incoming seeds) 54

from Andi:
Tagetes patula - French marigolds, 6" yellow FAT PACK OF SEEDS
Tagetes erecta - African marigolds, tall 12" yellow FAT PACK OF SEEDS
Zinnia elegans 'Purple Prince' .....http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/74956/
Zinnia elegans 'Violet Queen' .....http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/48927/
Showy Stonecrop
laura Bush petunia - extra, tiny amount
Chinese forget me nots extra

From Bluespiral
Thymus serpyllum Comm 2013

from CCvacation
Zinnia Peppermint Stick - red & yellow, some strips, how tall?

Pansy (Voila x wittrockiana 'Tango Mix')
Catnip (Nepeta cataria) (from my garden, 2011)
Peony Poppy (Papaver paeoniflorum 'Flemish Antique')
Mustard Greens (Brassica juncea 'Southern Giant Curled') (small sample is fine)
Speedwell (Veronica) - 16", spike type, blue flowered
Larkspur (Tall blue) (My Garden - 2011)
Agastache 'Golden Jubilee'
Brazos Penstemon = Penstemon tenuis Sow under thin cover 3 wks @ 40ºF (4ºC) 24" high, herbaceous , Purple , lowland
Light Shade, DT, Herbaceous, evergreen, Self-sows freely; deadhead, From seed; direct sow outdoors in fall, in soil that has quite a bit of clay, Prefers poorly drained areas in my garden, bloom). Divide every 2 years. Elegant yet tough and trouble-free. Reseeds readily though easy to control. Perfect plant for that moist-soggy spot and as a naturalizer, SPRING bloom

from critterologist Jill, Critter
Allium, Garlic Chives (2011)
- - - Thai basil 'Siam Queen'
- - - "Critter's Own Hot & Spicy" Thai basil
The "Hot & Spicy" came to me from a friend of a friend of a friend (of a friend?), marked "from Goree Island, off the coast of Senegal." I'm not sure if that "origin" should be taken with a grain of salt,

from Huneybunch_2000
Red Magellen zinnia
Salvia lady in red
Salvia coral nymph
Orange marigolds
Bachelor button blue boy

from Jonna Sudenius (oinks or extras?)
Viola labradorica (Labrador Violet) EXTRA
Viola mandschurica 'Fuji Dawn' (Manchurian Violet, Sumire [P]) EXTRA
Papaver ruprifragum - lovely! EXTRA
Veronica gentianoides EXTRA
Veronica fruticans EXTRA
Lupinus cruickshankii EXTRA
Lupinus pilosus - lovely! EXTRA
Antirrhinum majus Torbay Rock EXTRA
Antirrhinum majus white EXTRA
Lobelia cardinalis (Snapdragon) EXTRA

from JuliesAcres
Viola Johnny Jump-Up

from kwilds:
Beans - Pole, snap/wax - Gold of Bacau

2010 Black Cherry Tomato
2010 Cherokee Purple Tomato

Chinese Long beans
Eschscholzia californica - golden poppy
Garlic Chives

Lobelia String of Pearls Mix
Petunia Daddy Blue Pelleted seed
Old Fashioned Vine Petunia -Purple
Agastache Honey Bee Blue
Marigold Tangerine Gem
Alyssum Royal Carpet Red
Olympia Spinach
Sinach Bloomsdale
Correnta spinach . smooth leaf for shorter seasons
Bib Lettuce
Lemon Mint
Spinach Giant Nobel
Spinach Melody
Spinach Teton
Spinach Mediana

Penstemon Smallii "Violet Dusk" [2nd yr bloomer]

Larkspur purple - Originally from Star. Open pollinated. 2012 sds.

Viola wittrockiana (Grootbloemig viooltje)
Viola tricolor (Driekleurig viooltje)
Lupinus 'The Governor' (Lupine)
Eschscholzia californica (Slaapmutsje)

Mammoth Melting pea, Pisum sativum

54 Requests = 11 extra + 43 oinks

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