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Members Name: bitbit - Open 'til the end - 2012 ... http://cubits.org/users/mail/new.php?q=bitbit

Star: YES to all sections.

11th hour seeds: info
1 oink is available of each.
First C-Mail gets it, I can't keep up with the threads.
If you're oinkless and see something you love, C-Mail anyway. I'll give the oinking pigs first priority, but unoinked seeds may find their way in as "extras".
Most are commercial or 2011 Piggy Swap seeds, some are from my garden, whatever I felt like I had enough to split out a piglet's portion. If you want to know the source, ask when you C-Mail and I'll be happy to provide all the info I have.

11th hour seeds
Turnip - Tokyo Cross Hybrid
Collards - Georgia
Radish - Early Scarlet Globe
Kohlrabi - Sweet Vienna
Mustard Greens
Carrot - Tendersweet
Five Color Swiss Chard
Leek - Blue Solaise
Lettuce - Black Seeded Simpson
Cantaloupe - Minnesota Midget
Banana Melon
Kiwano spiked melon
Okra - Clemson Spineless
- Emerald Green
- Large from Tuink
Onion - Green Bunching
Parsnip - Hollow Crown
Pastinaca sativa
Pepper - Jalapeno M
- Burpee hot mix
- Fish
- Orange Thai hot
- Hungarian Wax
- Habanero

- Cayenne
- Hot Thai (red)
- California Wonder
Pumpkin - Grocery store, good for carving
Squash - Spaghetti
- Buttercup
- Joseph's Moschata
Tomato - Roman Candle
- Delicious
- Rainbow heirloom blend
- Mountain Gold
- Pink Oxheart
- Sungold
- Striped Roman
- Carnival Mix
- Black Cherry
- Yellow Pear
- Beefsteak

Basil - Genovese
- Hot & Spicy
- Siam Queen
Bronze Fennel[
Parsley - Italian

Marigold - Golden Gaurdian
- French yellow
Columbine - purple (maybe some yellow)
- mixed
Coneflower - Eastern purple
Portulaca - double mix
Moon Flower Bush
Mexican Sunflower - red/orange

The original list

Unless another source is noted, these were grown organically in my garden. All my plants are open-pollinated (or "promiscuously pollinated" to borrow Joseph's terminology) and therefore might not come true to type. I'd be happy to discuss genetics if you have any questions.

Oinkers: all seeds are available first come, first served based on when I get a C-Mail. I'll do my best to accommodate double-oinks, but make sure you C-Mail me as soon as you see something you want so that I can put your name on it.

Anything crossed out is no longer available. If you're dying for something crossed off or anything from my 2011 list, C-Mail me and I might be able to scrounge up a small pack.

Lettuce - mixed red & green leaf types OP 2011
Malabar spinach - red OP 2012
Tomato - Virginia Sweet OP 2012
Tomato - Beefsteak OP 2012
Tomato - large pink (probably Pruden's Purple) OP 2012
Tomato - mixed OP 2012
Onion - green (non-bulbing) OP 2012
Carrot - Imperator, Wetsel Inc. 2011 (not organic)
Cucumber - Straight 8, Burgess Seed Co. 2011 (not organic)
Pepper - Joseph's orange bell OP 2012
Pepper - Fish (variegated foliage, mildly spicy) OP 2012
Pepper - habanero-bell hybrid: large, sweet, very spicy, red fruits, not a heavy producer OP 2012
Peppers - mixed sweet (bell, long, and mini) OP 2012
Peppers - mixed bell (red, orange, yellow) OP 2011
Pepper - Giant Marconi (long red sweet) OP 2012
Pepper - Chinese Giant (red bell) OP 2012
Pepper - Maui Purple (small hot) OP 2012
Peppers - mixed packs by special request - any combination of the above-listed varieties
Pea - Droughtproof Wando OP 2012
Pea - Sugar Snap OP 2012
Pea - mixed (Wando, Sugar Snap, and Joseph's landrace) OP 2012
Pea - Thomas Laxton - re-swap from RickCorey, coated in something pink
Winter squash - mixed types (butternut, acorn, pumpkin, hubbard) OP 2012
Winter squash - butternut OP 2012
Okra - Emerald Green OP 2012
Okra - Tuink's large OP 2012
Okra - Clemson Spineless OP 2012
Chinese long beans OP 2012
Soy beans OP 2012

Plum - ornamental tree, fruits are prolific, tart and good for pies OP 2012 (from my mom's garden)
Melons - mixed, both cantaloupe and watermelon types OP 2012
Watermelon - Sugar Baby OP 2012
Watermelon - Yellow Crimson OP 2012
Watermelon - Moon & Stars red OP 2012
Watermelon - mixed types OP 2012
Cantaloupe - Minnesota Midget, time-isolated OP 2011
Cantaloupe - mixed types OP 2012
Lemon - from grocery store fruit, not organic 2012

German chamomile OP 2012
Basil - Italian (time-isolated from other varieties) OP 2011
Basil - Siam Queen (time-isolated from other varieties) OP 2012
Cilantro OP 2012
Stevia OP 2012

Marigold - Tashkent OP 2012
Marigold - Golden Guardian OP 2012
Marigold - double, red-yellow bicolor OP 2012
Marigold - single, red-yellow bicolor OP 2012
Marigold - mixed types OP 2012
Water lotus - from a public garden, likely not organic 2012 (1 oink; 3 seeds)
Datura - white blossoms, from a neighbor's garden, organic OP 2012 NOTE: highly toxic plant
Pyrethrum - source of pyrethrin insecticide, repels many pests OP 2012 NOTE: toxic
Hosta - mother plant is variegated OP 2011

For reference, here's my 2011 list: http://cubits.org/ellasgarden/db/hogwildseedswap/view/92888

MY WISHLIST ( 10 things I really want)
A few (not all) examples below each wish :)

1. Anything delicious
--Your favorite tomato, pepper, squash, or eggplant variety
--Lettuce, spinach, and any heat-tolerant mild-flavored greens
--Brassicas that aren't too peppery/mustardy
--Melons, berries, and other non-tree fruits
2. Shade-loving ground covers, perennials, and possible reseeders...
--Mimulus/Monkey flower
--Bleeding heart/Dicentra (a childhood favorite)
--Variegated Vinca
--Day lilies (ditch lilies), tiger lilies
3. Veggies that are unusual in shape, size, color, etc.
--Grey or Gold zucchini
--Non-red beets
--Yellow wax bush beans
--Green, black, white, yellow, striped, etc. tomatoes.
--White and yellow cucumbers
--Peppers that don't ripen red
--Beans, peas, asparagus, etc. that are red or purple
4. Herbs of any type, especially those good for tea
--Flavored mints
--Edible hibiscus
5. Celeriac
6. Sorrel
7. Comfrey
8. Ultra-hot peppers
9. Fragrant flowers and herbs
10. Any plants that make good companions in the veggie garden or repel pests
--Citronella plant, Pelargonium citrosum
--French Marigolds
11. Container/patio plants (edible, ornamental, beneficial... anything really)
12. Edible flowers in general, especially ones that make good sweets/jellies.
--pineapple sage
--dwarf citrus of any type
13. Plants that attract bees, hummingbirds, or other beneficial/pleasant visitors
14. Anything on this list: http://www.thegardenhelper.com/fs~perennials.html
15. Things named 'Cherokee' or 'Trail of Tears', especially heirlooms with known stories (it's a vague plan, but I'd like a small garden to honor that part of my heritage, probably with the three sisters as its backbone)

Trees or large shrubs, plants toxic to people or pets, and anything that requires a cold winter.

If I end up with something I can't grow, I'll do my best to pass it along to someone who can.

Soy beans

German chamomile OP 2012
Peppers - mixed sweet (bell, long, and mini) OP 2012
Stevia OP 2012

Malabar spinach - red OP 2012
Pepper - Giant Marconi (long red sweet) OP 2012
Pea - mixed (Wando, Sugar Snap, and Joseph's landrace) OP 2012
Cantaloupe - Minnesota Midget, time-isolated OP 2011
Cucumber - straight 8
Onion - non-bulbing

sugar snap pea

large okra from Tuink

Marigold - Golden Guardian OP 2012
Leek - Blue Solaise

Georgia Collards (Burpee)
Drought Proof Wando Pea
Chinese Long Beans

Cilantro OP 2012
Peppers - mixed bell
Lettuce - mixed leaf

Winter Squash - Butternut

lettuce mixed red & green leaf types

Onion-green not bulbing

Pepper - Joseph's orange bell OP 2012
Peppers - mixed sweet (bell, long, and mini) OP 2012
Peppers - 2011 bell mix
Soy beans OP 2012
Watermelon - mixed types OP 2012

Marigold - mixed
Soy beans
Squash - butternut

Soy beans
Droughtproof Wando peas

Tomatoes - Rainbow heirloom blend
Watermelon - Moon & Stars

Pea - droughtproof Wando
Soy beans
Five Color Chard
Parsnip - Hollow Crown

Malabar spinach - red OP 2012
Peppers - mixed bell (red, orange, yellow) OP 2011
Pepper - Chinese Giant (red bell) OP 2012

Marigold - Tashkent OP 2012
Marigold - Golden Guardian OP 2012
Marigold - double, red-yellow bicolor OP 2012
German chamomile
Marigolds Yellow
Carrot Tendersweet
Carrot Imperator
Bunching onions
Tomato Roman Candle
Tomato Mountain Gold

Marigold ‘Golden Guardian’
Basil ‘Siam Queen’

large pink tomato
giant marconi pepper
joseph's orange bell pepper
chinese giant pepper
siam queen basil
italian parsley
mixed red & orange thai pepper

Moon & Stars watermelon

Lettuce mixed red and green
Pepper mixed sweet
Pepper mixed bell

Pepper, maui purple

Pepper - Fish
Pepper - Maui Purple
Soy beans

Bronze Fennel
Pepper - Fish
- Orange Thai hot
- Hungarian Wax
- Habanero
- Cayenne

Stevia OP 2012
Watermelon - Sugar Baby OP 2012
Watermelon - Yellow Crimson OP 2012
Watermelon - Moon & Stars red OP 2012
Watermelon - mixed types OP 2012
Malabar spinach - red OP 2012
Any tomato’s
Any pepper

Pepper - Giant Marconi
Pea Droughtproof Wando
Okra Tuink's large
Okra Emerald

Fish pepper
German chamomile

6 - Andi
Aquilegia 'Biedermeier Group' - pale pink
Helianthus annuus 'Autumn Beauty' sunflower
Helianthus, sunflower aka "the Accidental Sunflower"
Tricyrtis hirta 'Miyazaki' - toad lily
Rudbeckia hirta Black Eyed Susan, shorter unknown culrivar
Ageratina altissima White Snakeroot

4 - CCvacation
Physostegia virginiana
Ventricosa hosta seed (only hosta variety that breed true to parent)
white acorn squash
Canterbury Bells

5 - Chelle
Annual Garden Poppy Mix (from my garden, 2011)
Bull's Blood Beet (Commercial Seed - packed in 2012 - CO)
Ornamental cabbage/kale
Brazos Penstemon
Yellow Mimulus

3 - Christine00
eggplant turkish orange

5 - Critterologist
Japanese Morning Glory (Ipomoea nil), mixed
Flower Mix "Sun & Shade" commercial
Asparagus Fern
"Onion" (no other info)
Aquelegia (Columbine), lavender

2 - Dayjillymo
Golden Wax Bean from Baker Creek
Shasta Daisy (Chrysanthemum maximum) tsp of seed (lots)

3 - Deebie
Red Texas Star Hibiscus
Noid Hosta
Blackberry Lily

5 - Dryad57
Corn, Sweet 'Bi-Licious Hybrid'
Caraway (my garden, 2009)
Tomato ‘Cherokee Purple’ (Seed Savers Exchange, 2011)
Poppy, mixed (my garden, 2009, original parents from Weezingreens in Alaska)
Welsh Onion (Allium fistulosum) [from Weezingreen's list]

1 - ilovejesus99
Evergreen Wisteria

6 - Joseph
Onion, Cepa Bulbing, Long-day, Long-Keeper
Dry Bean Landrace, Bush, Hot Weather, Quick Maturing
Glass Gem, Flint Corn
Good Bug Blend
Sunflowers, ~6' tall, mixed colors

3 - kwilds
Beans - Pole, snap/wax: Gold of Bacau
Beans - Pole, dry: Cherokee Trail of Tears

3 - LeBug
Miyazaki hybrid toad lily
Solitary Clematis Clematis integrifolia
Pasque flower Red

3 - Mistirose
Snowball cauliflower
Extra Sweet Melon Piel De Sapo (Store)
Artemisia redowski.... Russian Tarragon

7 - NisiNJ
Bush Snap--Provider
Tomato - Marion
-- Red Pear
-- Pruden's Purple
-- Black Krim
Mr. Stripey
Cherokee Purple

1 - Patrob
Bush Bean, Petite Filet

2 - Patti1957
North Carolina Heirloom Pickling cucumbers
Bountiful Bush Bean

1 - Poisondartfrog
Chlorophytum comosum

4 - RickCorey
'Tainong Nanjing' Michihili Chinese Cabbage
White alyssum, looks like Lobularia maritima 'Snow Crystals'
Sweet William, Seeds collected from misc color blooms
'Carouby de Maussane' SNOW PEA POD

7 - Risingcreek
aspargus-mary washington
lima beans-bush fordhook
lima beans-speckled
snap beans-white half runner
radish gourmet blend

3 - Sassafrass
Bush Bean 'Dragon Tongue'
Jarrahdale-(heirloom variety) Blue Pumpkin
Asiatic Lilies ~ Mixed Lot

4 - SCbuttercup
Garlic chives
Basil lettuce leaf
Marigold Tagetes mr. Majestic

6 - soilsandup
Penstenom - Red rocks, with a little chaff
Leek - unknown variety
Papaver somniferum - like Seriously Scarlet
Columbine, yellow, like McKenna giant type
tithonia orange
bletilla striata?

9 - Sorrelina
Pole Bean, Cherokee Trail of Tears
Okra, Burgundy
Rhubarb, Riverside Giant
Eggplant, Violetta Lunga
Columbine, Blue and White Double
Herbs: Common Chives
--Shiso, Red
Tomatoes: Black Plum
-- Berkeley Tie Dye

13 - Starlight
myosotis sylvatica Woodland forget-me-not (list 3)
Petunia of mixed colors (list 3)
Bunching Oinion white Lisbons (veggie list)
Some of your homegrown spaghetti squash (veggie list)
That delicious unknown cantaloupe (veggie list)
Posted Nov 22: Cerastium tomentososum Snow In Summer
-- Dahlia Unwins Mixed Doubles
-- Columbine Origami Mixed colors
Veggies and Herbs list: Varigated Pinapple Mint
-- Bib Lettuce
Mimulus cardinalish Pink
Mimulus luteus Yellow
Mimulus Magic Yellow Flame

1 - tcs1366
Rudbeckia "Cherry Brandy" [not sure if it comes true]

5 - Toomanyanimals
Clematis - silver moon
Columbine - Purple Barlow. Open pollinated
Bogue Banks Watermelon - from trade 2012
Hosta 'Northern Exposure' - from my garden, op
Hosta 'Sum and Substance' - from my garden, op.

13 - Tuinkabouter
Rubus idaeus (Gele herfstframboos)
Rubus fruticosus (Braam)
Vaccinium ovatum (Huckleberry)
Passiflora edulis 'Frederick' (Passievrucht)
Trigonella foenum-graecum (Fenegriek)
Eryngium foetidum (Mexciaanse koriander)
Allium cepa 'Red creole' (Rode ui)
Allium cepa mix (Ui)
Coccinia grandis (Tindora)
Daucus carota 'mix' (Wortel)
Lactuca sativa "Colourful mix" (Pluksla)
Lotus tetragonolobus (Asperge-erwt, vleugelboon)
Petroselinum crispum ssp. tuberosum (Wortelpeterselie)

2 - Txbabybloomer
Yard Long Red Noodle Bean, OP my garden 2012
Red Mini Bell Pepper, OP my garden 2012, very tasty

12 - wildflowers
Some of that beautiful blue salvia if you have enough
Orange marigold, Tagetes patula
Tagetes lucida (aka Texas tarragon)
Aji habanero OP mild heat w/habanero flavor
de rapa broccoli
Premium late flat dutch cabbage
Scarlet Nantes carrot (50 seeds)
Holy basil
Orange Tickseed, Coreopsis lanceolata
Rock Rose
Mammoth Melting pea, Pisum sativum

Oink tally: 139

I grow as much food as I can on a small lot in Norfolk, VA. I'm most interested in fruits, veggies, and herbs, though I'm slowly expanding my knowledge of companion planting and am beginning to work some ornamentals into my veggie beds.

I have long, hot, humid summers; short, mild, wet winters; sandy soil which I'm slowly improving; small beds and lots of containers. I'm right on the line between zones 7 and 8, with a strong marine influence.

For pictures and more info, feel free to browse around my Cubit: http://cubits.org/urbanfarm/ or check out my garden updates thread: http://cubits.org/urbanfarm/thread/view/57545/

New this year, I'll be doing some container growing in eastern NC, where I now have a job and apartment. It has patios on the north and south faces, so I should be able to grow a variety of plants.

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