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This list includes only Chinese Cabbage (nine varieties).
Most pkts are 1/16th teaspoon or 1/8th teaspoon (~100-250 seeds)

Updated April 29, 2013
Varieties marked "(FEW)" may still be available if you propose a trade.
Varieties marked “(LOTS)” may be available for postage.

- - Napa Chinese Cabbage
- - Michihli Chinese Cabbage
- - Loose-head Chinese Cabbage

My Bok Choy varieties:

My other Asian greens like Tatsoi, Komatsuna, Mizuna, Tyfon, Gai Lan, herbs etc,

Misc Flowers & Crops :

Chinese cabbage ( Brassica rapa Pekinensis ) is milder than Western cabbage and, I think, more tender. It is a Fall or Spring crop. Most are better as Fall crops in decreasing day lengths and temperatures. Usually sow mid to late summer.

Napa cabbage is a ball-shaped head like common Western cabbage, but more tender and sweeter.
Michihili (or Michihli) has tall, tight cylindrical heads shaped like Romaine lettuce.

Chinese cabbage is NOT cold hardy. It's more cold-sensitive than Bok Choy. To try for a Spring crop, start indoors & use a very bolt-resistant strain specifically for spring. Or start outdoors AFTER frost and hope summer doesn't get too hot too soon.

Chinese cabbage is usually boiled, steamed or stir-fried, especially Napa cabbage.
I think Michihli is good as salad, like Romaine lettuce, especially when young or using the inner heart.

Napa Chinese Cabbage - round, oval or barrel-shaped heads

(LOTS) F1 'N-55' Taiwan Napa Chinese Cabbage Thiram treated.
Extra-early - 50-55 days after sown. 3 lb oval head. Summer season. 2012 Tainong.

(8) (FEW) 'Spring Sprinter' Early Napa Cabbage (F1??)
60 days after sown, Barrel shape head, 5-6 pounds
Heavy yields spring or fall. Very late bolting , 2012 Tainong Seeds

Michihli Chinese Cabbage
Tall cylindrical heads. Younger leaves for salad.

(LOTS) F1 'Tainong Nanjing' Michihli Chinese Cabbage. 70~75 days
Tall, 6 pound heads 17" tall. Strong tolerance to cold and many diseases Tainong 2012

((FEW)) F1 ‘Jade Pagoda’ Michihli Chinese Cabbage. 70 days.
Cold tolerant for Fall & late Fall. 6 pound heads very tall.
Well wrapped, crisp for salad. Close planting gives smaller heads
2012 Tainong Seeds (Sakata Seeds) Thiram

((FEW)) F1 ‘Monument' Michihli Chinese Cabbage. 80 days, FALL
18" cylindrical head, 4.5 pounds, bright green & light green
Moderate tolerance for heat, cold & disease. Tainong 2012 (from Takii Seeds)

(6) (FEW) F1 'Green Rocket' Michihli Chinese Cabbage 70 days.
Sweet, early. Sow mid to late summer. Frilly-leafed cylindrical heads 18" tall 4 lbs.
sow ½" deep. Best germn 50-80°F. Sow 1-2" apart, then thin to 9"
Vigorous grower, disease tolerant. 2012 Kitazawa #178

(FEW) Michihli Chinese Cabbage OP Victory Seeds 2013 # 3070011 90 days
Upright heads 4" diam. & 14"-24" tall. Self-blanching interior. Plant in July for a fall crop.

Loose-Head Chinese cabbage
2 varieties, different from Napa or Michihli

(8) (FEW) 'Chirimen Hakusai' Loose Head Chinese Cabbage OP 50 days 12" tall
old Japanese variety, pretty crepe textured, light green leaves.
Use in salad like lettuce or spinach, or stir-fry
Sow spring or fall, or even summer in temperate climates.
2012 Kitazawa #212 http://www.kitazawaseed.com/seed_212-50.html

(8) (FEW) F1 'Fun Jen' semi-spreading Chinese Cabbage shakushina
Early: 35 days small head - ½ pound - Late spring to early summer OR all season
looks like Bok Choy and very early for a "Chinese Cabbage"
tender mild frilly wrinkled leaf popular in Taiwan in stir-fry or soup 2012 Kitazawa #265

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