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CLOSED 2012 SWAP!!! Round 2=Yes , Round 3 (bottom/barrel)= NO

After posting on thread...
Please C-mail all requests to: http://cubits.org/users/mail/new.php?q=Danita

(Please put "Hog Wild Request" in the subject line. I'm keeping up with the thread, but can only guarantee requests backed up the same day with a c-mail as this is the only way I can keep organized. Thanks!)

I'll continue to add things throughout the swap as I go through seeds and will post on the thread when I add new goodies.

Updated 12/08/2012 12:20pm EST - NEW SEEDS

(If an entry has "ex" before the cultivar name, that means that seeds were collected from that cultivar but seedlings may or may not look the same. Regardless, the seedlings will all be new cultivars.)


New 12/08:

Salvia macrophylla Purple-Leaf Form - 1 small pack from trade 2012

Salvia sagittata - 1 small pack from trade 2012

Tricyrtis (Toad Lily) unknown variety, green leaf, I think it had white flowers w/purple spots - 1 small pack, collected 2012

Penstemon smallii 'Violet Dusk' - 4 packs


Still available...

Clitoria mariana - Butterfly Pea/Pigeonwings - 10 seeds 2012 - 1 pack

Begonia grandis - Pink Hardy Begonia - 2012 - 2 packs

Antirrhinum - Snapdragon - from a pretty, coral-orange, medium height plant, fragrant. I had a few reseed and they bloomed in the same color - 1 pack

Digitalis purpurea ex 'Camelot Lavender' - 2 packs

?Sinningia sellovii - dust like seed, but easy to germinate, hummingbirds LOVE it! - Need to check quantities on this one ?

Salvia coccinea 'Forest Fire'- Texas Sage, 2010 - 1 pack
Begonia ex 'Barbara Rogers' - dust like seed - 1 packs
Kniphofia uvaria- Torch Lily - from shorter, solid yellow form, 2010 - 1 pack
Salvia coccinea - Texas Sage, red 2-3'tall, darkish calyces -1 pack
Monarda punctata - Spotted Beebalm 2010 - 1
Rhexia species (virginica?) 2010 - Meadow Beauty - 1 pack
Melon Banana American - Baker Creek 2012 - 1 pack
Pepper 'Thai Long Sweet' Baker Creek 2012 - 1 pack
Cilantro 'Calypso' - Johnny's 2012 - 1 pack
Pepper 'Joe E. Parker' Botanical Interests 2012 - 1 pack
Tomato 'Striped Cavern' - Johnny's 2012 - 1 pack/10 seeds
Penstemon smallii 'Violet Dusk' 2010 -1 pack
Winter Squash 'Noob Taub' (C. moschata) Baker Creek 2012 - not sweet, for savory dishes - 1 pack
Onion 'Australian Brown' (intermediate day) - SESE 2012 - 1 pack
Salvia from x 'Cherry Queen' Hybrid - 10 seeds - 0 pack
Salvia greggii/microphylla- mystery mix, 10 seeds - 1 pack
Calycanthus floridus - SweetShrub - 10 seeds 2012 - 1 pack
Salvia ex 'Lipstick' - seedlings will vary, mother plant is an unusual and pretty, shade of pinkish-coral-red - 10 seeds 2011 - 2 packs
Cuphea micropetala - Firecraker/Cigar Plant, zone 8, short-day bloomer, not good for north where it will freeze before bloom - 2012 - 1 packs
Radish 'Rat's Tail' (edible pod) Baker Creek 2012 - 1 pack
Agastache aurantiaca - really dark orange-red, may be Coronado Red - 1 small pack, collected 2012
Viola - collected from really dark-purple/black form, pretty & dramatic - 30 seeds 2012 - 1 pack
Parahebe perfoliata - Diggers Speedwell - Zone 7/8 - 1 small pack from trade 2012
Pepper 'Large Cherry' Hot - Burpee 2012 - 1 pack
Verbena - collected from 'Twister Pink' Hybrid - 10 seeds - 1 pack

MY WISHLIST ( 10 things I really want)
Salvias: including involucrata, spathacea, purpurea, regla, splendens 'Yvonne's' & many more
Peppers: Beaver Dam, a good, large Poblano variety
Scabiosa caucasica - Fama blue or others
Poliomentha longiflora - Mexican Oregano
Rudbeckia maxima
Cosmos - Apricot
Shade annuals - to replace downy mildew susceptible impatiens, all my Mom's plants died from it this year so soil is infected now.
Helichrysum Monster Fireball Red, Orange, other colors (Tall strawflowers)
Zinnia elegans 'Zowie Yellow Flame' - commercial seed (F1 hybrid)
Gomphrena decumbens 'Little Grapes'
Pentas - tall, old fashioned forms
Marigolds - named varieties, especially tall forms
Aquilegias: 'Blazing Star'
Blackfoot Daisy - Melampodium leucanthum
Kniphofia: species, interesting color forms
Zinnia 'Benary's Giant'/'Blue Points': Giant Wine, other colors (hoping for consistent colors, so commercial seed or grown in isolation)
Clerodendrum paniculatum - Pagoda Flower
Dahlia coccinea, other Dahlias too
Dicentra scandens
Lobelia tupa
Stictocardia beraviensis - Hawaiian Sunset Vine
Callirhoe leiocarpa
Hummingbird Plants
Lantana - ilovejesus had some on her list
Easy, pretty annuals that will bloom in heat & humidity
Unusual-New varieties-New hybrids

Beans, legume family...due to the Kudzu Bug/Globular Stink Bug plague here.

Updated 1/02/2013 6:00pm EST

Antirrhinum - Snapdragon - coral-orange
Begonia ex 'Barbara Rogers'
Sinningia sellovii
(Cuphea cyanea var. hirtella - contest)

Cyclamen hederifolium

Onion 'Australian Brown'
Salvia from x 'Cherry Queen' Hybrid
Viola black/dark purple

Penstemon smallii 'Violet Dusk'
Cyclamen hederifolium

Begonia ex 'Barbara Rogers'
Pepper 'Thai Log Sweet'
Viola - darkpurple/black
Agastache aurantiaca - really dark orange-red, may be Coronado Red
(*Peppers - extra Lipstick & Red Belgian)

Digitalis purpurea ex 'Camelot Lavender'
Sinningia sellovii
Clitoria mariana


Antirrhinum - Snapdragon
Digitalis purpurea ex 'Camelot Lavender'
Salvia from x 'Cherry Queen' Hybrid
Salvia - Texas Sage, red 2-3'tall, darkish calyces
Salvia greggii/microphylla- mystery mix
Cilantro Calypso
Salvia greggii 'Lipstick'
(???outKniphofia uvaria- Torch Lily - check )

Antirrhinum - the orange-red snapdragon,
Begonia ex 'Barbara Rogers'
cancelled(Salvia coccinea 'Forest Fire')

Salvia 'Lipstick'
Cuphea micropetala
Sinningia sellovii
Salvia sagittata
Salvia macrophylla Purple-Leaf Form
Penstemon smallii 'Violet Dusk

Rhexia species (virginica?)
Monarda punctata
(Broccoli 'Green Goliath' - extra)


Viola black/purple


(*'Envy' Soybeans, 25 seeds -extra)

Salvia macrophylla Purple-Leaf Form
Antirrhinum - Snapdragon

Antirrhinum - Coral Snapdragon
Verbena ex 'Twister Pink' (1 or 2)
Begonia grandis
Cyclamen hederifolium

Cyclamen hederifolium

Sinningia sellovii
Parahebe perfoliata - Diggers Speedwell
(*Salvia ex 'Byron Flint' - extra)
(Petunia exserta - contest)

Dark purple/black viola
Coral/orange snapdragon
Penstemon smallii 'Violet Dusk'
Verbena from "Twister Pink"

Cilantro 'Calypso'
Melon Banana American
Cuphea micropetala
(*Salvia ex 'Byron Flint' - extra)


(*Abutilon ex Cascade Dawn- extra)
(*Abutilon ex UGA hybrids-extra)


Pepper Joe E Parker
Tomato Striped Cavern
Hot Pepper 'Large Cherry'
Radish 'Rat's Tail'

Monarda punctata - Spotted Beebalm

Salvia ex 'Cherry Queen'
Digitalis purpurea ex 'Camelot Lavender'

Salvia coccinea - red 2-3'tall, darkish calyces
Salvia coccinea 'Forest Fire'
Salvia ex 'Cherry Queen'

Verbena ex 'Twister Pink'
Cyclamen hederifolium

Tuinkabouter: (multi-oinks if extra)
Begonia ex 'Barbara Rogers'
Kniphofia uvaria
Salvia greggii/microphylla
Sinningia sellovii

Radish 'Rat's Tail'
Winter Squash 'Noob Taub'
Calycanthus floridus

Begonia grandis
Sinningia sellovii
Viola black/purple

(about 81 so far, including extras)

Updated 1/02/2013 6:00pm EST

bitbit 2
Marigold - Golden Guardian OP 2012
Leek - Blue Solaise

BlueSpiral 1
Salvia coccinea 'Lady in Red'

Chelle 14
Star Daisy (Melampodium paludosum)
Zucchini Costa Romanesco
Zinnia Whirligig
Basil-Finissimo Verde A Palla
Amaranth (Amaranthus cruentus 'Golden Giant')
Orach (Atriplex hortensis 'Magenta Magic')
Osaka Flowering Kale
Salvia farinacea Evolution White
Gazania Frost Kiss
Salvia hians
Brazos Penstemon (Penstemon tenuis)
Kale (Brassica oleracea 'Lacinato')
Zinnia elegans 'Scabiosaflora Mix
Agastache Aurantiaca Sunset Yellow

christine00 3
begonia queen red
agastache astello indigo
Rudbeckia triloba

Critterologist 3
Berlandiera lyrata
Basil, Sicilian
Tomato 'New Big Dwarf'
(purchased pepper seeds)

Dayjillymo 2
tomato - San Marzano 9 to 12 oz (Franci)
Spinach, Winter Giant (Franci)

Dryad57 2
Tomatillo ‘Verde’ (Baker Creek, for 2013)

Huneybunch_2000 1
Penstemon Ruby Tuesday

JuliesAcre 2
Salvia Meadow Ballet Blend
Salvia Rose Rhapsody

JonnaSudenius 8
Impatiens balfourii
Zaluzianskya capensis
Tagetes patula jolly jester
Nicotiana glauca
Salvia subrotunda
Sanvitalia procumbens
Geranium pyrenaicum Bill Wallis
Browallia americana

Joseph 3
Turnip rooted parsnip
Chard (if found)

kwilds 3
Joie De La Table (2011 seed) - indeterminate
Zigan (2011 seed) - indeterminate, black
Tony's - indeterminate

LeBug 2
Helleborus, Blue Metallic Lady
Yellow Lantana

Mindy03 1
Geranium Coconut scented

nbgard 8
Antigonon leptopus, coral vine
Chilopsis linearis, desert willow 'burgundy'
Consolida ambigua, bunny larkspur
Ricinus communis, castor bean 'new zealand'
Zinnia elegans, 'Apricot Blush'
Lantana camara, pink and yellow
Salvia Limelight
Salvia 'Wild Thing'

NisiNJ 1
Jaune Flammee Tomato

Patti1957 4
Watermelon - Blacktail Mountain
Pepper Super Shepherd – Sweet
Pepper Robustini
Pepper Quadrato d’ Asti Giallo

patrob 5
Anisacanthus quadrifidus (Flame Acanthus)
Salvia farinacea (Mealycup Sage)
Salvia greggii 'Alba' (White Autumn Sage)
Salvia regla (Mountain Sage)
Golden Greek Pepper

poisondartfrog 18
Ipomoea sloteri, Apricot Candy
Salvia taraxicifolia, Touch of Scent
Coleus blumei from Black Dragon
Emilia javanica, Irish Poet
Cleome hirta
Ceratotheca triloba
Gomphrena Bicolor Rose
Oryza sativa, Black Madras
Nicotiana, Stonecrop Mauve
Thunbergia, Clear Eyed Susie
Coreopsis x hybrida 'Incredible'
Linaria 'Flamenco'
Marigold Red Marietta
Salvia coccinea, Summer Jewel Pink
Tagetes patula, Moonlight
Lilium phillipinense
Abelmoschus moschatus ... 'Mischief'
Aristolochia fimbriata

RickCorey 5
Italian Heirloom Leaf Broccoli, 'Spigariello Liscia'
'Red Violet' "Maybe 'Violetta'" tasai Bok Choy / Tatsoi
'Purple Choi' Bok Choy – F1
'Mei Qing Choi' F1 Baby Bok Choy
'Chirimen Hakusai' Chinese Cabbage
(extras of some veggies/greens?)

risingcreek 0
(gift of Nicotiana gluaca)

SCButtercup 4
Marigold Mr Magestic
Purslane Pazazz Tangerine
Echinacea Pow Wow Berry
Echinacea Fragrant Angel white

soilsandup 6
Orlaya grandiflora
Nigellia hispanica-african bride
Dahlia 'Pooh'
Salvia chiapensis
Eschscholzia californica - like White Linen
Leek - unknown
(extra garlic chives)

starlight1153 17
Hibiscus acetosella 'Red Shield'
Nigella hispanica ' Curiosity'
Mina Lobata ' Jungle Queen'
Mina lobata ' Spanish Flag'
Mimulus cardinalish Pink
Abutilon Salmon
Alstroemeria ligtu v. simsii from Mexico
Cuphea ignea
Coleus Colorblaze
Bauhinia yunnanensis Orchid Vine
Foxglove Candy Mountain
Foxglove Apricot Beauty
Thunbergia Sunrise
Thunbergia Susie Mix
Zinna Fire Profusion
Rudbeckia Denver daisy
Silver shield

tcs 1
bronze fennel

toomanyanimals 6
Giant Exhibition Limelight Coleus
Agastache 'Purple Pygmy'
Linaria 'Enchantment'
Larkspur Splish splash
Deep Purple Salad Onion Apache
Snapdragon Animation Cognac

tuinkabouter 26
Pseudolysimachion kiusianum maximum
Stachytarpheta hybride
Erysimum cheiri 'Aurora'
Hedychium densiflorum
Helichrysum argyrophyllum
Monarda bradburiana
Nepeta parnassica
Papaver commutatum
Salvia disermas
Begonia hybride - from Madeira
Begonia bertinii
Echinacea "Pica bella"
Eschscholzia californica "Peach Sorbet"
Eucomis autumnalis
Helianthus annuus "Prado red"
Kalimeris incisa
Calceolaria mexicana
Lycopersicon lycopersicum "Grandma Sally"
Phuopsis stylosa
Salsola soda
Tagetes patula nana "Legion of honour"
Brassica oleracea botrytis "White Sprouting"
Lycopersicon lycopersicum 'Granny smith'
Pentas lanceolata
Lycopersicum lycopersicon 'Pink Japanese' (Tomaat)
Monarda 'Lambada'

TXbabybloomer 1
Tomato 'Riesenstraube'

wildflowers 3
Hibiscus Texas Giant (Moy Grande descendent)
Danebrog poppy
Salvia farinacea Blue

Total = 152 [160? allowed]

Hot and Humid South
Love Salvias, hummingbirds nectar plants, and unusual plants.
I grow some veggies.

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